Oct 5, 2015

C.Booth Skin Products Review

C.Booth Skin Products

I have reviewed many, many skin products in the past, but I will have to say that ALL the products I reviewed from C.Booth are amazingly wonderful!  Not only do they work great, they smell delicious enough to eat.  I tried several of these products and they will be listed individually below:

1.  4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion Vanilla Butter- this is the bottle featured with the pump dispenser.  It smells so great and works wonderfully on all my dry spots.  This luxurious cream crusades against dry, dull skin to reveal newer, fresher skin. Then, it sweeps in with Sweet Almond, Apricot Kerneland Shea Butter Oil.  I love it!!!  This sells for the low price of only $5.00 @Ulta.com


  Join Twilight Sparkle and her Canterlot High friends in three animated adventures! My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Three Movie Gift Set), which includes the new full-length feature film, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, will be released on October 13 in the U.S. and Canada from Shout! Kids, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios.  With a special lenticular cover that features a transforming Twilight Sparkle, the box set houses all three films released from the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls canon, Equestria Girls, Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games. Complete with bonus features including audio commentaries, animated shorts and deleted scenes from Friendship Games, this gift set is perfect for giving this holiday season. 

Sep 26, 2015

CostumeSuperCenter Best Halloween Costumes - Buzz Lightyear Costume Review


  Fall is in the air.  Finally cooler weather, homecomings, bon fires and Halloween! Our family loves Halloween and choosing a costume is so much fun. Some want scary, and some want anything but scary.  I found a great place online that has the latest characters from movies, and even some of the older characters that never go out of style like Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Barbie, Jason and the Scream mask. 
  My grandson is 3 and he still loves Toy Story so we chose Buzz Lightyear.  This costume is currently on sale for 20% off - it was regularly $24.99 now only $19.99!  The suit comes with everything you see above. There is no need to buy anything else, but if you would like to you can purchase the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Jetpack for only $14.99

Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams Review/Giveaway

The animated adventure of your dreams!
Every night, the sleeping children of the world are sent to a fantastic land of dreams thanks to the kind and magical Sandman. But the Sandman's got some big trouble when Habumar, the master of nightmares, steals the Sandman's powerful Sand of Dreams and takes control of Dreamland! Needing a brave hero to help them retrieve the sands, the Sandman and his faithful sidekick, Nepomuk the Sheep, recruit a six-year-old boy named Miko. Together, they set off on an incredible journey to save the power of dreaming for every girl and boy. Will Miko and his newfound friends stop Habumar?  Find out in the Sandman and the Lost Sands of Dreams.
A stop-motion animated film from Germany that your kids will love, The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams is a beautiful and unusual visual treat in the tradition of James and the Giant Peach.

Sep 24, 2015

Sleek Design Nose Hair Trimmer with Precision Cutting Tip Review

  I received the Nose Hair Trimmer from Toilet Tree to review.  My husband of course did the reviewing for me and he said it worked perfectly.  He loved the small tip that cut the nose hairs very closely without touching too close so you never feel it.  This nose hair trimmer comes with everything you need to work it with, except 2 AAA batteries.


Sep 23, 2015

Teeconomist T-Shirt & Child Review

  Teeconomist was created with one important goal in mind: to support talented artists/designers from all around the world. They noticed that featuring a design for 24 hours only, leaves some people without the option of getting a great tee they really want. Not only that, since they receive lots of designs they do not print all of them.
 They decided to do something about it. Teeconomist V2 now offers a wide variety of designs. Oh, you can now choose the color of the shirt you want! Not only that, they have expanded their product line to include kids and babies wear. Hey, why not letting everyone wear these super cool and unique designs right?
Below is my grandson Braxton in his Troop Loops shirt.  He loves this darling shirt!

Sep 19, 2015

The Popcorn Factory Halloween Fright Night Giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps
Presents The
The Popcorn Factory Halloween Fright Night Giveaway
Everyone enter this awesome Halloween giveaway!  There are so many goodies to win!!!
There will be 3 winners in this giveaway.

Fright Night 2 Gallon 4 Flavor Popcorn Tin
(arv $34.00ea)

Sep 18, 2015

Skincare by Alana 100% Pure Pink Grapefruit Hand Buttercream Review/Giveaway

   With the dry summer months, my hands and skin have really lacked moisturizing to I was lucky enough to try a wonderful 2oz. tube of hand lotion from Skincare by Alana.  As always her products have been excellent.  This tube of hand lotion is 100% Pure Grapefruit Buttercream.  The buttercream add softness and moisture to my hands and the pink grapefruit aroma is absolutely delicious smelling.  I love how it works and moisturizes my hands.

Sep 14, 2015

Mini Organics Skincare Review

Mini Organics

    I recently received some wonderful samples of Mini Organics Skincare for little ones.  I reviewed the Gentle Baby Wash and it is amazingly soft and gentle on baby's skin.  This gentle wash is low foaming and detergent free.  The scent it does have, is wonderful - it is organic chamomile and fresh fruity organic sweet orange oil, both known for calming and soothing dry irritated skin.  I love this gentle wash to use in my toddlers bath every night.   I really love this extra gentle, great smelling bath wash and I know you will too.

Sep 10, 2015

My Little Pony Friendship Magic - Games Ponies Play review/ 2 Giveaway Winners

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  All the ponies in Equestria decide to test different competitions for a game day.  Join Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy as they prepare 6 awesome games that will teach good sportsmanship through the magic of friendship.
 Watch a clip below from this delightful My Little Pony movie:

 So if you are wondering who the best pony athlete is then you will have to watch and see.  Will  Spike be able to build up the courage to light the ceremonial Equestria Games torch?  But, the fact is none of it matters who wins or not because everyone is a winner in Equestria and friendship is all that matters.

Sep 8, 2015

Duncan Hines "Perfect Size" Cake Mixes Review

Duncan Hines

   How many times have you baked a cake, and because there are only 3 people in your family, most of it goes to waste before it can all be eaten?  I know I have done this many times.  We all love cakes, especially Duncan Hines cake mixes because they are so deliciously moist and great tasting, so sometimes I make a double layer cake and by the end of the week there are still a few pieces left.  I hate to waste food, and I definitely hate to waste good, delicious cake, but we 3 have eaten many pieces all week, so I have to discard it.  That is the way it was until Duncan Hines started ,making a perfect size cake for about 2 people.

Sep 7, 2015

The Biggest Story-The Snake Crusher Book for Children Review/Giveaway--Winner: Ava Pool

  The Biggest Story - Is a book about how The Snake Crusher brings us back to the garden.  The Snake Crusher of course is God and this book breaks down each part of the Bible so that children can understand it more easier.  The first chapter begins as God made the heavens and the Earth, all living creatures, and then he made man and woman and placed them in the most beautiful garden full of everything wonderful and good, except one thing-the tree of good & evil, which God forbid them to touch or eat from.  As we see the sneaky snake convinces Eve to eat the fruit and share with Adam and this is when sin began.  
  There are stories about Daniel, Abraham, Moses, Noah and of course Jesus.
  Children will learn how Jesus was sent to Mary through God to be a savior, and as a new and final sacrifice for the people, the new Adam.

Sep 4, 2015

Live, Love Lead - A Book about Hillsong's Brian Houston Review

  I received this book for review, Live, Love, Lead about the life of Hillsong's Brian Houston.  Renowned pastor Brian Houston shares his insights on the key to meaningful leadership from his own life-tested experiences. The powerful biblical truths he’s learned will enable you to live fully, love completely, and lead boldly—the hallmarks of Jesus’ time on earth. 
  This book takes you through Brian's life as he begins his journey, the son of a preacher, he himself grows up and surrenders to preach.  Brian also meets, Bobbi, whom he will eventually marry.  Through their talks they know their lives  will  always be lead by love and God.  Brian has a dream to build a huge church to reach  God's people.  And, this does happen, Hillsong church is one of the largest churches in the world and there  is also  a gospel group who calls themselves, Hillsong.  Listen below to what Taya Smith has to say about Brian Houston:

Sep 2, 2015

Callus Remover Foot File with Flex Neck Review

Callus Remover

  I recently reviewed the best callus remover from a company named - Toilet Tree.  What makes this callus remover so good is the flex neck.  The neck of this product lets me reach every angle of my foot.  Whereas the ones that have the necks that don't turn or bend, you have a hard time trying to use the remover to reach in some hard to get to areas.

  Everything you need to work with comes in your set.  The Callus Remover Foot File with Flex Neck package will contain:  2 grinding heads, a cleaning brush and 2 AA batteries.  If you are like me and getting time to go have a pedicure done is almost impossible, then you need to try this foot file.  It will smooth the areas around your feet perfectly and the head of this unit will spin 360 degrees for fast results.  No more having to hand file those nasty calluses away, this callus remover will safely, painlessly and easily remove those bad patches of rough skin.

Key West Aloe Shampoo, Conditioner & Oatmeal Bar Soap Review/Giveaway

  Are you looking  for a great, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner?  If so, then you need to try Key West Aloe.  Key West Aloe uses 100% pure, Lab Certified Aloe Vera that is ultra- concentrated and grown from a single, high quality source.  Basically, this means Key West Aloe uses only the highest quality aloe vera in all their products.
 I recently reviewed 3 products from Key West Aloe.