Nov 23, 2014

Snowflake Party Kit Tableware from Birthday In A Box Review

  Birthday in a box is a really great company for all your birthday party stuff such as invitations, decorations, favors and more at exceptionally low prices.  I was asked by them to review some of their wonderful products and I must admit I was so surprised at everything they had that wasn't just for birthdays.

  Birthday in a box has so many great things for Christmas.  They have some of the cutest favors and stocking stuffers I have ever seen.  There are Rock Crystal Candy Sticks for only $5.99 ( 6).  These would be adorable in a stocking.

Triple Active Night Treatment Review

Triple Active Night Treatment
Miracle Skin Transformer

  Miracle Skin Transformer Triple Active Night Treatment is one of best night creams I have ever tried.  I have been using this cream for around 2 1/2 weeks and I definitely see a difference in my skin. 
 I have used Miracle Skin Transformer products before and I have always been pleased with all their products.   This night cream goes on light and fluffy and your face will be very soft and hydrated in the morning.
 Triple Active Night Cream combines all 3 creams into  1 jar.  There is an cream to exfoliate, cream to moisturize, an a  anti-aging cream to fight the signs of wrinkles.  With this night cream you can treat all your skin's concerns in one step.

Nov 22, 2014

Idina Menzel - Holiday Wishes CD Review

It's that wonderful time of year again that we all wait 11 months for - Christmas! Nothing says Christmas like music and the older musical Christmas songs are my favorite! There is a new album out by a super talented singer named Idina Menzel titled "Holiday Wishes" and it is absolutely amazing!

Holiday Wishes, a Christmas album recorded by Tony Award-winning singer/actor Idina Menzel, is out now on Warner Bros. Records.

Nov 21, 2014

My Little Pony Friendship Magic Review/Giveaway

 " My Little Pony Friendship Magic" is another darling movie starring those precious My Little Pony's.  Join your favorite residents of Ponyville (Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and, of course, Spike) as they take on some of the spookiest adventures Equestria’s ever seen! Time to gather around and hold on tight, because these six exciting tales are a chillingly good romp! 

 Episodes Include:
Boast Busters

Stare Master
 Luna Eclipsed

Sleepless In Ponyville
Castle Mane-ia

TP+ Cleansing Foam Review

Georgia Pacific has developed a unique way to keep our bodies extra clean - TP-Cleansing-Foam  Now you don't have to worry about not feeling clean because it seemed like toilet paper alone wasn't enough.  Just add a drop or two of the foam cleanser onto toilet paper and clean as usual.

When I first thought about using this product I was afraid it would leave me feeling sticky or wet, but it doesn't.  The cleanser dries quickly leaving you with the security you are fresh and clean.

Whitening Lightning Brow Bar To Go Review

  I have always had very thin eyebrows and with my age getting older, I seem to have more thinning and thinning of hair in the brow area.  I have tried using eyebrow pencil liners but they seem to smudge and wear off quickly.  I was lucky enough to review for Whitening Lightning - they let me try their Brow Bar To Go.
  Brow Bar To Go features 2 brow powders, 1 brow wax and an angled brow brush.  This set comes in 2 sets of colors-Blonde to Brunette and Brunette to Ebony.  I am a light brunette so I chose the first set.
 Below is a picture of my eyebrow before I used the Brow Bar To Go:

Nov 20, 2014

Lemon Zester Cheese Grater Review

  I have been looking for a handy grater for cheese, fruits, veggies ect... to use in the kitchen with some of my cooking needs.  I received a awesome grater from Tomoson to review that is just perfect for what I need.
 Lemon Zester Cheese Grater is a 2-in 1 professional kitchen tool made from durable stainless steel.  This grater received a #1 rating from chefs.  I love how easy this grater lets you grate cheese or zest a lemon or any other citrus fruit - it works fantastic.

Susie's Hope DVD Review/Giveaway

  Animal abuse is tragically a world wide problem.  Dogs, cats, and even horses are being beaten, burned, starved and left, killed or left to die because some people do not care about animals.  I reviewed a beautiful movie titled, "Susie's Hope" which takes place in North Carolina.  This true story created a law in North Carolina, which sees that animal abusers receive stricter punishment.  This law is - Susie's Law.

Tena Incontinence Products Review

  As the worldwide leader in incontinence products, TENA is dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life for anyone dealing with the Unexpected Leak™. Get to know who and what they stand for. And see how TENA products can help you, or someone you love, get back to living life fearlessly. 

 Tena understands what it's like to live with the Unexpected Leak™, also known as incontinence. They are here to help. The TENA proven personal care system is designed with your every need in mind. Their wide range of products are backed with the Fearless Protection™ of TENA Technology™ to give you faster absorption, advanced odor protection and Peace of Mind—so you can live life fearlessly.

Pocket Protein Kidz Review &15% Discount Off Orders

  Are you tired of your children getting junk in everything they eat and drink these days?  There are to many products that proclaim to be healthy and good for our children's bodies and then when we read the fine print it is all junk hidden behind what looks good.  Well, finally there is a drink that is good, is healthy, has no hidden artificial sweeteners in it  and other great facts--Pocket Protein Kidz! 
 Pocket Protein Kidz was not thrown together over night, it took caring people that consulted with pediatricians and dietitian's to make the right product.  
 This delicious drink is just what moms everywhere have been looking for.  Kids love the taste too!  Just pop them in a backpack and drink them anytime of day or night.  Pocket Protein drinks do not have to be refrigerated so they are good whenever your child wants to drink them.

Nov 19, 2014

Neil Diamond Melody Road DVD Review

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  Neil Diamond's newest album is titled, "Melody Road." This new album is wonderful and it will take you back to the 70's.  This album consists of 12 lovely, heartwarming songs.  "Marry Me Now" and "Something Blue" will have you remembering "Sweet Caroline"  while "Seongah and Johnny" and "Sunny Diposition" speeds things up a bit.
 Neil was out of the music business for a few years when he decided to come back, so he joined Capitol Records.  Here Neil begins to writes and record again which produced -"Melody Road".

Orajel Single Dose Instant Pain Relief Reviews

  Orajel™ Single Dose is a unique cold sore treatment that provides instant pain relief to the affected area. I recently reviewed this product and it came in just when I needed it because I had a a cold sore on the inside of my lip.  I have always used Orajel products to numb a tooth ache so I was excited to try this product.  

Rumors of Wars DVD Review

  Word Entertainment brings us another outstanding movie - "Rumors of Wars".  This post- apocalypse movie begins with Roxy, a college student studying journalism, and her classmates being told by a man that all students will be getting a chip placed in their right hand so that they can buy, sell, eat and get life's necessities.  The college professor orders the man from his classroom and tells Roxy not to get the chip.  Roxy writes everything in her journal and the professor gives her secret information that he wrote in her journal.  After Roxy reads the message she begins seeking out the truth behind the chip.  During the scheduled mandatory chip placement, Roxy escapes in search of the professor, and the truth behind the government's rules.
 Move ahead several years later and the movie shows the one world order has already began seeking out the Christians, and those without the chip, to kill them.  Shaw works for the alliance and believes he is doing right by killing these people.  The leader of the alliance demands a one world government to be ruled by him.

Nov 18, 2014

Valentia Skin Care - Even Glow Serum Review

  I have been lucky enough to review a wonderful face care product from Valentia.  This product is their Even Glow Serum and it is fabulous!  I received this product about 1 1/2 weeks ago and when I opened the bottle I can tell you it smelled very nice.  I then used a few drops on my forehead, cheeks, under my eyes and across my nose.  After a few nights of using this product I could begin seeing a smoother, younger look to my skin.  It seemed like magic had taken place because after a week my face did have a glowing look to it.

Mary J. Blige - The London Session Album/Giveaway

 "The London Session" is the newest album from Mary J. Blige.   On this 12 song CD you can enjoy the beautiful, soulful R & B style that Mary sings so beautifully.
 The very first song is titled ,"Therapy" and it is a spunky, faster paced song.  Most of the other songs are slower and more bluesy.  "When You're Gone" and "Worth My Time" are a sincere type love song.
 All 12 of the songs on this album are good.  Each has that Mary J. Blige uniqueness and beauty.
 Thanks to Capital Records and the girls for allowing me to hear this soundtrack before it hits the stores on   Tuesday - December 2nd.  What a great gift this would make for the Mary J. Blithe music lovers in your life.
I recommend you checking it out as soon as it hits the shelf.  Beautiful music!