Aug 29, 2014

Dolphin Tale 2 Homeschool Movie Club

  Winter is back again as her story of the dolphin with the prosthetic tail continues in the sequel to the first movie - Dolphin Tale.  In this continuing story, Winter's mother has died leaving Winter all alone.  Dolphin's social behavior requires them to be paired with other dolphins so now there is no one left for Winter to live with at the aquarium.  This is going to be a  problem for the team at Clearwater.

Aug 27, 2014

Hey Arnold! The Complete Season on DVD

  Hey Arnold!  The football head and all his pals are here with tons of funs and laughs in a 16-DVD box set featuring all 99 big city adventures from the classic Nickelodeon animated series.  
  Meet Arnold's 4th grade friends: Helga, Gerald, Eugene, and sometimes bully Harold.  With these pals Arnold is sure to get into some crazy antics.  All their adventures began on the air in 1996 and stayed on until 2001. The show even aired on Nick on CBS from 2002 - 2004
  I reviewed this set and it brought back so many memories of the shows my children watched when Hey Arnold! was on everyday.  This hilarious football head and all his friends were really fun to watch.
  Shout! Factory just released  Hey Arnold!  The Complete Season on August 19, 2014 at WalMart.  Check out this wonderful video collection today.  I know it would make a great gift for the Arnold lover in your family.  

Bru Joy Deluxe Garlic Press Review

  I recently reviewed another wonderful kitchen tool from Bru Joy - the Deluxe Garlic Press.  This stainless steel press is great to use on peeled or unpeeled garlic and also on ginger.  When using the garlic in the press some customers have found it really helpful that if you microwave the garlic for a few seconds they press easier.  The press also holds 3 med. sized cloves of garlic, but for a much easier press Bru Joy recommends you only using 2.

Aug 25, 2014

Bru Joy Deluxe Can Opener Review

 Bru Joy Deluxe Can Opener is one of the best hand held can opener's I have ever used.  This stainless steel can opener is so easy to open cans with.  I love the size of the handles because they fit perfectly in your hands - not like the thin, flat handled can openers I have used in the past.  I have Fibromyalgia and clamping down with these handles is very easy and does not hurt my hands. 

Aug 24, 2014

Life of Crime Movie Review --$15 Fandango Gift Card Giveaway

  The Life of Crime is a new action packed comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher. Tim Robbins and Will Forte. This awesome movie will be in theaters, On Demand and on iTunes this August 29th! You really must see this film. It takes place as a couple of low level criminals kidnap the wife of a crooked real estate developer. These criminals are about to get more than they bargained for. When they decide to hold the wife, Jennifer Aniston, up for $1 million dollar ransom, her husband is with his mistress and decides he doesn't want his wife back.
  This movie is based on the novel, The Switch by Elmore Leonard. Full of black comedy, eccentric characters and lots of twists and turns, this movie is sure to be a favorite of yours.

Daisy, A Hen Into The Wild Film Review

   Daisy, A Hen Into The Wild is an adorable film that has been showing in Korea as a top film and it has grossed over 2 million tickets sold.  Based on the book, A Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, by Oh Sung-Yoon, this animated film is coming to North America on iTunes and VOD in September. 
  Daisy is a hen who hates being caged.  She longs to be free on a farm and raise little chickens.  One day Daisy tricks the farmer to get out of the hen house and she is free at last.  But, being free can mean some scary things.  Daisy soon finds out that everyone doesn't also accept ones that are different.
 Once Daisy is free to see the world she meets a mean weasel who wants to make a meal from her.  Daisy is saved by the Wanderer, Wilson, the duck.  The weasel ends up killing Wilson's duck mate who was about to hatch their young.  Daisy takes over the job of sitting on the egg and soon little Willy hatches out.  Willy believes Daisy is his mother and together they set off to find the Everglades.  Wilson told Daisy to take the young one there as soon as it is born.  The old weasel also kills Wilson.  When they reach the Everglades Willy sees he is different from his mom because he is surrounded by other ducks.  Even though Daisy loves Willy she knows she must let him find his true self.

  Watch a small clip from this film:

Aug 23, 2014

Eye & Mighty Eye Lash Curler from Bella & Bear Review/Giveaway

   Bella & Bear is the story of  2 gorgeous cats.  Bella who was once mistreated and Bear who is actually Bear #2 because Bear #1 ran away - two cats who became best friends loved by a lovely family.   The names of these very loved cats is the reason the Bella & Bear company has it's name.
  I recently reviewed a great eye lash curler from Bella & Bear called the Eye & Mighty Eye Lash Curler. This product came in such a cute package.  I love the nostalgic era of design this company uses - it really catches your eye.  The pink and blue box is really pretty.
 What is inside the cute Bella & Bear box is a super, awesome eye lash curler.  This eye lash curler has 2 easy to grip handles that help you hold the curler just right up to your lashes.

Younique Products

   My daughter just began selling Younique Products and she is running a small giveaway.   These are some awesome  products.  The Mascara is simply amazing and it gives your lashes a 3 D affect. They will be fuller and longer than you ever imagined.
Younique sells foundation that will completely cover skin imperfections and tattoos.  There are concealers and eye shadow and more.
  Ordering is so simple---just click this link and fill out your address and info.  Please use this link:...

Aug 22, 2014

Fair & Flawless Skin Products $200 American Express Card & a Moisturizer ($500 arv) Giveaway

  Do you have age spots, scarring or skin discoloration? Are you wanting to fix these skin problems without having surgery or using harsh chemicals on your body?  If the answer to these 2 questions are yes, then you need to check out Fair & Flawless skin products.  This wonderful skin care line has a 99% satisfaction rating for providing their customers with great products that are free of mercury, hydroquinone, and other banned chemicals.  Fair & Flawless offers skin lightening products that come in a Gel, Souffle, Gelee and Creme. They also sell  moisturizing products such as Gloves and Socks.  Fair & Flawless is your one stop shop for all the skin care products you need for that gorgeous, beautiful skin you were born with.  Visit Fair & Flawless today.

*Mimilovesall8 is not responsible for prize fulfillment
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own

Aug 21, 2014

Giving Thanks Giveaway Opportunity Blogger Sign Up

CALLING ALL BLOGGERS! The Giving Thanks Giveaway Sign Up Is NOW OPEN!!!
Fall is right around the corner!
Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner, Kay from The More The Merrier and Trista from Andersons Angels are super excited that fall is on its way! To celebrate, they are hosting an exciting event called The Giving Thanks Giveaway. This will be a big group giveaway event featuring many great sponsors for items that will help you enjoy fall.
It will be a ONE WINNER Grand Prize Giveaway event.

Dates: November 1 – 30, 2014
Price: FREE! You will get ONE LINK for free! You have the option to buy more links for $3 each.
    *You can post about the event sign up to be entered into a $10 USD Paypal Drawing, but this is completely optional! Everyone who posts, is entered into this drawing!
    *The blogger that refers the most people to participate will receive $20 USD Paypal, so help spread the word!
Prize: Courtney, Kay and Trista are gathering up a great prize package for ONE WINNER
Your Part: We will send you HTML to post and have running during the event dates. It will include all the information about the prizes and the entry form. All you have to do is post!
Hashtag: #GivingThanks2014


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Six Flags Over Texas Introduces Bugs Bunny Boomtown

 Bugs Bunny Boomtown Opens at Six Flags Over Texas
Enhanced kids’ section offers a variety of rides, ample seating and shaded areas.

  ARLINGTON, Texas— April 26, 2014 — This weekend, Six Flags Over Texas opens its newly expanded children’s area geared toward little thrill seekers in training. BUGS BUNNY Boomtown features five brand new rides, plenty of seating and shade, plus expanded walkways to allow for casual strolls to take in the impressive enhancements.
  I recently took my family to Six Flags courtesy of Sharon Parker- Community Manager.  We had a blast!  The kids loved the new Bugs Bunny Boomtown!!!  

Slim Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

  Violife makes a new, decorative and fun electric toothbrush - the Slim Sonic.  The Slim Sonic comes as a  mascara - type style with a vented cap that lets you grab it and go.  Carry it in your purse and car, or keep it in your desk at work, wherever you need to brush.  This toothbrush is electric which gives you 22,000 strokes per minute.  It uses 3 AAA batteries.

Aug 20, 2014

Back - To -School Scientific Prize Pack Review/Giveaway

 We have all heard tales about bugs, but some may not be true.  Take the Orkin Scientific Fake or Scientific Fake Quiz below and discover some really cool facts you never knew about the world of those crazy insects.

Aug 18, 2014

Apothederm Clarifying Toner Review

  Apothederm Clarifying Toner removes make-up and dirt residue. This toner defends and re-stores your skin so you are actually getting a dual product in one.  Aloe, cucumber and chamomile calm and soothe oil, dull and acne prone skin.
  What you put on your skin and in your body is a huge concern to yourself and to Apothederm as well.  Apothederm was developed in 2011 and all their products are paraben and phthalate free. Apothederm products do not contain formaldehyde or pore clogging products.

Aug 16, 2014

1)The Power Rangers-Space & 1) Ninja Turtles-The Next Mutation Movies on DVD Review

  Power Rangers are every child's group of heroes.  In this movie the Rangers board the Nasada Space Shuttle to head into space and try to find their leader, and mentor, Zordon. As they travel deep into space they discover the Astro Megaship, home of Andros, who used to be a power ranger.  Together the Power Rangers and Andros team up to get Zordon back from the evil villains.