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Nov 21, 2010

Enjoying Tea - Tea Set & Passion Fruit Tea Review/Giveaway Closed!

Enjoying Tea Closed!

Tea Set & Passion Fruit Tea

In 2737 BC, legend has it that leaves from a tree dropped into Emperor Shen Nung's cup of boiling water. The servant had boiled the water for hygienic reasons before the emperor was to drink it. But this time the water was turned brown by the wayward leaves. Being a scientist, the emperor was curious and decided to try some of this new liquid. He found the liquid aromatic and refreshing. Since that serendipitous beginning, tea has been part of many cultures down through the years.

The people at Elegant Tea are dedicated to providing their customers with the complete tea experience.  Along with their great tasting teas, Enjoying Tea also sells beautiful tea sets and elegant tea pots.
Enjoying Tea would also like to educate everyone about the health benefits of tea.  By doing this review I learned a lot about the health benefits of tea that I never knew.  Here are just a few:
*Tea contains antioxidant compounds of polyphenols that help the body fight harmful free radicals. It is believed that harmful free radical can lead to cancer and heart disease. Tea also contains flavonoids that restricts the build up of cholesterols and help with blood vessel functionality.
*Protects Teeth & Strengthens Bones.

 Polyphenols found in tea may reduce plaque, which lowers your chance of cavity and gum disease. Tea also contains fluoride that helps protect against tooth decay. Fluoride is extracted from the soil by the tea plant. This identified mineral also strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.
*The catechins in tea are a powerful sterilizing agent, which kills germs and bacteria. Tea prevents food poisoning by fighting against stomach diseases caused by harmful bacterias.