May 24, 2016

Owlegories Movies Review/Giveaways

   I received this animated video for review and I can't say enough about how great it is. I am super excited for my kids at church to see this on Wednesday, they are going to love it!
  What a wonderful way to teach us about all of God's animals and nature through this series of dvd's called Owlegories.  As the little group of owls begin school in one series, they meet their new professor, and he sends them looking for an object that keeps the light shining.  As the little owls go in look for the object they meet with Devlin, the mean bird that wants the object also so he can take away the light.  Watch the clip for this episode below:

May 23, 2016

Wise Guys a Book about Men and Their Hidden Wisdom Review/Giveaway

   Have you ever been around people that seem to have it all?  I don't mean money, home or material stuff, I mean people who always smile, always seem to be loving and caring.  These people are what Kent Evans was talking about when he wrote the book, "Wise Guys". Getting Wisdom is the Wisest Thing You Can Do- Proverbs 4:7  How these people became so wise is with God's help and sometimes the help of experienced mentors.  You know that Psychology professor that knew EVERYTHING - your mentor!  Well, that's how God is!
  Kent wrote this book in hopes to help men understand who they could get information on how to be a better parent, friend, co-worker and so on.  He took some of their words, with their knowledge and humour and wrote this book.

Bible Belles- The Story of Esther Review/Giveaway

Esther: The Belle of Patience (Pre-order. Coming June 2016)
  Bible Belle's is a brand new children's series of books that represent women of the Bible.  The series include 5 super hero women : Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth & Deborah.  There is also a girl in every story named Rooney Cruz who gets into situations that she doesn't know how to handle, and with the help of her little pocket sized angel, she gets to go back in time when these 5 woman were becoming heroes.
  In this particular Bible Belle story you will read how Rooney finds out about Esther.

May 22, 2016

"Quackerz" Movie Review

   In Los Angeles, California, in select cinemas, on June 4, 2016 you can watch the new movie, "Quackerz".  But, for those of us who don't live in LA, California we can buy it at WalMart, Amazon and other places when it releases on June 14,2016.  This is the highly anticipated summer movie adventure.
  On a peaceful island where the Mandarin Ducks have been living for centuries it becomes mistaken for somewhere else by the Military Mallards.  The Mallards quarrel with the Mallards and they begin to fight with each other. 
  Longway, is the son of the Mandarin Mallard accidentally meets the daughter of the Mallard Commander, Erica.  Longway tries everything he can to impress Erica.  He tries so hard to fly because he wants to impress Erica.

May 19, 2016

Chasing Grace - A Movie Review/Giveaway

  Chasing Grace is a Christian / Thriller type of movie but, Christians aren't the only one's to like it.  It deals with families, forgiveness, love, pain and betrayal.  Based on true events, this powerful story will truly have you thinking about life and what it means.
  After a tragic accident happens  a pastors family is devastated at the loss of the of their youngest child, & resentment runs wild between the 2 brothers.  Pastor Jonathan has always blamed everything on others and never himself.  In this movie Pastor Jonathan points his finger at his brother and all that he has  done wrong.  This seems to be the only way the pastor can deal with the guilt of losing Grace.

May 17, 2016

"Bearing Witness" Book of Martyrs for Christ Review/Giveaway

   For Centuries, Christians have been persecuted for following Jesus Christ.  They will die before renouncing their faith.  These people are called Martyrs which is defined as: a person who willingly suffers death rather than renounce his or her religion.  In this book,  Bearing Witness,  many never wavered when asked to stop worshiping their God and follow other pagan Gods.  Stephen was stoned to death for his love and faith in Christ.  There was Saul who was just standing by holding coats for the men, who would, in the end stone him to death.
   One of my favorite tales is of  Perpetua who was a 22 year old woman that came to learn with some other new, young believers when along came the Roman authorities and asked "what is your name?"  Perpetua answered back, "Christian".  This made the soldiers very angry and Perpetua and her friends were imprisoned for refusing to worship the empire’s deities.  

May 15, 2016

"The League and the Lantern " Book Review/Giveaway

  First, let me say, this book is amazing!  If your children like Harry Potter or The Lion and the Wardrobe - they will definitely love this book.  The League and the Lantern is filled with adventure from the first chapter.  I love that this book includes children of different races and it shows a boy can become best friends with a girl as easy as he can befriend another boy.  I love how it helps a child understand that nothing is wrong with being different and that everyone makes mistakes.
  The League and the Lantern is a really fun book to read for the middle school ages. It’s about a young boy named Jake Herndon who is ready for seventh grade, but things aren’t working out for him.  After an embarrassing disaster with sixth grade, he hopes this new school he is going to provide him with a fresh start. When he arrives at the Museum of Science and Industry for the school sleep-over, Jake makes two new friends, TJ McDonald and Lucy Garcia.

May 13, 2016

Hamburger Press With Built in Dimpler-from Cave Tools Review

Hamburger Press with Built in Dimpler
   Cave Tools has another great product - the Hamburger Press with built in Dimpler.  I love that this product is made from silicone.  The silicone is so easy to work with.  I just placed a large ball of meat over the square and added the top of the silicone lid which had the dimpler in it, and I kept flattening out each square of meat.  When I took the top lid off and there they were - perfectly squared meat patties.  Any of the excess meat I just picked it all back up and added it back in the bowl for the next batch of patties.

May 10, 2016

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Season One Review/Giveaway


 It's Transformer time again and Optimus Prime has summoned Bumblebee to save the Earth from a new deception threat.  Transformers: Robots In Disguise on DVD
 Bumblebee assembles a rouge team of Autobots action heroes.  This new team never lets Bumblebee stop because they are having a hard time learning to work together as a team.  The new team consists of : Sideswipe, Strongarm, Grimlock and Fixit.  Teaching these guys is often very comical for Bumblebee, but it has to be serious as well, because soon the Earth will be in harms way.

The Hospital Box Review


  Recently I received the most unique product for review - The Hospital Box.  This box is perfect to put different items into and give to a sick person who is in the hospital. Everything in this box is simple to work with.  There are 3 cotton drawstring pouches, the feel better box and (21 )3-D stickers.  The stickers are so cute, they are bright colors, 3D and actually look like a bandage.  Some of the stickers are hearts.  Use these to attach a letter, photo, card or whatever you want to give to the patient.  Just attach it to the outside of the box or on the lid.

May 7, 2016

ESV Family Devotional Bible Review/Giveaway

   The ESV Family Devotional Bible is designed to help families read and apply God's word together.  This book is hard backed with 130 full page, fully illustrated with beautiful artwork.  All pictures are colored and there are also full colored maps. 

May 6, 2016

LatchPal Review/Giveaway

 A  LatchPal is a mom invented, for moms, clip for when you are breastfeeding your baby.  I wish this would of been around when I was nursing my babies.  My shirt was always falling down in their little faces.  This is the greatest invention since sliced bread to a breastfeeding mom because now you have both hands to help hold baby's head in place and the other hand to hold onto their bodies. 
 The LatchPal can also double as a pacifier holder or you could link your key ring on it so they don't get lost.

Winner Of Pacific Baby Earth Day

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT!  Thank you to everyone who entered the Earth Day Eco Giveaway hosted by @PacificBaby! By random draw, the winner is...drumroll please... 
Emily Hatton - congratulations!  For everyone else who entered a BIG thank you and keep on the lookout for more cool giveaways!

May 3, 2016

ApparelnBags Messenger Bag Review

  ApparelnBags carries a wide variety of named brand apparel and merchandise.  With over 100 brands and 3000,000 SKU's, they provide the customer with the best variety of merchandise available and prices that are 20-50% less than MSRP all year long.
 I have been looking for a bag for my grandson to carry that would  hold his computer, but also has room to hold his papers and pens.  Everywhere I looked the bags were very expensive or not big enough.  Luckily, I was asked to review for ApparelnBags for one of their products.  
  ApparelnBags has so many products!  I was truly amazed.  I started looking through all the bags they carried and I couldnt believe there were so many different styles, sizes and prices.  There were bags that went over your shoulder, backpack bags, big tote bags and more.  I finally found the perfect bag - the Gemline Persuit Computor Messenger Bag. Gemline Bags take the lead in the latest bags on the market.  You can order this bag and ApparelnBags will embroidery on it for you.  I wish I would have done this, but I didn't read all the way down on the description,  it would sure make a great gift. With graduation coming up, this would be perfect to give and have their name monogrammed on the front.

M-O-T-H-E-R song from the new movie Review/Giveaway

  Have you seen the new movie out in time for Mother's Day directed by Garry Marshall-- "Mothers Day" ?  This movie looks so funny.  It stars: Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson. 
Joseph Leo Bwarie stars opposite Jennifer Anniston in this movie.  Joseph also sang the Sinatra style "M-O-T-H-E-R" in the movie.
   Joseph just finished up an 8 year run in Jersey Boys where he starred as Frankie Valli.  Joseph has collaborated with Garry Marshall in several movies.
  Check out the song from "Mother's Day" just in time for mom's day.  Below is the YouTube song "M-O-T-H-E-R" by Joseph Leo Bwarie: