Jun 19, 2017

Ibotta Rebates from Luster Premium White Whitening Kit & Luster NOW! Toothpaste Review

   Ibotta Rebates is an amazing way to earn money back on your purchases. Right now Ibotta is having a great rebate on the Luster Premium Toothpastes. All you need to do to get money back is, sign up for Ibotta, buy the rebate products at participating stores, take a photo of the receipt and Ibotta will match the rebates to your purchase and deposit your money in your Ibotta account within 48 hrs.  What a great way to get money back just by purchasing products you love!

Jun 17, 2017

"Unsinkable Faith" Book Review/Giveaway by Tracy Miles

"The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry"( Ps. 34:15)
"We know God causes everything to work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose for them. (Rom. 8:28)

  These are 2 uplifting Bible verses that Tracy Miles reminds us of in her book: "Unsinkable Faith".  In this book  Tracy shares how negative thinking can affect our minds and bodies.  She shares how worrying and negative thinking kept her so stressed that it was actually tearing her body down little by little. 
  In this book Tracy shares with us how to overcome all the negativity and to turn everything over to God.  

Jun 13, 2017

Cremo - Men's Grooming Products Review/ Beard Oil Giveaway

Welcome to Cremo

  Cremo is a line of wonderful men's grooming products.  This company sent me 4 of their products to review - just in time for Father's Day.
  After searching for products that really worked and left their faces soft and subtle, the developers of Cremo worked with chemists that developed the best high end, famous cosmetics companies.  These chemists  use the best ingredients in their products that will develop noticeable, dramatic results.
   If you have a beard,or some scruff, you want them to feel soft.  So Cremo has a great product for you:

Cremo Beard & Scruff Softener 4 OZ Bottle Image 1 of 5

Cremo- Beard & Scruff Softener- This 4 oz. bottle will soften and condition coarse facial hair. It also keeps the hair smelling good and looking bright and healthy, plus keeps the itch away.  Cost is $12.00

Jun 8, 2017

"God Loves Daddy & Me" Book Review/ Giveaway

  "God Loves Daddy & Me" is just a darling book about a little raccoon and his dad and how much they love each other and how much God loves them.  God loves them when they build tents, take walks and have talks,   Daddy's love cheers him up when its time for chores. They work together to help each other.
  God helps them when they have silly fun. When they camp under the stars. God loves Daddy and me and he listens when they pray.   Daddy's arms make me feel safe and snug.  
  We say -"I forgive you" that's what makes our love so strong.
  God loves Daddy and me from morning until night, At tuck-in time and all the time, we're precious in his sight.

Jun 6, 2017

Luster Premium White Tooth Products Review

  For a limited time, customers can save up to $12.50 on Luster Premium White products when they redeem rebates through the app Ibotta.  

Luster Premium White is distinguished by having no messy strips or trays, no inconvenient or expensive office visits, and best of all, no tooth sensitivity thanks to breakthrough technology and premium ingredients including stabilized peroxide.  

Jun 5, 2017

"Emily's Sister" a Book for Children by Michele Gianetti Review / Giveaway

   I received another book to review titled, "Emily's Sister" from Book room reviews.  This book was written by Michele Gianetti.  When I began reading this book, I quickly remembered my middle grandson who has a Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD, but when he was a baby we had no idea he had these disorders, we just knew he was different.  I  definitely would have loved to had this book back when he was a baby, he is 8 now, but it would surely have helped our family understand and cope better with him.

  In this book Emily has a little sister and Emily notices all her sister Elizabeth does is cry. Elizabeth cries all day at everything.  One day Emily's mom hires a babysitter to set with Elizabeth and she and Emily have a mom and daughter day out.

Jun 1, 2017

Sara Flutterbye & the Spooky Woods Children's Book Review/ Giveaway

 On beautiful day a lady comes into the town of Baraboo, Wisconsin and she stops first at a cafe named Birdies. Once inside the cafe the young waitress, Abby, notices the lady is new in town and she asks the lady where she is from.  The lady said her name is Sara Flutterbye and she is a scientist and professor at the university in the big city.  Sara says she has come to this town to visit the Spooky Woods in search of a giant butterfly.
 Abby is concerned and introduces Sara to another young waitress, her friend Leisha.  They tell Leisha why Sara is in town. And, Sara says she plans on camping in the Spooky Woods while looking for the butterfly. This news concerns the girls and they try to convince Sara not to go there, but she is determined.
 Sara heads off to the Spooky Woods where she sets up camp with a campfire and her tent.

May 30, 2017

Win $500 Towards Blinds or Shades from Bali Giveaway

Displaying Large Pin to Win Ad.PNG

BlindsGalore is giving away $500 towards shades or blinds from Bali for one lucky winner.  
 Enter May 1 thru June 14th
Link to Enter:  https://www.blindsgalore.com/pin-to-win
To enter simply follow the instructions below:

1. Enter by clicking the link and submit your name, Pinterest username, and email
3. Pin - 5 or more pins of your favorite styles with at least 2 Bali products from www.blindsgalore.com using hashtag #BGPickMe

Good Luck!

*This giveaway is being hosted by Anna Brodetsky.
*I am in no way responsible for prizes won.

The BeLOVED Life Pillow Review/Giveaway

  The maker of the BeLOVED Pillows, MiMi Tin, was once bullied as a child and this made her feel unloved, so when she was older she designed pillows with scriptures and words of encouragement  that whomever gets one will know they are loved at all times.
  I love these cute, inspirational pillows.  The pillows also come with a shoulder strap for taking the pillow wherever you want.  There is also a mobile phone holder on the shoulder strap, a bookmark with a inspirational saying on it and a "Shine" tag to share with a friend.
  Here are some of the pillows:

May 28, 2017

Ozeri Touch 440 lb. Digital Bath Scale -Measures Weight, Hydration and Muscle & Bone Mass Review

Ozeri Touch 440 lb Digital Bath Scale
 The Ozeri Touch Digital Bath Scale is amazing. This scale measures weight and calculates body fat, muscle mass and bone mass.  It features adult, infant and pet weight.  This awesome looking touch scale can also tell hydration and body measurement.

May 24, 2017

KUU KUU HARAJUKU MUSIC , BABY ! Win this DVD - Review/ Giveaway

  It's the best - the one and only - beautiful, Queen of Pop - Gwen Stafani and her HJ5 Super girls : Love, Angel, Music, Baby and their leader G! These super cute girls love to sing, dance and wear the latest Kawaii fashions.  Kawaii means "cute" in Harajuku speak. Get ready for Kuu Kuu HARAJUKU "Music Baby"--It's gonna be crazy fun!
  HJ5 has a incompetent manager named Rudie. HJ5 travels everywhere putting on concerts and shows for their fans, but it seems something crazy always happens before the first bar is played.
These girls are very, super talented, but at the start of every gig, wild things appear such as being attacked by space aliens adorable and starving Monster pets.

May 22, 2017

My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic- Twilight and Starlight DVD Review/Giveaway

  Starlight Glimmer is trying to start making friends her new goal and even though she has messed up before, Starlight is determined to succeed this time.  After all Twilight Sparkle has been through, she feels she can teach anyone the magic of friendship and Starlight is her next challenge.  Twilight, at one time, had to learn the actual meaning of friendship herself. 

May 19, 2017

The Wearable Poncho Beach/Pool Towel Review

  Have you ever wished you had a towel that you could wear and when you sat down it came past your knees in the back so you were able to set on what you were wearing instead of you having to have a separate towel?  Well, you can because a lady named Lara invented the wearable  LOLL Poncho Beach/Pool Towel and it is even hooded.  I love this towel cover up.  I have gained weight and I definitely need a cover up to cover my chunky self. I also love that when I set down sand doesn't go up my bathing suit bottoms.

 You can wear these poncho towel's into the beach or pool.  They dry quickly because of the towel material they are made of.  Also my scalp always sunburns so I can lay on my towel to sunbathe and put the hood over the top and back of my head to keep it from burning.
 These poncho towels come in US sizes 4-16 and an assortment of pretty colors.
 I reviewed the towel in black.  And I love it!

Mandisa "Out of the Dark" CD Review/Giveaway

  I remember voting every time you could for Mandisa when she was on American Idol.  I love her voice and the sound of the soul in her songs is definitely a voice you will remember.  I knew she would go far after she left that show and she sure did.  You will love her new CD, "Out of the Dark".

May 16, 2017

MAX 2 : WhiteHouse Hero Review/Giveaway on Blu-Ray Plus Exclusive Game

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**“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.”**
*Winner is:  oliverspendulum (@) yahoo (dot) com   
  Coming to theaters 5/23 Max has a new assignment that brings him to Washington DC.  There he will be on a highly - sensitive mission that will push Max's specialized skills, intelligence and loyalty to the test.