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Oct 21, 2019

"Wanderer - The Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey" Book Review

    I am a huge love of the hippy era and Woodstock so, when I was asked to review the book,  "Wanderer- The Ultimate Hippy Trail Journey" by F. T. Burke with Steve Reifman, I couldn't wait to read it!  
   The story begins in 1969 when Steve from Michigan decides to attend the Woodstock music festival with a friend in Bethel, New York.  Everyone knows how great Woodstock was with the wonderful music, peace and free love.  Steve decides he wants to travel the world and visit countries in South Africa through Afghanistan, Iraq, Greece and other countries, on foot.  Steve becomes known as "Woodstock", he has long, curly red hair and is a hippy through and through.

  The journey begins when Woodstock leaves from the airport in New York  and lands in Europe.  Steve, a.k.a. Woodstock, has dodged the draft due to having severe asthma and he is very happy because he doesn't believe in the Vietnam War or killing.  Woodstock  wants to explore the world while he is young, fresh out of college, with no real plans for his future.
  During Woodstock's travels he meets many amazing women, smokes a lot of hash, lives in many hostels, has his future told by a strange fortune teller, and he meets many, many people who are also traveling the world trying to find themselves.
  Steve, Woodstock, keeps a journal during his wandering.  One really strange happening during his travels is meeting a depressed young man in a cave who ends up jumping off a mountain to his death.  This tragedy stays with Woodstock forever.
  Woodstock learns so much through his journeys, he works on a farm for several weeks and rides a camel which takes him for a wild ride and he makes many unique friends.  Rock and Roll from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin and all the best groups of musicians can be heard throughout nearly every country Woodstock visits. Hearing the music makes Woodstock miss home in America.
  The most fascinating part of this book to me was reading about all the customs and religions of each country.  Whether it be Buddhism, Islam, Muslim or Christianity, Woodstock always finds God.  Sometimes it's in the land and the nature,  but there are many religions Woodstock discovers and he is always fascinated with the love of God in all types of cultures and people.
  I can't put all the good stuff from this book in this review because there are so many.  Once you start it, it will be hard to put down.  Steve Reifman, helped write this book because he was a "wanderer" just like Woodstock in this story so, he can relate his adventures to Mr. Burke.  
  "Wanderer", is a great book that teaches you about the beautiful demographic parts of this big, awesome world.  You will picture the amazing landmarks and sites in your mind as the author describes them.  You will find yourself back in the 1969 and the early 70's as you read every page.  And if you weren't born during this time, you will learn a lot from this story.  I love this book and I know you will as well. 
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*Thanks to F.T. Burke for allowing me to review this product.
*I received this book free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this book are 100% my own.

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