Oct 28, 2016

Britt Nicole's Newest CD Review/Giveaway

  Capital CMG Marketing asked me to review a new CD titled," Britt Nicole", and I was so excited.  My grand daughter is 13 and she loves her music and now after hearing this CD, so do I.
  Britt Nicole was recently interviewed by People Magazine and in the article she tells about this new CD.  This Grammy award winner says she bares her soul in ever song on this album.  This 32 year old singer says, "I'm not trying to be anything I'm not, nor am I hiding anything I am. I'm simply sharing my heart and life".  On this CD you will hear songs about her marriage, her family and her faith. 

Oct 26, 2016

Kickstarter 3 Winners Will Receive a Cardimom + If They Get Funded Each Winner Gets A Care Tote or the Command Tote

Whether you are a SAHM, WAHM, or a 9-to-5er, life is SO BUSY and it’s not always easy to stay organized on the go. We lug around way too many bags creating a bulky, inefficient mess. Priscilla Barton, founder of Multiwear, was that mom, “the bag lady” with many bags that would fall off her shoulders, with things in her arms and hands and two kids to herd around. She had so many bags for different things and could not keep track of what she was carrying and when.
That’s when she decided she had enough! Her bags certainly did not play well together and nothing out there did! So, she set out to design the Division of Labor Dual Tote. The Division of Labor Dual Tote features two highly organized and dedicated bags – one for baby’s effects (Care Tote) and one for you (Command Tote) that can be used separately or attach together magnetically.
The new Kickstarter campaign is taking off and to celebrate, Multiwear is hosting a very special giveaway! 3 winners will be chosen to receive their very own Cardimom® AND if they get funded, each winner will also receive her own Division of Labor Tote – choose either the Care Tote or the Command Tote! How exciting is that?! PLUS, if you win and you backed the Kickstarter project, you will win both totes!

Oct 24, 2016

"Where Jesus Slept" a Book about the Birth of Jesus Review/Giveaway

  Nothing is better for your little one to get them in the holiday spirit, than a wonderful story about the reason for the first Christmas, like it is told in the book, "Where Jesus Slept".  This book is written in the tune to "The House That Jack Built."
  This amazing story begins with, "this is the bed where Jesus slept. This is the straw that lined the Bed where Jesus slept." and it goes on to complete the birth of the Christ child and it tells of the Wise Men coming and how the angel led them, plus more.

Oct 23, 2016

"My Little Pony- Legend of Everfree" Staring the Equestria Girls on DVD 3 Winners!

  New to be released November 1, 2016! Just in time for Fall, this new DVD - "My Little Pony - Legend of Everfree", staring the Equestria Girls, gives you a little bit of eerie and spookiness.
  The girls decide to leave Canterlot High School to head to Camp Everfree for a camping trip.
This camping experience will include much more than canoeing and campfires. Magic soon begins to cause a lot of problems in this camp for the girls.

Oct 21, 2016

"Say & Pray Devotional" Book Review/ Giveaway

9780718086916, Say & Pray Devotions, Diane Stortz

  "Say & Pray Devotions" Book is the best little book full of devotions by first words, short stories and small prayers for young children to learn.  Little children learn so much by watching and listening to the grown-ups in their lives, so now when you are praying and saying your devotions, your child will be able to see the picture and the words in this book and identify them in their own way.

Oct 20, 2016

Idahoan Russets Instant Potatoes Review

  I recently tried these new Idahoan Signature Russets Instant mashed potatoes free for testing purposes and it was definitely one of the tastiest products I have ever reviewed.  Our dinner that night was so delicious and easy to fix.  Everyone in my family ate these potatoes up quickly and were ready for seconds.
  You can purchase these instant potatoes from Idahoan in 4, 12 & 20 oz. packages.
   Idahoan also sells Potato Casseroles, On-the-Go, Potato Soups, Steakhouse Potatoes and more in their instant potato selection.

Oct 15, 2016

Niucoco Shampoo and Conditioner Review


   I recently received some amazing shampoo and conditioner from the company Niucoco.  Niucoco was developed to create a shampoo and conditioner that would give you that salon look, but not hurt our environment.  James, a scientist, financial analyst and enthusiast stumbled upon cold pressed coconut oil made with hand picked coconuts.  James wanted to share this great find, so he shared it with his friend, Martin.  Martin was also a financial adviser and he saw that most beauty products were made with toxic ingredients so he teamed up with James and together they brought their finds to a scientist, Yasmine.
  Yasmine then joined James and Martin to develop a shampoo and conditioner that was non-toxic and even her little niece could use it. This is when Nuicoco was invented and I love it!

Oct 14, 2016

BioKap Nutricolor Haircolor Review

  I recently tried a great hair product that is natural and gentle.  This European permanent hair dye is, BioKap Nutricolor Delicato.  This hair color contains no PPD, paraben, or ammonia.  Most hair colors I have used in the past have definitely had ammonia because the smell is so strong, this dye did not smell at all.  This dye has 90% natural ingredients and it is also gluten, cruelty and fragrance free, plus it is vegan.  There is virtually nothing harmful about this hair dye.
 The kit included everything seen below:

Oct 12, 2016

"The Blessings of Unity" a Book About Marriage Review/Giveaway

   "The Blessings of Unity" is a book written by Richard T. Case.  Mr. Case wrote this book after he and his wife, decided they were being led to help others that were living their marriages in  mediocrity, having  on-going conflicts, and certainly not enjoying the beauty of the institution of marriage.
  One reason we fall away from having God in our marriage is we actually separate ourselves from the life of Christ.  We fall from grace which means joy, sweetness, charm, goodwill and favor.  We will lose the favor of God and suffer the consequences of living a world outside the protection and favor of God.
  Richard and Linda began their own years of division from God after they moved to Long Beach and Richard began his career.  Linda was home with a new born baby girl and Richard was always at work.  He worked 6 days a week  - 10 to 12 hours a day - including the long California commute.

Oct 10, 2016

Party Animals: TeenyMates Bundle Review/Giveaway

  I have another awesome giveaway going on and it will go on my Christmas Gift Guide : TeenyMates- 32 Quarterback pack, TeenyMates WWE Collector Tin and (4) packages of new Mad Lids NFL lids.  This is an amazing gift for any little boy or any sports collectors.  These sets are awesome!

Oct 8, 2016

Idahoan Russets Instant Potatoes Are So Good! Review

   I love fixing instant mashed potatoes because they are fast and simple to make, but there are some store kinds I have tried that literally taste like dried cardboard.  Well, thanks to VoxBox I was given a complimentary package of Idahoan Signature Russets Instant Mashed Potatoes and they are delicious. 

Oct 7, 2016

"Timeless" the New NBC Drama seen on Monday Nights 10 ET/9 CT Review

  WOW! NBC has a great hit with it's new series, "Timeless"!  I watched the pilot and I am still amazed 30 minutes later at this awesome show.  "Timeless" which airs every Monday night at 10 ET/9 CT on NBC is about 3 people who are chosen to travel back in time to keep a terrorist named Flynn from ruining history.  This show stars; Abigail Spencer as Lucy, Matt Lanter as Wyatt and Malcolm Barrett as Rufus and other great actors as well.
  In the pilot episode it begins with Lucy, a college professor teaching a class when she learns her program has been cancelled and afterward she goes home to her dieing mother and sister Amy.  There is a knock at the door and it is Homeland Security telling Lucy she is needed immediately.  Shocked, Lucy goes with them and is taken to a company known as Mason .  Lucy is placed in a room with a man, and I must say a gorgeous man, named Wyatt.  Neither Lucy nor Wyatt knows why they are summoned to be there.  They are then taken into a room where they meet several people. At the beginning of the show it also shows terrorists entering the Mason company and taking a man hostage. One of the men is Flynn and he takes the man into the time machine and it leaves to go back in time. Meanwhile, Rufus is a man who knows all about the machine and he knows the man who was taken hostage is the designer of the time machine and he saw it all happen.

Oct 4, 2016

"When Calls the Heart" - "Hearts In Question" Movie Review/Giveaway

When Calls The Heart: Hearts In Question

  Season 3, the 5th episode on DVD, finds love still running wild in this "When Calls the Heart - Hearts In Question" movie.  It begins with Jack Thornton's mother, Charlotte played by Brooke Shields, makes her arrival into Hope Valley.  Elizabeth is of course nervous about their meeting and she even becomes hurt by Charlotte's hateful words.  Elizabeth is criticized by Charlotte.   She runs down her housekeeping, pie-making and even her teaching skills.  Poor Elizabeth can never do anything good enough for Charlotte.
  Rosemary has become a town boss by giving everyone orders about the wedding between her and Lee.  She is driving the people crazy about how she must-have everything exactly her way for the wedding.  All this sets Lee to wondering if he will be able to handle Rosemary.

Oct 3, 2016

"Wuthering Heights" Book Review/Giveaway

Wuthering Heights

   I recently read a book titled, "Wuthering Heights" and it is a romance type of novel set in the 1800's, but it also is a dark story along the lines of Romeo and Juliet, hence the ending not being a total happily- ever- after book.
  When the story first takes place, Mr. Lockwood  has arrived at the house of his new landlord.  Mr. Lockwood has just recently moved into his new home, "Thrushcross Grange", which lies north of England. He realizes he must present himself to his new landlord and become known as the new tenant.  Here he does meet Mr. Heathcliff, the landlord, and decides he is definitely a different kind of man.  Mr. Heathcliff and his family and servants live in the old farmhouse, "Wuthering Heights". Even though Mr. Heathcliff is a gentleman, he is also rude at times and his manners are not always welcoming.  Mr. Lockwood also meets a young girl who seems to be the mistress of the house, Cathy is her name and she is very pretty, but stays to herself, not really interested in his being there and is even rude.  He also meets a young man who is a servant, but seems to act like family.  Mr. Lockwood gets snowed in while on his visit there and has to spend the night.  He is nearly attacked by dogs, but saved before they got him.  No one seems to care that he would rather go home and they will not chance taking him that night, but come morning Heathcliff helps him home.

Oct 2, 2016

Cave Tools Grill Tongs Review

 Cave Tools has allowed me to review another one of their perfect man tools - the Cave Tools Grill Tongs.  Well, a woman will love them too, but I know my husband is constantly complaining about how flimsy and breakable all the tongs we have. We are constantly grilling and needed some good tongs and Cave Tools has the best pair we have ever used. These tongs are large and made of 20% stronger stainless steel than most grill tongs are.  This means they are able to turn the largest of meats without bending or breaking.