Aug 24, 2016

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Buying a new home is a formidable proposition. The reality is that some people move because they need a larger space, but they end up giving up a great neighborhood and a home they love just for the sake of getting that bigger place. For some people, a home remodel can be a great solution to getting a larger, more luxurious home without the sacrifice of moving. Refinancing an existing mortgage is often a smart way to pay for a remodel, and it’s an option well worth exploring. A loan secured at an attractive interest rate can be a smart way to use your money and attain the home of your dreams.

Aug 22, 2016

Maty's Baby Chest Rub Review/Giveaway

  Maty's products are holistic and wellness products that are safe to help your family get well naturally.
  I received the all natural Baby Chest Rub to review and I have to say I definitely love it.  I have been using another well known chest rub for years until I tried Maty's.  Maty's is petroleum and menthol free, and this is very important because the other product contained such strong menthol that the babies hated it.  With Maty's the smell is soft and gentle.  
  Maty's All Natural Baby Chest Rub strengthens baby's  immune system while it helps calms the cough  and reduce congestion.  This rub contains all natural ingredients such as ; lavender, Coconut Oil and Chamomile.  

Aug 21, 2016

Back To School Lunches with Jennie - O Turkey Products Review/ Coupon Giveaway



  Well, it is Back - To - School time and if your kids are like mine, they will not eat the school cafeteria food, so that means making lunches from home.  I don't mind doing this, but I run out of ideas and the kids get really burnt out on sandwiches and lunchables.  This is where Jennie - O comes in handy.  Turkey meat is so tasty, has less sodium and 65% less fat than beef.  Look below at some of the lunch suggestions using Jennie - O turkey meat:

Fun-n-Fast Lunchbox

Aug 20, 2016 Review

  I have found a remarkable place to buy your glasses --  This company helps the needy because there are 1.1 billion people who do not have access to eye exams or glasses, so when you buy from they will donate a pair to those in need.
  This wonderful company is fighting to help end the global vision crisis. At the employee travels the globe to provide glasses to underserved communities.  They work with an independent, non-profit organization named-OneSight.  Together these 2 companies staff charitable clinics and help build infrastructures so that people will have a chance to go to these buildings for vision testing and to get their glasses.

"College For Convicts" Book -"The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons" Review/Giveaway


  "College For Convicts" is a book that Christopher Zoukis wrote, as an inmate himself, trying to get attention to our US government to allow inmates to be able to receive an accredited degree while in prison.  Education in prisons has been shown to reduce recidivism.  With 95% of prisoners being released back into society one day, which is estimated at 700,000 people, who will be turned out again on to the streets and in our communities with no more skills or knowledge to maintain a good job, we will most likely see these prisoners going back into the prison system again.
  While in our prisons today, there are some prisons that will offer training classes and the sad thing about these classes are they aren't worth the paper the ink  is written on.  These certificates that they receive when the classes are completed can actually make it worse on a person trying to get a job once on the outside, because an employer can see the certificates and it really indicates all about the ex-con's jail time and why, costing the person to not receive the job.
  There are pro's and con's to me about educating inmates.

Aug 14, 2016

Beth Bender Beauty Eye Candy Eys Stencils Review

   Do you want to get that perfect eye shadow look where you are able to combine bright colors and even get that cat eye look?  Well, Beth Bender Beauty  came out with some simple, easy to apply and easy to remove paper eye stencils.  These stencils come as Eye Candy Stencil Starter Pack with 14 sheets and that is 28 individual eyeliner stencils for only $9.  It also includes a step by step instruction card and one pro tips card.
 Eye Candy Adhesive Eyeliner Stencils Starter Pack

  I applied these stencils to my grandaughters eyes just to show how easy it is to go on.

Just added the stencil

We filled in the open area with the pinkdust shadow color

Aug 10, 2016

"Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" DVD Review

  Miraculous™:Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir is a newly released movie, (released May 3,2016) and when you see it be ready to be bugged out.  We begin in Paris where 2 seemingly ordinary teens, Marinette and Adrien, are always creating situations at school, with friends and even family members.
But,  when the evil Hawk Moth threatens their favorite home city, these 2 turn into superheros, Ladybug & Cat Noir.  
   Hawk Moth uses evil powers to transform normal people into super villains and our friends, the 2 superheroes have to use all the super powers they can.  Cat Noir and Ladybug have gained powers from their magical friends, so they are ready to protect Paris.

   Too become Ladybug it takes a lot of time.  She first needs a "Kwami" which is a tiny magical assistant named, Tikki.   She also needs a "Miraculous", which are her magical accessories - her tiny earrings.  Tikki uses her Miraculous to transform Marinette, but the magical powers of Ladybug only last a small time.

Aug 4, 2016

"Gibby" A Movie about A Girl and a Monkey Review/Giveaway

  Katie is a young girl who used to love gymnastics, school and her friends - until she lost her mom, now Katie doesn't have much interest in anything.  At school there is a group of girls, one of them is really mean and out to beat Katie at everything.
 One day Katie's Science teacher asks the class if their is someone who would like to monkeysit her Capuchin Monkey, "Gibby".  Gibby is actually in real life Crystal the Monkey and she has played in movies such as, "Night At The Museum."  Katie decides to give it a go so she is given the job for the summer.

Aug 2, 2016

Matthew Santoro Mind Blown Amazing Facts About This Weird, Hilarious Insane World Book Review/ Giveaway

Mind = Blown

    Have you ever seen Matthew Santoro on YouTube?  You really need to listen to him or read this amazing book because he has some mind blowing facts about people, places and things that will  take your breath away.  Matthew Santoro won the 2015 Shorty Awards, “YouTube Star of the Year,” along with the 2015 Hubub #AcademySocialAward.

Jul 29, 2016

The Global Immersion Project - The E-Course Developing UnCommon Friendships a Practical Guide

   Wouldn't it be amazing if all the "other" people, whos ways you really didn't understand, could become your friend?  In today's world, we are afraid to reach out to our Muslim, Buddist, or other "different religious" neighbors.  Why? Jesus Christ welcomed the outsiders.  He showed us through his actions to move forward towards those who we consider "others."
   The Global Immersion Project is offering anyone a 5 week E-Course about developing uncommon friendships.  I was able to review this course and I loved it!  Jon Huckins and Jer Swigart are the co- founders of TGIP and they will help you learn how to develop a guide to make friends with those uncommon to us.
   This 5 week course contains the 3 tools that will have you becoming the everyday peacemaker. Watch this introductory video below:
  href="">Developing Uncommon Friendships: Welcome from
The Global Immersion Project on href="">Vimeo.

• eCourse

Jul 27, 2016

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"EndGame" a Family DVD Review/ Giveaway

Product images preview endgamebrcover72dpi

   Based on a true story, EndGame is a heartwarming, inspirational movie.  (Jose, Rico Rodriguez, Modern Family) is only 5 years old when he learns to play chess like his grandfather.  Jose is taught the game by his abuelita (Ivonne Coll, Jane The Virgin) and she informs Jose that their grandfather was a champion in Mexico.
  Everything isn't going perfectly for Jose at home so he turns to chess to blot out the troubles.
  Jose goes to Brownsville, Texas school and Jose is determined to help teach his friends on the chess team to play the game good enough to get them to the state finals.  For once Jose feels very important  being able to teach others the tricks of the game.

Jul 25, 2016

Zakia’s Morocco Review ---25% off Entire Store

     When you think of skincare you usually think of products for women right?  Well, there is a marvelous company called Zakia's Morocco Men's Skinline just for men.
     I received the nicest toiletry bag filled with many products for men like Shea Butter, Clay Mask Powder, Moroccon  Black Soap, Beard Oil and an Exfoliating Glove.  My husband was very anxious to try these products.  He has been concerned about how dry and rough his skin has been looking and it seems to really be aging more and more.  The first product he tried was the Black Soap.

Jul 22, 2016

"I Love You Just Because" Children's Book Review/ Giveaway

   "I Love You Just Because" is the 3rd book by author Donna Kieth.  This adorable book is about 3 bears which are totally different from one another, but they are equally loved by their parents.  The bears sometimes ask why they are loved by their parents and the answer is ," we love you just because we asked God for you and you are all gifts from him."
   There is a Polar Bear, Panda Bear and a Brown Bear in the family.  Polar asks his grandfather, a Brown bear, if he loved him even though they don't look the same and the grandfather replied, "Of course I love you just because you are you."

Jul 20, 2016

"Caged No More" on DVD Review

Caged No More (DVD)

   I just watched one of the best movies I have seen in a long time , "Caged No More".  This movie left me in tears and wiser to a huge problem I had never really thought much about.  Sex trafficing is taking place all across the world and maybe in your own community.  This movie deals with it very realistically and you will not be able to watch it and not be touched.
   Aggie is a cajun black woman that is a god-mother to 2 beautiful young girls.  Aggie watched as the girl's mother overdoses, but first she tells Aggie to please save her girls and that all the information is in the laptop and it explains how her husband, Jack, is involved.  Jack has been abusing the mother for years and has run off with both girls.