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Oct 19, 2019

"What's Cooking At 10 Garden Street?" Children's Book Review

What's Cooking at 10 Garden Street?
  Something really smells good at 10 Garden St. and the recipes for this delicious smelling food is in the children's story book, "What's Cooking At 10 Garden Street?" by Felicita Sala.
  As you walk down Garden St. you come to a large apartment building with different floors. On each floor are different people cooking different recipes.  In this book there is the recipe for each food from different people. 
 Maybe you like Guacamole or could it be Peanut Butter & Choco Chip Cookies?  The recipes are actual true recipes for your child to make.

  You can make Black Bean Soup or Meatballs.  Spaghetti or Mini Quiches.  There are pages with pictures of every ingredient to make any of the recipes.
  At the end of the book all the people from different floors of the apartment building meet outside and share all their food with every neighbor and they even invite you to pull up a chair to join them in the feast.
  This is a very unique book and I know children who love to cook will really enjoy it.  The pictures are simply drawn to see each food item and the recipes are easy to follow.  
  You can purchase this book and many, many others from Prestel Publishing.

*Thanks to Prestel Publishing for allowing me to review their product.
*I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are 100% my own.

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