Jul 18, 2017

My Little Pony Equestria Girls - Magical Movie Night DVD Review/ Giveaway

  Rarity just found out there is a movie music competition going on and she wants her friends from Canterlot High to enter the contest.  There's one big problem, the girls from Crystal Prep Academy are entering the contest and they have been taught how to really dance and are super good.  This makes the Equestria girls wonder if it is worth it to enter.  Fun, music and dancing from the newest release from "My Little Pony - it's the Magical Movie Night."
  A.K. Yearling invited the Equestia Girls to the set of the new movie:" Daring Do" - and Rainbow Dash is a super fan of the heroine of the movie.  The movie has to be put on hold when a rare and important prop comes up missing.
  Also, Sunset Shimmer has ran out of pages in her journal so she meets up with Starlight Glimmer and Starlight agrees to take her back to life in Canterlot High.  During her time away, Juniper Montage finds a beautiful hand mirror and she seeks revenge with the Equestrian Magic from the mirror.  This mirror can make things disappear and things can become trapped between the two realms.

Birds Eye Vegetables New "Veggie Made" - Teriyaki Broccoli

   I was recently asked to work with Birds Eye's new Veggie Made products and I was so excited because everyone knows Birds Eye is #1 in frozen vegetables.  I chose the new Teriyaki Broccoli and WOW! was it delicious!  I decided to make a meal with this veggie, something you could eat as a "veggie bowl".  I used the delicious Teriyaki Broccoli, Noodles (Garden Rotini) and Ranch Dressing.
First - I cooked the Garden Rotini noodles, I chose these because they are brightly colored and oh so good. Then - I placed my Veggie Made Teriyaki Broccoli in the microwave for 6 minutes.  This broccoli tasted so great when it was done, I almost didn't want to use it in a recipe, I wanted to eat it right out of the bag.  Last  - After the broccoli and the noodles were done I let them cool and then tossed them together in a bowl with Ranch Dressing.

Jul 15, 2017

Pigtail Food Flippers from Cave Tools Review

  BBQ Tools - Cave Tools
 Want a way to flip your food without having to get burned or popped by grease in the process? Well, if so, then you need to get a set of Pigtail Food Flippers from Cave Tools.  I love these flippers.  No more having to stab a steak and let the juices out, because these pigtails just easily flip foods over.
  Pigtail Flippers are great for turning over a full set of ribs, pork chops, chicken and even veggies off the grill.
  Use the flipper inside the kitchen and you can flip bacon from a little further back because of the longer handle and not get popped from bacon grease any more.  Turn roasts and chickens over with ease in a crock pot.

Jul 9, 2017

"The Magnesium Miracle" A Book for Total Health Review/Giveaway

  I recently read a book about the necessity of Magnesium in your diet and the very real importance of Magnesium overall.  This new, updated book - The Magnesium Miracle - contains 30%  new material by Carolyn Dean M.D. , N.D, definitely surprised me about what my body has been missing.
  Magnesium helps prevent heart disease, strokes, diabetes, depression, asthma,arthritis and osteoporosis.  Many Americans are deficient in the area of Magnesium and our bodies desperately need it.

Jul 3, 2017

"Birthrights" a book by J. Kyle McNeal Review


  "Birthrights" is a book of fantasy and fiction.  Written by J. Kyle McNeal, this book tells the lives of 2 young men, growing up in separate levels of life, but both seeking the same thing - their own identity from their heritages.
  Wyam is a grandson of ArWyam who was the leader of the Reform for the Council of Truth, but ended up being beheaded by his friend, Ather Sandoval.  So, with the fall of his grandfather all Wyam has known is life in the slums of RatsNest.  In this story you will see that all children, when they reach a certain age, leave their families and are taken on by others to teach them new lives. Some end up in the army, some become apprentices and so forth, it all depends on who seeks out to take the child.  Wyam is only 16, and he has prepared himself to go into the army, but bounty-hunter/hit-man, Stern Sandoval chooses Wyam to be his apprentice.  This is a slap in the face to Wyam, since this is the son of the man who killed his grandfather.  Wyam decides to go, learn the trade, and as soon as possible get away and make a new life for himself.  Things don't go as Wyam ever plans.  Stern has Wyam train with another seeker - Kutan.  Wyam's life is soon full of betrayal,  dealing with death, heart-ache and more.

Jun 30, 2017

Enter my grandaughter's First Giveaway for a Great Book - "Remember, Remember"

Enter to win a Sherlock Holmes Mystery Book titled, "Remember, Remember" on my grandaughters blob---- Http://APrincessInBoots.blogspot.com   This is a great mystery book that will leave you in tears.
Check it out !  You will love it and the Giveaway is a simple entry form!

Jun 29, 2017

Hartz Delectables Lickable Treats in Stew, Chicken & Tuna Review/ Giveaway

   Hartz pet foods and products has graciously sent me another of their awesome food products.  Last time I reviewed the dog Delectables and this time it is for cats.  Their line of Delectable Lickable Treats for Cats were a rave with my cats.  My cats ate these up and loved all the varieties.  The treats come in stews and bisques .  There were stews in : Chicken & Tuna, Tuna & Whitefish and Chicken & Tuna for senior cats.


Jun 27, 2017

Kinzd Cosmetic Bag Review

   Isn't it great to know there are companies still making products that you can truly count on them to be as they advertise?  I know this means a lot to me and with Kinzd products you definitely get what they say you will.  Kinzd products are made with the best quality leather out there.  This company offers you 25 different wallets and other personal, business, tech and travel accessories. These products all come in different colors of leather and are available for men and women.
   I was allowed to review Kinzd's Women's Travel Cosmetic Organizer and I love it!  This beautiful, black,  Nylon Oxford bag has room for everything!

AS167-B1-Travel Cosmetic Bag

Jun 26, 2017

"A RoundAbout Way To Heaven" Review/ Giveaway


 I was lucky enough to review a book by Katie Hubbard titled, "A RoundAbout Way to Heaven" from FrontGate Blogger Network and I loved this book!  Set in the days of the depression in the U.S.,around 1929,  a father leaves his daughters a note saying he is leaving and they will have to take care of everything themselves.  There are 4 daughters, Stella, Pearlene, Dixie and Tallulah Fanning.  The girls mother hasn't spoken or been part of reality in years and one night after their father has left, the mother tries to stab Tallulah, so the girls have her committed to an asylum.  There is a big secret hanging over this family between the dad and mom and the dad was not able to forgive the mother for whatever it is. 
 This book takes you into the lives of each girl.  Stella is the oldest and supervisor of all the girls, Pearlene is the one most ready for boys, she is pretty and all the young men chase her, even the new pastor in town.  Dixie is the 3 rd daughter, she is very book smart and has a secret crush on a worker of Mr. Brown's --Silas.  And then there's is Tallulah, she is only 14, but has the body of a full grown woman and doesn't even realize her gorgeous looks.

Jun 19, 2017

Ibotta Rebates from Luster Premium White Whitening Kit & Luster NOW! Toothpaste Review

   Ibotta Rebates is an amazing way to earn money back on your purchases. Right now Ibotta is having a great rebate on the Luster Premium Toothpastes. All you need to do to get money back is, sign up for Ibotta, buy the rebate products at participating stores, take a photo of the receipt and Ibotta will match the rebates to your purchase and deposit your money in your Ibotta account within 48 hrs.  What a great way to get money back just by purchasing products you love!

Jun 17, 2017

"Unsinkable Faith" Book Review/Giveaway by Tracy Miles

"The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry"( Ps. 34:15)
"We know God causes everything to work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose for them. (Rom. 8:28)

  These are 2 uplifting Bible verses that Tracy Miles reminds us of in her book: "Unsinkable Faith".  In this book  Tracy shares how negative thinking can affect our minds and bodies.  She shares how worrying and negative thinking kept her so stressed that it was actually tearing her body down little by little. 
  In this book Tracy shares with us how to overcome all the negativity and to turn everything over to God.  

Jun 13, 2017

Cremo - Men's Grooming Products Review/ Beard Oil Giveaway

Welcome to Cremo

  Cremo is a line of wonderful men's grooming products.  This company sent me 4 of their products to review - just in time for Father's Day.
  After searching for products that really worked and left their faces soft and subtle, the developers of Cremo worked with chemists that developed the best high end, famous cosmetics companies.  These chemists  use the best ingredients in their products that will develop noticeable, dramatic results.
   If you have a beard,or some scruff, you want them to feel soft.  So Cremo has a great product for you:

Cremo Beard & Scruff Softener 4 OZ Bottle Image 1 of 5

Cremo- Beard & Scruff Softener- This 4 oz. bottle will soften and condition coarse facial hair. It also keeps the hair smelling good and looking bright and healthy, plus keeps the itch away.  Cost is $12.00

Jun 8, 2017

"God Loves Daddy & Me" Book Review/ Giveaway

  "God Loves Daddy & Me" is just a darling book about a little raccoon and his dad and how much they love each other and how much God loves them.  God loves them when they build tents, take walks and have talks,   Daddy's love cheers him up when its time for chores. They work together to help each other.
  God helps them when they have silly fun. When they camp under the stars. God loves Daddy and me and he listens when they pray.   Daddy's arms make me feel safe and snug.  
  We say -"I forgive you" that's what makes our love so strong.
  God loves Daddy and me from morning until night, At tuck-in time and all the time, we're precious in his sight.

Jun 6, 2017

Luster Premium White Tooth Products Review

  For a limited time, customers can save up to $12.50 on Luster Premium White products when they redeem rebates through the app Ibotta.  

Luster Premium White is distinguished by having no messy strips or trays, no inconvenient or expensive office visits, and best of all, no tooth sensitivity thanks to breakthrough technology and premium ingredients including stabilized peroxide.