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Sep 2, 2019

"JUST IN CASE YOU EVER WONDER" a Childrens Book review/giveaway

  I recently reviewed a delightful book titled, "Just In Case You Ever Wonder", and it is the perfect book to read to your children to let them know that they are always loved no matter what.  The book tells the child that through scary times, happy times and even in Heaven, that they are loved.
  Sweet memories fill this book with tales of the first smile and first giggles, they are loved.
As God loves them so, does the parent, even when they were first born.  As they grow from babies to older ages, they are loved.

 This beautifully illustrated book will have your child feeling the love and safety the parent surrounds them with and the assurance of their love.  If they ever wonder how much God loves them, all they need to do is read the words of this book and they will feel safe in the all love.
  I love this precious book.  I lost my daughter in 2014 and she left me 3 grandsons to raise.  I love reading this book to them because it lets them know how much she loved them and even now that she is in Heaven, she still loves them.  
  This book has sold 1.7 million copies in over 25 years and even today it is as popular as ever.  This book reminds children of God's unconditional love for them always. 
  You can purchase this book by Max Lucado from or try to win it from the Giveaway below.  Good luck!
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