Jul 26, 2010

Hard Candy Review

Who hasn't ever heard of Hard Candy!? Well if you are one of the very few that has not, it is a bold, stylish, and fun cosmetic line offered in the aisles of Wal-Mart

    Hard Candy will amaze with off the charts products, intense color, wild packaging and a flair for the dramatic. The name invokes all things girly and sweet while the brand brings in a slight edge and attitude. Truly the best of both worlds.

    They will turn heads, create buzz, lift energy, start conversations, end boredom and give good face. They
will push the envelope and pull in new customers. They will steer the industry to bigger and better and drive traffic to the cosmetics aisles. They will quench the desire for a new and fun cosmetic line and leave women thirsting for more.  Hard Candy will make a difference!
   Hard Candy is Glitteratzi and Curl Up & Dye, Kal-eye-descope and Lip Tattoo, Eye for an Eye and Split Personality and dozens of delectable products and hundreds of hues to choose from for the most fabulous face.  2010 will be a year of hard work, hard play and Hard Candy!
I have seen Hard Candy many of times before while visiting my local Wal-Mart.  My daughter swears upon it and has always recommended it to me.  She's especially fond of their Sheer Envy-Tinted Moisturizer!  I was so glad to be able to review a few of there products to witness it for myself.  I received the Curl Up & Dye Mascara in Ink.  I absolutley LOVE it!!  I love the brush and the way it curls my eyelashes outwards and upwards.  I wore this all day and never had to re-apply it once.  In this Texas heat that is saying alot!  This mascara comes in 6 different colors.  They carry your basic colors plus Punk Pink, Peacock Blue, and Limelight Teal.  You can purchase this mascara, and many more types, that Hard Candy carries, at Wal-Mart

I also reviewed Hard Candy's Mouthing Off  Sheer Lip Shine in Gossip.  I love a good lip gloss that is not sticky and thick .  This lip shine is def. a great buy for the price.  Gossip Lip Shine is just light enough and tinted enough to do the job for perfect looking lip coverage.  I would highly recommend this product.  You can purchase Mouthing Off Lip Shine at Wal-mart.

The next product Hard Candy sent me to review is my favorite.  Not only do I love the coverage this powder gives me but I am in love with the compact and the heart shaped sponge that applies the matte.  It is to cute! I reviewed Hard Candy's Welcome Matte in Mattifying.   This matte goes on so smooth and light and covers completly.   This Hard Candy product, along with all Hard Candy products are sold at all Wal-Mart's in the USA.

Hard Candy is your place for body art, body powder, and body sprays.  They also carry a huge assortment of eye colors in different forms, such as pencil, powder, and tattoo.
I really can not say enough about Hard Candy.  I am completly sold on their products and plan to purchase their awesome cosmetics again.

Hard Candy currently re-launched into Wal-Mart stores across the USA .  They are selling these products by large masses !  You can purchase the complete line of all Hard Candy products at Wal-mart and  at an average of $6 an item!  Unbelievable for such quality make-up but it is true. 

Please check out the entire Hard Candy brand at hardcandy.com and become of fan of Hard Candy on facebook and twitter.  Thanks this would be great!


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