Nov 21, 2017

Utter Nonsense: Family Edition Game Review

  I love to play games and our family plays a lot of them through the winter months. When it is rainy or snowy outside, we pull out the games some popcorn and family game night begins.  I was very fortunate to review a game titled, "Utter Nonsense : Family Edition".  This game will have you laughing all night.
  The way we play this game is you give everyone, but the judge, 7 cards and you turn over the accent card.  Going clockwise the player will choose one of his cards that goes with the accent card and makes it a funny statement.  This goes on the same way until whoever is appointed judge stops it by saying theirs was the funniest phrase.  The winner of the funniest phrase then becomes the judge and the other judge gets to begin making phrases.

Indescribable Book about God & Science Review/Giveaway


   I was recently allowed to review a marvelous book that answers so many questions in the minds of children and adults as well.  Indescribable is a God & Science book written by Pastor and Author Louie Giglio.  Indescribable describes the Majesty of creation with scientific findings.  The pictured illustrated are bright, detailed and beautifully drawn by Nicola Anderson.
  One of the first stories tells of you looking at a blank sheet of paper and then drawing what you wanted to happen onto the paper.  This is how God saw the blank existence and he made everything to become real and fall into place as it should be.  Psalm 19:1 "The Heavens tell the glory of God. And the skies announce what his hands have made."
  There are 100 devotions about God and Science.  On each Devotions page there will also be a, "Be Amazed" which are fascinating facts, hands-on-activity, and a closing prayer.  
It will really holds your attenion! 

Nov 20, 2017

Julie Elias - "A Girl Like Me" CD Review/ Giveaway


   A few years ago Julie Elias was acting with small parts in shows such as, "Grey's Anatomy" and "CSI:NY" and even some good roles in bigger movies.  But, deep inside Julie knew something was missing.  Julie started praying to God for his direction in her life.  She even stated she would be obedient and wait for whatever he wanted her to do in her life.
  Some people are always reminded that they are not good enough and feel guilty because they are not grateful for all they have. But Julie was reminded that God still loves us and we are all good enough.
The title song is about how despite our shortcomings, "a girl like me" is still very worthy of God's love.  This is the exact name of the CD-  Julie Elias- "A Girl Like Me".

Nov 17, 2017


*This is a review post written by Deanna Evens. I have her permission to share her review about the movie, The Star. 

I was asked recently if I’d like to review THE STAR movie, based off of the very first Christmas, from the animal’s perspective surrounding Christ’s birth. This was something I had never done before but was excited about doing.
Wow and Wow! This film has it all from start to finish you will be mesmerized by its characters, colors and the story surrounding the Nativity. When I finished screening the movie, I was loving it! The story of Bo the Donkey along with Mary and Joseph flooded my heart with all kinds of emotion. I watched the film three times with the same reaction after each viewing! Bring in the amazing music and singing of Mariah Carey’s title track song for The Star, you have a new playlist and movie for Christmas!

Nov 14, 2017

Hero the ALSF Puppy Review

  Pictured above is Hero the Puppy from the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  This ALSF supports childhood cancer through sales and donations.  Hero will bring a smile and hope to everyone, sick or well, but he really lights up the eyes of a child with cancer.
  Hero sits up to be 8 inches tall and is always smiling.  This darling puppy is also machine washable.
  Alex's lemonade stand began with a little girl named Alex who was battling cancer since before her 1st birthday.  When Alex was 4 she told her parents she wanted to set up a lemonade stand in their front yard to raise money to give the Dr.'s to help them find a cure for cancer.  She raised $2,000. in one day.  Alex continued to set up the lemonade stand every year, asking that others raise money as well to donate to cancer.

Nov 13, 2017

"The American Table" Cookbook Review

  The American Table is the best cookbook I have read.  Truly, this book is full of the best Blue Plate special recipes I have ever tried.  From Chicken Pot Pie to Firestarter Chili and from All American Apple Pie to Depression Cake.  With American food being the melting pot of tastes and textures, this cookbook has flavors from every corner of the country.  
  The author of this book, Larry Edwards is a classically trained chef and internationally reowned food writer.  He put together this 312 page, hardcover book full of tasty, come running - to - the table, recipe book.  It is absolutely amazing.

Nov 12, 2017

"Into The Wild" Adult Coloring Book Review

  Most everyone loves to color, even adults.  I was allowed to review a beautiful adult coloring book titled, "Into the Wild" Coloring Book and the pictures to color are gorgeous.
  This book gives you pictures of awesome creatures in a magical forest.  There are otters, deer, foxes and badgers.  You will find rare and mythical creatures such as caracals, muntjacs and ibex.  
Color exotic and wonderful plants such as Candy Cane Sorrel, Passion Flowers, and giant Cacti.
If you look close you may even find a unicorn.

Nov 8, 2017

"Monkey Bingo"- A Learning Game Review/ Giveaway

   Laurence King is the publisher of a bingo game called, Monkey Bingo.  Mr. King is a huge distributor worldwide based out of London.  He has trivia games, maze games, books, cards and educational games.  I love this Monkey Bingo because it teaches as you play.  I never knew there were so many different types of monkeys!
  Here is what you receive in the game:

Amazing World Stars & Planets Book Review

Amazing World Stars & Planets

  I received this amazing book  for review.  The Amazing World Stars & Planets  is just perfect for any person, or child, that is interested in Space and the Planets.  It is perfect for those who homeschool and it comes with Glow In the Dark stickable stars for your notebook or ceiling.
  This book is the perfect gift for learning about the explosive lives in our celestial bodies of outer space.
  There are glowing green clouds and spiral galaxies.  The pictures of each planet are bright and enjoyable to look at.  You will learn about the stars, planets and much more on each page. Learn how a star is born and why it dies.  There is so much information throughout this book.  It is truly a wonderful book to learn from.
 The glow in the dark stars are stickable and will light up ceilings in a room or wherever you stick them.  I absolutely recommend this book for learning.
  * I received this book free of charge in exchange for a honest, written review.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this product review.
*The opinions of this book are strictly my own.
*Thanks to Becker & Meyer for allowing me to review this book.

Nov 7, 2017

Inside Out Human Body Book Review

  Inside Out Human Body is the coolest book!  You open each page to a literal cut out of the human body.  One page shows only the muscles, another is the joints, and then the digestive system, plus the 47 mile long nervous system and more.  I was so happy to review this book for my grandson in our homeschool.
  This layered model of the human body shows off each section of body systems and describes what each organ and what it is for.

Nov 6, 2017

"She Reads Truth " Bible Review/ Giveaway

Gray Linen Hardcover
   I am always most comfortable when I am reading the word of God and I was so lucky to be able to review the She Reads Truth Bible thanks to B & H Publishing by Front Gate Media.  This Bible is so awesome because it not only has the books of the Bible, but it also has almost 200 devotionals, 66 artist - designed key verses, 35 full - color timelines, 20 full - color maps, 11 full - color charts, reading plans for every book of the Bible, one - year Bible reading plan, two colored ribbon markers and wide margins for journaling and note taking.  There is so much wrapped up in this Bible.

Grill Light by Cave Tools Review

Barbecue Grill Light - LUXURIOUS GIFT BOX - Upgraded Handle Mount Fits Round & Square Bars on any BBQ Pit - 10 LED for Grilling at Night - Best Lighting Accessories - Cave Tools

  I am so happy I was able to review this new Grill Light from Cave Tools.  We cook out constantly on our grill and when it dark we are always having to bring a flashlight to the grill to see if the meat is done.  It was such a hassle!  Most of the time we would get the food inside and the food would be raw.

Well, now finally there is a solution-- the Grill Light by Cave Tools.  We barbecued steaks outside on the gas grill and we could actually see the food with this new light.  The grill light is so easy to mount.  All you do is add batteries and loosen the clasp on the bottom of the light and then tighten it up so that it fits directly onto your grill handle.  Below is a picture of how it looks when it is on.

Nov 2, 2017

"SuperClara" a Book About A Child With Cancer Review

  Clara is a 5 year old little girl who finds out she has cancer.  Clara visits the Dr. and the Dr. tells her 
she will be having a few treatments to heal her brain cancer.  Clara is scared, but she tries her best to be super strong and continues to smile through it all.  SuperClara is wonderful!

  After learning Clara will have radiation, she smiles and takes it.  Something odd happens after the radiation treatments, Clara is able to talk and understand animals.Clara loves this!

   Clara takes her puppy to the park and her puppy is afraid of Fang the sea lion and the puppy thinks Fang is a bully, but Clara can sense he is only  embarrassed to be seen.  There is also a Cheetah that Clara can tell is very angry.  She explains to Dash the Cheetah that she too has had the very same feeling due to cancer.  Clara has even lost her hair from the treatments. Being afraid and embarrassed is something Clara has been very aware of with cancer so she shares her help with these animals.

"Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove" by Emily Harvale

  I was allowed to review the heartwarming book, "Christmas Secrets in Snowflake Cove," by Emily Harvale and I loved it.
 The Starr family owns and runs the Snowflake Cove Inn and things haven't really been looking up for the Starr family financially.  There has just been a chance of excellent news that could be the answer to the Starr's financial Christmas problems.  But, Evie Starr worries about getting the people across the little narrow bridge to the Inn. Actually, Snowflake Inn is attached to Snowflake Cove by  this very small bridge.