Mar 23, 2017

Win a Sample of Mother Nurture Prenatal All Natural Milk Chocolate Truffles - (2) Winners - Giveaway

  Who doesn't love milk chocolate Truffles?  I know I sure do and if you are pregnant and craving a good chocolate snack, but your worried about all the extras - then worry no more because Mother Nurture has that taken care of.
  Mother Nurture has created a chocolate Truffle that doesn't have but only 70 calories each.  These delicious, and they are delicious I know, because I ate 2 of them, chocolates will melt in your mouth, have DHA and Folic Acid for baby.  Your usual chocolate candy sure doesn't contain that!
You can also purchase these Truffles in Dark Chocolate with Raspberry.
  Check out the Nutritional Facts:

Mar 22, 2017

"When Calls the Heart -The Heart of Faith" on DVD Review/Giveaway

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  We are in Hope Valley again, but this time it is Christmas! "When Calls the Heart - The Heart of Faith", is the newest release from Shout Factory.  This movie was actually a Christmas movie at first, but now it is being released as a movie about the heart of faith. And who doesn't like a good Christmasy movie anyway? lol
  Everyone is in a festive mood because Christmas, and Santa, are on their way.  Rosemary and Lee have just returned from their honeymoon and have moved into their new roll house next to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is getting her students ready to put on a nativity play when along comes a peddler named Sam whom the kids think is Santa.  Then Jack thinks the jolly old guy is a theif, but only for awhile because he finds out differently.

Mar 20, 2017

Sinfully Sweet Apple Company Review/ Giveaway Win 2 Apples of Your Choice

   I recently reviewed a wonderful, unusual treat that my kids went crazy over: 4 Easter decorated apples from Sinfully Sweet Apple Company.  These apples are not only decorated so darling, but the taste of apples covered in Mud Pie and Cheesecake are out of this world delicious.  Below are pics of the 4 apples I reviewed:

Easter Cookies-n-Cream
Cookies "n" Cream Apple
Easter Sprinkles
Sprinkles Apple

Easter Mud Pie
Mud Pie Apple

Easter New York Cheesecake
New York Cheesecake Apple

Mar 13, 2017

Divatress - Wigs, Hair Care, Hair Accessories, Cosmetics & More Review

Image may contain: text
  This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

  Divatress has a motto: Feel like a Diva. Be a Diva.  How awesome is that?  Divatress has allowed me to review some of their amazing hair products and they are amazing.  Are you looking for a natural looking and fitting wig?  Then, you found the lace at Divatress.  Look below at some of these gorgeous wigs:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

 This beautiful young lady is wearing a gorgeous wig from the Vivica A. Fox Swiss Lace Front Wig - Diamond.  This wig comes in many colors: Jet Black, Platinum Blonde to Cabernet and many more colors.  This 24" loose body wave can be curls with an iron up to 365 -395 degrees.  Hand tied to swiss lace and is undetectable plus silky soft.  On sale now for only $48.95 and it was $60.

  How about a straight ponytail or a curly one?  Divatress has them both with human hair or synthetic.  They also have braids and locks.  You will look fabulous in any of these!

Isis Collection Yellowtail Drawstring Ponytail – HH Yaky Blunt
Only $21.95!!!

  I have never seen such great prices as on all of Divatress products.  They are definitely cheaper than most other companies.  Check out all the hair care for your hair ; shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and gels, but don't forget the kiddos, they need good hair care too.

African Pride Dream Kids Detangler Miracle Conditoner 12 OZ

    Dream Kids Conditioning for only $3.95 and they have the shampoo as well.
    And, Hair Milk for smoothing edges, hair colors, hair gels, hair oils and more. 
   There are combs, brushes, cosmetics, eye lashes, lip stains and lip glosses, eye make-up and for to many to list.  You really must visit the Divatress website to see all the great products they sell.  Free shipping over $49 , individuals and beauticians are all welcome too order.  I promise you will be satisfied and if not, they will get you fixed up.  Visit Divatress' social sites please:

Mar 11, 2017

Freshpet Dog and Cat Foods Review

 "It's a fact that the healthier you feed you pet, the longer and healthier life your pet will have," says Dr. Katy Nelson, associate veterinarian at the Belle Haven Animal Medical Centre in Alexandria, VA.  Dr. Nelson feeds her pets and recommends all her pet owners, Freshpet.
  Freshpet is the first, and only, maker of refrigerated, all natural foods made from real meat, chicken, veggies and fruits for dogs and cats.
  All the Freshpet foods are grown in America and are made in the kitchen of Bethlehem, PA. Only fresh, all- natural foods are used. There are no fillers, by products or rendered meals used in Freshpet foods,  and no ingredients come from China.  Each meal is cooked at a lower temperature to maintain the vitamins and nutrients found in the foods, this is not how other dry or canned pet foods are made.

Mar 8, 2017

Faerie Magazine & Jewelry -Dragonfly Fairy Wand Necklace Review

Mini Fairy Wand Necklace - Dragonfly

  I stumbled upon a very unique and enchanting website that has the loveliest jewelry and items I have ever seen , Faerie Magazine is a magazine that comes out quarterly and it celebrated with everything enchanted from fairies to mushrooms to mermaids and dragons with magic sprinkled everywhere.
 I am a little girl at heart, that always believed in fairies and stardust,  This magazine lets you in on some beautiful pictures, recipes, home decor, craft ideas and more.
 I was allowed to choose something to review and I wanted to show all my readers the unique and gorgeous products they sell. Although I didn't choose to review one, the dragon eggs really caught my eye and I have a very imaginative 8 year old, so I plan on getting him one for his birthday,  They are so colorful and different from most of the usual gifts he gets and this is really his niche.  Boy, am I glad I found this site.  Below is a picture of a dragon eggs:

Mar 6, 2017

Laura's Story - "Open Hands" Gospel CD Review/Giveaway

 Grammy Award winning Laura Story is a songwriter, speaker, author, artist, worship leader and mom.  Her solo artist music debuted in 2008 with , " Great God Who Saves.", led to 4 Dove Awards Nominations .  "Open Hands" is the follow-up to 2013's, accrediated aclaim, "God of Every Story."
  Since then Laura has given birth to a set of twins, and she already had a little girl - making her a family of 5 now,
  I love the story Laura tells about the meaning of the title, "Open Hands".  Lara explains how during worship we hold our hands open , not as clenched fists.  She states ,"with open hands we submit our pain , our sorrows , and we surrender our most broken things as an act of worship".  How amazing is that?  

Enter to win a Slow Cooker

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Mar 2, 2017

butter London Wink Eye Pencil in Earl Grey Review

Inky Six Eye Pencil

  Another absolutely amazing product from butter London - their Wink Eye Pencil in Earl Grey.  I reviewed this product from butter London and just like their mascara and bronzer, this product is great!  I've used all kind of cosmetics, but I truly do not think I have ever worked with a company that has products that work just like they say and the quality is perfect.  Look below at the cat eye look this product gives your eyes.

Feb 27, 2017

Fit Mama Headbands Review

   Are you looking for really great headbands that actually stretch to fit and don't fit too tight?  Then you need not look any farther because Fit Mama Headbands are the perfect fit!  These bands come in all assorted colors and designs and they are adorable.  Most important - they do the job.  They hold the hair in place and you will not get headaches because the hold fits your head, not too tight.
  I reviewed the 3 darling colored headbands below from FitMama and I won't buy anywhere else now.  I am in love with these headbands!

Reba McEntire- "Sing It Now - Songs of Faith and Hope" CD Review/ Giveaway

  I received a wonderful CD from Capital Christian Marking by the artist Reba McEntire.  I was already a fan of Reba's country music, but this gospel album is amazing.  "Sing It Now- Songs of Faith and Hope" is awesome!
 This CD is full of old Highway Hymnals we sing at our little country church each Sunday.
Songs such as, "Softly and Tenderly", "In the Garden", "Amazing Grace",  "How Great Thou Art" and many more beautiful songs.  All these songs are sung delicately and sweet except when Reba speeds things up a little with the gospel hit, "Oh Happy Day".
  I could listen to these songs all day long.  I keep it in my CD player, in the car, and it stays on whenever I'm driving.  
 Trisha Yearwood and Kelly Clarkson join in with Reba on the song, "Softly and Tenderly."
 This album has 20 songs and one of them is Reba's latest hit song, "Back to God".  Listen to a clip of the song below:

"Kikoriki: The Legend of the Golden Dragon" on DVD Review/Giveaway

Product images preview kikorikilotgd.cover.ocard..72dpi  7bd58e4a88 c61e 45de 8ecb 183dc21e5b0e 7d

  Shout!Kids Factory has graciously allowed me to review another children's movie just in. time for Easter.  "KikoRiki - Legend of the Golden Dragon".   This an adorable cartoon movie is coming to North America March 7, 2017
 The lovable simple residents of peaceful Kikoriki Island get involved with their resident scientist.  The scientist invents a device - a helmet called the Improviser.  This machine takes personalities and swaps them with others.  
 Willy is really spineless and wants to tougher, he uses the helmet, but accidentally gets switched with a caterpillar which makes him more spineless. Now he is more scared and fears things more than before.
 Watch the clip below for this cute movie:

Feb 26, 2017

"Country Crush" on DVD Review/Giveaway

    March 14 will be the release date for a new musical movie, "Country Crush", about a family in a small town and their lives.  (Jana Kramer), Katherine, has recently said goodbye to her husband who just left her and her son for his deployment in the Middle East.  Katherine worries and is anxious to have her husband back home.
  Katherine's brother- in -law, Charlie, (Munro Chambers) has just met a city girl, Nancy Taylor, (Madeline Merlo).  When her car breaks down and Charlie Bishop shows up, Nancy and her friend, Ainsley, (Sophie Tweed Simmons) are headed to a party in the country.  Charlie shows up to tow their car and sparks automatically fly between Charlie and Nancy.

Feb 24, 2017

Merch Nerds Tees - Win Your Choice of Tee ($23.14 v) Review/Giveaway

  I love tee shirts and Merch Nerds has some of the coolest tees ever! I am a big fan of Vintage tees so when Merch Nerds allowed me to review for them I chose a Vintage 1978 Eagles Tee.  1978 is the year I married and The Eagles were the hottest band in the 70's so of course I chose this shirt.
  I also would rather wear a men's tee than a woman's tee because they fit me better. You can purchase this shirt in an XS -3XL, and in several different colors.  They are 100% cotton and have a crew neck. If you want you can get it in a tee, tank, stringer or hoodie.

Men's 1978 Vintage Eagle Tee - Merch Nerds

Feb 22, 2017

Rube Goldberg - The Fly Trap Challenge Stem Toys Review

   I recently reviewed another Stem toy from Rube Goldbergit was The Fly Trap Challenge.  This is another unique game of stradegy.  The kids build and rebuild to get it right and this is part of the fun about this game.
  I homeschool and my 8 year olds loved this game.  The unique little characters make this game so fun and exciting.  The part of  this game working into our lessons was how the chain of reactions occur and  they can also understand how gravity works.