Apr 18, 2015

TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS:Return of the Heroes Review?Giveaway

  Join our favorite Rescue Bots - Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulde again and this time they’re joined by iconic Autobots - Transformers like Bumblebee and, of course, the greatest leader of all time: Optimus Prime!  The newest of the Rescue Bots is  Transformers Rescue Bots : Return of the Heros .
  I reviewed this fun film with my grandsons and as always with any Rescue Bots movie, it was a hit.  The Transformers have always been a favorite too so this movie gives you a double goody.
 This movie has 5 great episodes:
 Bumblebee To The Rescue
 Bot To The Future

 A Virtual Disaster


 Rise Of The Heroes

  With the talented voices of : LeVar Burton (Star Trek), Lacey Chabert (Party of Five), Steve Blum (Transformers Prime), Maurice LaMarche ( Futurama), and the legendary Peter Cullen who voices OPTIMUS PRIME when he makes cameo appearances in the series. 

  Transformers Rescue Bots: Return of the Heros is another great movie for children.  Length of the movie is 110 minutes, in English and is rated TV-Y7-FV.  This movie will be available from Shout!Factory Kids, in conjunction with Hasbro Studios on DVD  May 12, 2015.  Featuring five exciting episodes that the whole family can enjoy, this DVD is priced to own with a suggested retail price of $14.93. 
  If your children like the Rescue Bots and you would like a chance to win this movie, then please enter my Rafflecopter today!

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Just Touching Base

"This To Shall Pass"
3 BR.'s
Kurt Cobain
Many funny episodes of "The Office" 

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Apr 17, 2015

Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat! Review/Giveaway

 Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat's are the newest product from the Capelli Straworld collection.  These  4 1/2 inch brim sun hats come with a matching  9 1/2" w x 7" h bag.  The bags are lined and feature faux-leather wristlets with a zippered closure.  
 Pack A Hat comes in 5 different colors - toast, royal, white, black and natural.  Take these hat and bags to the lake, beach, while outside gardening, a resort, or anywhere you want.  The hat provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.  I reviewed this Pack A Hat in the color white.

Apr 15, 2015

Dinosaur Escape Game Review/Giveaway

  I recently reviewed a very fun children's game from Peaceable Kingdom, titled," Dinosaur Escape." This game is one of Peaceable Kingdom's cooperative games.  A cooperative game is a game where all players play together against a common obstacle, not against each other. In a cooperative game no one feels left out and everyone has fun! Peaceable Kingdom’s cooperative board games use familiar game mechanisms – spinning a spinner, matching cards, moving a token, figuring out how to win! The difference in their games is players play together instead of fighting to be the winner.

Apr 14, 2015

Selfie Stick -Professional 2-in-1 Bluetooth Review



  The newest craze is of course taking selfies and now there is a great way to make it easier and be able to get a better angle or view of the subject. The Professional 2-in-1 Bluetooth Selfie Stick works perfectly.  This stick includes the Bluetooth connection which  has a built in bluetooth shutter button so all you have to do is connect to your phone and click the button when you are ready.  The expandable stick also lets you reach really far out (39 inches) to the distance you are comfortable with.

Apr 13, 2015


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The Annke IP Camera gives you security while you are away from home.  After hooking this camera up, so your wireless network recognizes it, you are free to place almost anyplace you need it.  Then you can check on what the camera is seeing through your smartphone or tablet.

Apr 11, 2015

My Little Pony Tales - The Complete Classic TV Series Review/Giveaway

  Attention all My Little Pony lovers - the best episodes of  1992 are now on a 2 disc dvd.    My Little Pony Tales:The Complete Classic TV Series is due in stores on April 28!
    My daughters have been watching My Little Pony Tales for 5 and 7  years and they love these adorable animals.  With this soon to be released set, they can now enjoy the classic shows.
  In this complete series you can return to Ponyland, the home of all your favorite classic Little Ponies, including the Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasus Ponies, Flutter Ponies, Sea Ponies, Baby Sea Ponies, their human friends Megan, Danny and Molly and, of course, their dragon friend, Spike! Together, they live a life of games, songs and harmony with allies like the Bushwoolies and Furbobs.  Join the 7 Pony Friends—Starlight, Sweetheart, Melody, Bright Eyes, Patch, Clover and Bon Bon — for 13 episodes of super fun!
Watch these episodes and reminisce  with the delightful little ponies and their friends.

Apr 10, 2015

Go Green Giveaway Has Ended!

Winner of the Go Green in 2015 Giveaway!  We heard

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 Drum roll please...Amy P. from NC. Congrats! Thank

you to every fan who entered; we appreciate your 

support and will have some more fan fun soon :-) 

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Apr 9, 2015

Homeschool - To Do or Not To Do?

   Texas allows any parent to home school their child/children without any person coming into your home and insisting upon proof of what you have taught and what you haven't.  This is the state I live in and I have actually home schooled 3 high school students for 1 year each and they all proceeded to get their G.E.D's with each one passing their test the very first time.  All of these students were aged 17.
  Many parents today are afraid that home school means quitting or copping out.  I have talked to many parents who feels this way and they will not take the time to gather the facts and understand mine, and others, reason for homeschooling.
  So the question is - to home school or not?  What are the pro's and con's to each side?
  Let me first give you my reasons why I choose to home school:
 1. I am very concerned with what my children are being taught that is against our beliefs as Christians.  God has been taken out of our schools and this is a horrible decision made by our government.
 2. Bullying has become a major concern across our country in all schools today.  Suicide has become the answer to some children who can not cope with bullying.
 3. Children in a classroom of 20+ students are not able to get that one-on-one attention that is a must-have for many children.  Some children are sometimes embarrassed to seek out the teachers advice because they may be to shy which can result in a child failing due to lack of understanding.

Apr 7, 2015

Scalisi Skincare Cleanser & Exfoliator Review/ Giveaway

 Scalisi Skincare is the leader in anti-aging skincare.  No other skincare can prevent and repair wrinkles in 8 weeks using the best science, beauty and organic. Scalisi is owned by 100% woman and is made in NYC, America.
 I have reviewed products for Scalisi in the past and everyone of them have been excellent products they actually do make my skin look and feel much healthier and younger.
 I was sent a tube of Scalisi Cleanser and Exfoliator to use and review and another tube to offer to one of my lucky readers.  I used this skincare product for 3 weeks and I will tell you it cleanses very gently and exfoliates without stripping my skin of it's natural nourishment.

Apr 6, 2015

2 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base Review + Giveaway.

 The CREE XP-E LED Flashlight is a must-have to keep in all automobiles in case of car trouble.   It is also perfect to have around the home when the electricity could go out and it is perfect for bike riders. You never know when a problem could arise and an emergency light is needed.
 This flashlight has several different settings: Cree, White, and flashing Red LED for improved visibility.  Some flashlights that produce unsatisfactory light can be frustrating to many people. Others find the usual flashlights quiet rigid hence can't be used in varied situations. That is not the situation with the revolutionary CREE XP-E LED Car Flashlight!

The Adventures of Pajama Girl Book Review/Giveaway

  Every little girl loves cute pajama's, and Ellie is definitely a little girl who loves hers.  Ellie and her Sis love to wear adorable decorated pajamas.  One night, Ellie is wearing her cupcake pajamas and the imagination begins as she and her Sis start a new journey.  Pajama Girl is a book written by Sandra Parker.
 Into a land filled with all kinds of sweet treats, Ellie and her Sis magically enter. Here they meet the Cupcake Queen who is about to have a coronation ceremony, but the sprinkles for the cupcakes are missing.  Ellie and Sis start searching for the lost sprinkles and this is where they learn some very valuable life lessons about stealing, being jealous and friendship, that is important for every child to learn.

Apr 3, 2015

The Blogiversary Blowout! $2,200 Worth of Cash and Prizes GIVEAWAY!

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Mar 31, 2015

The Rainforest Musical Kakamega Free App

  From award winning composer Shirley Choi comes The Rainforest Musical Kakamega, an exciting 90 minutes adventure application for iOS.   Children ages 5-12 will enjoy this colorful, fun app’s nine chapters featuring twelve original songs. 
This app is designed for both iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  Watch 3 children try to save the Rainforest in the bright, fun filled musical.

   Kakamega follows the story of Kaka and Yano, young twins who live in the lush, diverse -- but endangered -- rainforest. When Henry, a sick boy from the city, runs away into the forest, Kaka and Yano decide to help him by finding a mythical, magical, healing flower. 

Mar 30, 2015

Fun Wraps BSI Inc. Review/Giveaway

   Have you heard of these really cool wraps for children and adults?  Fun Wraps began when a little girl named Kori, sprained her wrist and her father, Dr. Mark, gave her the usual dull colored bandage to wrap it with.  When Kori got home she took markers and made her bandage look like a wild leopard print.  Everyone loved the newly designed bandage and hence Fun Wraps were born.  
   I was so happy to get to review 2 different Fun Wraps.  With 11 grandchildren and 3 of them that live with me, someone is always hurting something.  Below are the 2 Fun Wraps I reviewed: