Jun 27, 2016

Water Wipes @ Walmart Review/ Giveaway

  How many times have you used a wipe on your baby's bottom or face and it would start turning red?  My kids all have sensitive skins and this has happened many times.  I had a few moms come over for coffee and we all discussed this happening to our children.  I gave all the moms a package of  Water Wipes and let them try a package for a week.  Every mom came back and said how they loved Water Wipes!  Each one said there was no redness, rash or irritated skins on their children.

Perky-Pet Cranberry Hobnail Vintage Bird Feeder Review/ Giveaway

   I love birds!  I especially love hummingbirds!  I recently found a really awesome online store that sells some gorgeous bird feeders- Perky Pet.  I fell completely in love with their Vintage Collection of feeders.
Here is their collection of Vintage feeders:

Enter to win your favorite Perky-Pet vintage-inspired bird feeder.

     Perky- Pet let me choose one of these feeders to review and it was so hard because there are so many beautiful feeders to choose from.  I finally chose the Cranberry Hobnail Vintage Feeder.  It is the next to last one (from left to right) in the picture above.  I love this beautiful pink bubbly glass and the awesome tray below with flowers for the birds to drink from.  Here is a bigger picture of the one I chose:

Jun 23, 2016

"When Calls the Heart - Heart of a Hero" DVD Review/Giveaway

When Calls The Heart: Heart Of A Hero

   Episode 3 of Season 3 brings us another great show from the Hallmark Channel and produced by Michael Landon Jr.  This time the town will receive new arrivals - some good, some not so good.  Titled. "When Calls the Heart - Heart of a Hero".
   The town has reinstated Pastor Frank after they forgave him  about his criminal past. but the gang he ran with, the Garrison Gang, are in town and they are making things very hard on Pastor Frank.  The gang is trying to break up Pastor Frank and Abigail Stanton (Lori Laughlin).
   A new nurse has also arrived in Hope Valley to see to Lee Coulter's foot injury.  The nurse, Faith Carter is from Hamilton and just as soon as Faith is settling in her very possessive and jealous fiance arrives.

Jun 22, 2016

Rib Roast Rack Cave Tools Review

Cave Tools

 Cave Tools is an awesome company that I have reviewed for several times and all their products have been nothing but the best, so when I was allowed to review the new Rib Roast Rack, I was very excited.
Rib Roast Rack

   This rack is unique because you can cook a chicken, a slab of ribs, a Butt Roast or any other type of meat on it.  The flip side can be used for ears of corn, sausages or even kabobs.  Last week, I cooked a whole Pork Butt Roast and it was so tender.  Usually, I have to cook it in a slow cooker, but I was wanting a smoked, whole roast this time and this rack let me do that.  Last night I cooked Rib Eye Steaks. We turned the rack over and placed steaks between the racks and they came out so juicy and delicious.

Jun 21, 2016

Un-AshamedHealing Our Brokeness and Finding Freedom From Shame Review/Giveaway

   I was asked to review the book, "Un-Ashamed" and I agreed, but I truly had no idea what this book would mean to me.  Shame is everywhere and it is very hard to talk about.  But, it is a word, and a feeling that has been around since the beginning of time.  Adam & Eve were very shamed at their displeasing God when they ate from the forbidden tree.  After God punished them from the garden they both noticed they were naked, something that never bothered them before they sinned.  As hurt as God was at them, he still wrapped them in clothing.  Showing us that no matter what we do to shame ourselves God is there to wrap us up in his love and forgiveness.
   I lost my daughter in November in a tragic death, she took her own life.  This left my family and I devastated.  Was I the reason? Did I say something to push her to do it?  I was so ashamed of myself for some of the things I had said that were possibly not the right words and I was ashamed for not truly praying for her to change her ways.  I sometimes still blame myself for her death.  I read some wonderful healing words in this book that made me feel more un-ashamed than I originally did.  I learned that God's grace saved me from my wrongful doings, because I would always pray that she would change and that God would help me through it.  God's grace intervened and removed my shame when he died on that cross 2000 years ago.  

Jun 20, 2016

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood on iPhone or iPad Review w/Free Download

  Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood originates from Prokofiev's 1936 children’s classic and it has been re-done by a children's classical orchestra and the story goes along with the music.  I was asked to review this excellant musical story and then to hold a party in honor of the movie.  I must say I have never really listened to classical music before this review and now I know I have been missing out on excellant music and the perfect way to tell a story.
 The story begins when Peter moves from Russia to live with his hippie grandfather who is a gardner to a famous celebrity in Hollywood. The music will guide you along as Peter meets his grandfather and is sort of taken back at his appearance.  This story and most of the voices are read by rock and roll singer -Alice Cooper.

Jun 18, 2016

Transformers Robots in Disguise " Mission Discovery" Review/Giveaway

Product images preview tfridmd.cover.72dpi  7b030046fb 5243 4732 b5ec df63f69b3aca 7d

  The evil band of Decepticon prisoners have escaped and hidden somewhere on Earth and in this new DVD Transformers Robots in Disguise - "Mission Discovery" the people of Earth are in need of their heroes the Transformers.  These guys:Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe and Grimlock and their human allies Denny and Russell are ready to go to catch these terrible prisoners before they destroy lives.
 Watch a clip from this movie below:

Jun 17, 2016

Block Island Organics Suncreen SPF 30 Review/Giveaway

Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 SPF0001

  Well, it's here--Summer!  And, with Summer comes hot, hot weather and sunburns.  My children burn very easily and I am very conscience about skin cancer so, I want to cover them in the best sunscreen available.
  I was able to review for Block Island Organics and I tried out their Sunscreen SPF 30.  This sunscreen  is lightweight, non-greasy and uses no artifical fragrances.  You ladies can use it underneath your makeup and never know it's there.
  Like all Block Island products there are no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes or artifical fragrances.They use vegan formulas and do not test on animals.
  Block Island is built on the natural  beauty of Block Island, Rhode Island.  It is home to more than 40 endangered or rare species and 40% of open space on the island is protected by conservationists.

    One of the main common effects of UV exposure is sunburn.  Some suspect the causes of Melanoma have a relationship with UV exposure.  This explains why you need a good quality sunscreen with good SPF factors.  I would highly recommend using this product from Block Island.
This sunscreen was good enough to win the 2016 Best Beach and Sport Sunscreen for 3 years in a row.
  I took my children to a water park and I covered them down completely - face, ears, arms, legs and all over very good and even after several hours of water play I never had to re-apply the cream.  We left for home with not a sunburn one.  
  Block Island makes great products from only the best natural ingredients to keep you and your families skin safe and protected from bad UV rays and sunburns which can lead to life threatening diseases.
  I highly recommend you using this sunscreen.  It has a light fragrance and when using it, only use a small pea size at a time, a lot goes a long way. To purchase this and other Block Island products just order online here.
  Would you like to win a bottle of Block Island SPF 30 Sunscreen?  If so please enter my Rafflecopter. Good  Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sorrow's Joy -- A Book from a Personal Story During the Battle of Gettysburg Review/Giveaway

  It is the Summer of 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Samuel was a boy who had to work for grumpy, old Mr. Pierce as a delivery boy.  Samuel lived with his mother, sister Jennie and 2 brothers.  Money was tight since their dad was in a mental home and Samuel had to work to help make ends meet.  Jennie had been taking care of the home since their sister Georgia was due to give birth at any time and mother had to stay with her to help her out until the baby was born.
 Word began to circulate that the war was on its way to Gettysburg and people were beginning to worry and move.  Samuel had already seen his brother-in-law leave with the Union and Jenny's fiance had joined the Confederacy.  Samuel missed these men badly, but Jenny missed her fiance very much.  She would sit and stare out the windows to watch for him to come home.
  Eventually, Samuel's family had to take in boarders to help with money matters.  The boarders were a woman and her ill son.  The ill son took up as a good friend to Samuel's little brother.

Jun 15, 2016

Simply Red Travalo Pocket Size Atomizer Review

Classic Simply Red Travalo

  Travalo is a pocket size atomizer that you use as a refiller from your perfume bottle.
  Below shows the picture on how to refill your Travalo.  Refilling a Travalo let's you be able to carry your favorite perfume in your purse, your gym bag or your car.  It's so much easier to carry a Travalo than carrying a big bottle of perfume.

Jun 14, 2016

Anchored Press Planner 2016 Review/Giveaway

Anchored Press's Profile Photo

   Anchored Press was kind enough to send me this beautiful 2016 year Planner.  What makes this planner different from others is several reasons. 1) this book is larger than most and it would look beautiful laying on a desk or coffee table  2) It is full of Daily Devotions  3) As you read these devotions make sure you are a "doer"-do as God wants you to.

  Isn't it a beautiful, eye-catching color?  This Planner was designed by a woman named Deana, who was missing out on God's great days of opportunity daily by sleeping late.  One day Deana decided to change her life and to start writing down all the devotions God told her to write.  Suddenly she was craving God's word.

Jun 13, 2016

10 % Off Any Item from Red Candy Gifts Review


This Father’s Day : Show Dad You’re Not The Apple That Has Fallen Far From The Tree!

   As Father’s Day is fast approaching it is not always easy to pin down what Dad wants (well besides, that perhaps you will behave yourself and do what he wants with your life instead of your crazy ideas). While that thought is ‘wishful’ thinking, on Dad’s part, the quirky people at Red Candy have made gift giving this Father’s Day a bit easier for you by providing a decision tree that answers all the questions what dad is like and what he is not like. Yes, they challenge you to use this decision tree to help you make that oh so important gift for Dad to show him that you do in fact know what he is all about! 
Ice Cream Cone Clock

Chuck E. Cheese & Father's Day Big Deals & Fun!

    For Father's Day Chuck E. Cheese is offering a great deal - 1 Large Pizza - 4 Soft Drinks - 30 Tokens & -Small Wings for $29.99 and it expires on 6/21/16.  Any dads that come, also can get a chance at going into the Ticket Blaster and grabbing all the tickets they can!  There will be random drawing every hour for dad's to go into the booth.
  Every family can have a tournament to make the day more fun.  Ask the store for a scoreboard card and see just how good those kids are at the games.  Dad can try to beat mom and so on.  Anyway you look at it  a tournament will be fun.

Jun 12, 2016

World's Greatest BBQ Sauce Review/Giveaway

  Hey all my BBQing friends! I have found the best BBQ sauce ever!  This BBQ sauce will be the best you have ever used -I guarantee.  World's Greatest BBQ Sauce was made by a man who is diabetic and he would also get acid reflux from to much tomato products, so he decided to make his own and some of the facts about this sauce will surprise you - it did me.
  *The Tomatoeless Cajun Sugarless BBQ Sauce is made with carrots - not tomatoes!  I could not believe it, but when you taste it you will think it is tomatoes.
   *Made for those who suffer from Acid Reflux -(the tomatoless) no tomatoes, so no reflux
   * Perfect for those who are allergic to tomatoes
   * Sugar  Free
   * Gluten Free
   * No MSG
   * No Wheat
   * No Meat
   * No Dairy
 The other types of WG BBQ Sauce contain fresh, organic tomatoes.
 You can use this sauce for dipping, in meatloafs, stir frys, and on any grilled foods.
 My husband used it on our BBQ grilled chicken tonight and it was so delicious!  Doesn't the picture below make your mouth water?

Jun 8, 2016

4 (6oz.) Kansas City Steak Company Filet Mignons Giveaway

Kansas City Steaks Giveaway ~ 4 (6 oz.) Super Trimmed Filet Mignon's ($75 RV) #kansascitysteaks #fathersday
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