Sep 30, 2014

Jack & the Cuckoo Clock Heart DVD Review

  Jack & the Cuckoo Clock Heart is a delightful movie set in the 19th century Edinburg.  When Jack was born it was so cold that his heart froze.  Madeleine, the midwife, inserted a cuckoo clock in the place of his defected heart. The heart will work, she tells Jack, as long as he follows 3 simple rules:
1. He must never touch the hands of the clock.  2. He must control his anger.  3. He must never, ever fall in love.
  Watch the trailer clip from this adorable movie below:

Sep 27, 2014

Nakd Fruit and Nut Bars Review

   Have you been looking for a good tasting, all natural, fruit and nut bars for yourself or your family? Nakd has the bars you have been trying to find.  These guys from Britain have found a way, a simple way, that requires nothing added, to make a yummy snack by smooshing fruit and nuts together and then shape it into a bar and ta-dah you have a Nakd bar.  No sugar, no sweeteners, no syrup or any other additives can be found in a Nakd bar.
 One of my very favorite Nakd bar is their Pecan Pie.  This bar is full of chopped pecans, nutrition, and great taste.  It will not get sticky and doesn't melt.  The Pecan Bar from Nakd is 100% all natural.

Sep 26, 2014

Online Candy Shop

 Wow Your Guests With Gourmet Candy Favours

 There are a lot of things to think about when planning a party or event, and choosing the right favours for guests is certainly a critical item on that already large to-do list. Although the perfect gift will depend upon the event you are planning, there's one favour that is sure to please in a number of scenarios. When in doubt, consider looking into swirl lollipops or other delicious candies. Gourmetcandy, along with being an attractive addition to any table setting, is also sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by all invited guests. The following are three events in particular where personalised candy is sure to be a great choice: 

Sep 24, 2014

Gluten Free Papa Murphys Pizza Review

   Papa Murphys is now serving Gluten Free Crust Pizza!  Papa Murphys has the best pizza to go with fresh veggies, tasty meats, and super great crusts.  I love going to Papa Murphys and watching them make my pizza to go, wrapping it up in their unique plastic wrap and then I take it home to bake.  My family loves the Cowboy Pizza with pepperonis, black olives, sausage, cheese and mushrooms -yummy!  Another favorite is the Pepperoni Pizza - Papa Murphys all time best seller with 100% mozzarella cheese and great sliced pepperoni.

Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish Review

 Wash away dry skin with a wonderful skin cleanser from Yu - Be.  The Yu - Be Foaming Skin Polish is made from fine grains of rice bran, bamboo, walnut shell powder and other gentle cleansing agents.  This awesome cleanser gently washes away dirt and make-up from your face and body.
 The Japanese have a custom that they have done for many centuries for bathing called "ofuro".  This custom helps the body by stimulating blood circulation which is also great for the mind.  Washing away dry skin can also help wash away stress.

Sep 22, 2014

KushyFoot Fall-Winter Collection Review/Giveaway

  It's time to put away those summer clothes and flip flops and pull out those trouser socks and tights.  Kushyfoot is here to help you with their new Fall - Winter collection.  The comfort and value of Kushyfoot products are definitely something worth telling my readers about.  I have reviewed Kushyfoot  products in the past and I can tell you that their tights, socks and other footwear are excellent.
 Some of the new products available are listed below:
-- The New Kushyfoot Shaper Tight (#12205--$9.99)
-- Updated Rib Pattern Tight (#12201--$7.49)
-- Fleece Trouser Socks (#3649--$5.99) 
-- Trouser Fishnet and Classic Styles (#3498--$7.99/2 pair)
-- Microfiber Crew Socks (#3492--$3.99) 
-- Extreme Low Cut Foot Covers (#3669/3671--$7.99/2 pair) 

--Kushyfoot FLATS TO GO in a variety of styles ($9.99)

Tony Ties for Hair Review

  Tony Ties are sporting the new houndstooth look with their new black/white hair ties from Mia Beauty.  Tony Ties do not pull the hair, crease the hair and are easy to wear all day.  You can even wear the ties as bracelets and have them on your wrists for easy access.

Sep 21, 2014

Thunder and the House of Magic on DVD Review

  In only 9 days the most adorable movie will be available to purchase from WalMart--"Thunder and the House of Magic".  This 2 disc video is very entertaining and I know the whole family will love watching it. 
  When a family moves and  leaves their kitten behind, it accidentally falls in to a magical mansion full of whimsical items and objects.  The retired magician finds the kitten and names him "Thunder" because of the stormy, thundery weather that takes place when the kitten is found.  Thunder is loved by the old man, but not so much by the rabbit and mouse. 
  Here is a little clip from the movie:

Sep 17, 2014

Kinivo WID340 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter

Kinivo WID340 300Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter - Supports Windows 8/ Windows 7/ Vista/ XP
Kinivo WID340 USB Adapter

The Kinivo WID340 is an 802.11n wireless USB adapter that allows you to connect to 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi networks with blazing fast speeds up to 300 Mbps. The WID340 is perfect for connecting computers wirelessly to home routers or wireless networks. This product is even great for those of you who have WiFi built into your laptops, but would like to add an improved signal and range. 

Spicy Shelf Organizer Review/Giveaway

  Are your cabinets cluttered with stuff falling to the back?  You can't find the right spices so you think your out, all because your shelves are messy and unorganized.  Finally, there is a shelving unit that lets you organize it all and have room to spare---the Spicy Shelf Organizer.
 The Spicy Shelf Organizer helps you arrange spices, nail polishes, medicines, craft supplies and more.  These shelves can be easily stacked or laid side-by-side in your cabinets.

Sep 16, 2014

Children's Claritin Allergy Products & KaBoom Vote for Playspaces

Parents! Vote Now to Help Kids Have More Fun - One Playspace at a Time
As parents, we spend a lot of time discovering creative ways to nurture our children's curiosity. Luckily, being outdoors provides the perfect landscape, fueling young imaginations and creating endless possibilities for exploration, discovery and creativity. Children's Claritin hopes to inspire parents to create innovative play spaces in their backyards, and communities.

Sep 15, 2014

Le Mieux Eye & Lip Cream Review

  I reviewed Le Mieux Eye & Lip Cream from Le Mieux and I absolutely love this cream!
  I want to tell everyone this cream is remarkable!  I used a tiny bit on the end of my finger and massaged it into the corners of my eyes, edges of my mouth and above my mouth. You will feel the skin pulling immediately after using this cream.  I used it day and night on clean skin and after only 5 days there is a definite improvement in the wrinkles where I applied it. 

Sep 14, 2014

TeenyMates Collector's Tin Starter Kit Review/Giveaway

  September is TeenyMates Toy Giveaway month and they, along with my blog, would like to offer one of my readers a chance to win.  TeenyMates makes mini characters that represent players and teams from the NBA, NFL, NHA and MBA.  These little characters are so much fun for kids to play with and fans to collect.

Sep 12, 2014

Win a $250 Family Fun Night With Popcorn and Ice Cream Goodies!

We are launching a brand new giveaway worth $250 in prizes celebrating family fun!

It is in celebration of the book,
101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!

Sep 11, 2014

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