Jul 18, 2019

Backstreet Boy Howie D - Kids Album " Which One Am I ?" CD Review/Giveaway

HowieD WhichOneAmI cover

  Who can forget the 5 guys that made up the #1 boy band"s in America, "The Backstreet Boys"?  Howie D made up 1/5  of the group and  now he is back with a fun musical CD that your children will love.  Titled, "Which One Am I ?", this album contains songs such as:

Jul 15, 2019

Steeped Coffee Review/Giveaway

steeped coffee bags instant

  Finally a company has realized how simple, and delicious, it is to put a bag of coffee into a hot cup of water and get wonderful tasting coffee.  Thanks to Steeped Coffee we now have this new, delicious drink.

Jul 11, 2019

"The Wall" a Book for Children Review/Giveaway

  "The Wall" is a children's book, it is a timeless tale about a kingdom building a wall to seperate different types of people from one another.  This colorful, hardback book begins with the king looking over his kingdom and noticing there were so many people, all of different colors, all around him and he believes there are too many people in his kingdom.  The king tells the servant to get rid of all the people who don't look like him.  The servant tries but, they don't want to go.
No photo description available.
 (The middle  of these pages is a way to represent the building of the wall)
  The king tells the servant to build a wall. The people begin to leave and the king notices there are still people unlike himself in the kingdom, so more people leave.  After everyone is gone from the kingdom the king gets lonely. The wall is being built and the king wants flowers and a garden so the servant brings back the gardebers.  Then the king wants dancers and music, so the servant brings back the musicians and dancers. As the king increases the demands of making the kingdom beautiful again he realizes the kingdom is getting too full of all the people again so, he demands the wall to be torn down and all the people to move back    The king realizes all along he loved .having all the people in his kingdom after all.
   What this book  truly represents is our government trying to rid people that are different from the normal color out of our country and a wall can do this.  But, when we lose all these people we also need those varitiey of poeple to work in oir country.

Jun 30, 2019

WannaRub Seasoning/Condiment Rub For All Food Review/Giveaway

  WannaRub is an amazing new seasoning that makes all your food taste smoky and delicious.  Add this sweet and savory seasoning as a rub or sprinkled on any meat you want.  I love it on ribs and on porkchops.  Below is a picture of it on boneless pork chops:

   Image may contain: food
   The next picture is a fried porkchop with bone in using WannaRub.

Jun 28, 2019

The Book of African Proverbs Review/ Giveaway

The Book of African Proverbs by Gerd De Ley

   I recently reviewed a sweet, humorous, and very wise book of quotes.  This book is titled, "The Book of African Proverbs."   You will find 1,200 words and sayings in this book from the people of Africa, it's nation and people.  
  Back in the 19th century, Africa was known as the, "the Dark Continent", this means Africa and it's people were dark and mysterious.  Africa is still known to be  this way to many people when really it is a nation of beautiful cultures and inhabitants.  This book shows the character of all the great people and their ways of living.

Jun 25, 2019

There's A Monkey In My Backpack

  I just read the best book titled, "There"s A Monkey In My Backpack".  This book touched home to me because I have a grandson, that I raise, who has a sensory disorder and this makes it hard for him to "fit in" with school and things like sports ect...
  Anna goes to school and unlike the other 3rd  graders in her class, Anna has a monkey in her backpack.  The monkey tries  to get Anna in trouble in class and to get her to do disruptive things.  The monkey also helps Anna do good things and to complete her work.  You see the monkey is actually a learning disorder and Anna is afraid she will not finish the 3rd grade.

Jun 24, 2019

OKKO's Inn DVD Review/ Giveaway

  Okko's Inn is the moving coming-of-age drama that depicts powerful messages about believing in yourself and being of service to others through its memorable characters and gorgeous animation. Because of its sensitive themes, the company suggests Okko's Inn for ages 9+.

Jun 20, 2019

CSB He Reads Truth Bible Review/ Giveaway

Image may contain: phone

  The new CSB He Reads Truth Bible is perfect for the men in your life.  Each genre of books in the Bible are colored coded and each book has a study plan with a introduction about each individual book before you read it.  The maps and charts throughout this Bible are in color.
  There are 66 letter key verses, 17 full colored timberlines, 21 maps and 122 charts.

Jun 18, 2019

Lucky Fortune Wow Wee Bracelets Review

   Packaged in a plastic fortune cookie complete with a paper fortune, each bracelet has a surprise “lucky” charm that’s revealed as you crack it open. You can then “Wear Your Luck” when you accessorize or use the attached keychain to carry your luck wherever you go! The line features over 100 trendy charms with different categories and varying levels of rarity, including the extra-rare (ultra lucky) gold dipped charm for extra luck!mTrade with friends, gift your bracelet, or collect them all - the more you have, the luckier you’ll feel!

Jun 15, 2019

Found Sparkling Water and Oceana Plastic Advocate for Marine Animals Review

No photo description available.

  I recently reviewed for a wonderful product that not only cares about the product they sell being good for us, but also their product being good for ocean animals.  Last year a whale was washed ashore and found to have 48 lbs. of plastic inside its stomach.  This is a very sad problem today with so many plastic containers being washed from land to oceans.  Found and Oceana are companies that hope to change this problem and save animals that consume these plastic wastes forever.  With your help it can be done.
  Found connected with Oceana, the world's largest ocean advocacy,, and they marked 100.000 glass bottles in remembrance of the ocean mammals lost by the impact of plastics.  You can visit Found's site and pledge to stop this needless cause of death to sea animals today. Click here to find.

May 22, 2019

Young Lincoln New Salem by Sam Rawlins Review

Young Lincoln of New Salem

  Young Abe Lincoln was just a boy when he visited New Salem.  There he meets a beautiful young girl maned Ann, where he confides in her about  his childhood with an abusive father and  the loss of his mother at a very young age only to gain a wonderful, loving step mother.  Abe is hired on with a flatboat crew which takes him to New Salem.   
   You will love the story by Sam Rawlins titled: Young Lincoln New Salem.   Abe Lincoln will fall madly in love with Ann as she lived and then as she guides him as an angel through the rest of his life.
  Lincoln is a very spiritual, religious young man and this leads him to make the choices he makes.

Apr 27, 2019

Sesame Street : Awesome Alphabet Collection DVD Review/Giveaway

   On May 7th Sesame Street will celebrate their 50th anniversary on the Sesame Workshop.  I can't believe this show has been on so many years.  I remember my children learning with Bert and Ernie and laughing at Oscar the Grouch.  I'm sure most of your children grew up watching these and all the characters on Sesame Street too.  Well, now you can purchase this anniversary collection for your family.  If you enter my giveaway you could possibly be the winner of Sesame Street Awesome Alphabet.

Apr 26, 2019

Whizzy Willow's - First Day At School A Children's Book Review/Giveaway

 Whizzy Willow is ready for his first day of school.  As Willow and his mom head to school, Willow is anxious but, wonders how his first day will be.  Willow is super cute and he has long green hair.
 As Willow enters the classroom he meets his new teacher, Mr. Oak.  Willow sees there are several kids already at their tables and Mr. Oak lets Willow begin to paint with a girl named Daisy.
 The children paint, have lunch, Willow works out a math addition problem, and school seems to be going great.

Apr 12, 2019

The Dolphin's Secret: A Meditational Journey for Children Book Review

National Dolphin Day is April 14, 2019

  Meri, a beautiful mermaid, and her friend, Aloha, a dolphin, playfully introduce children to meditation. The story weaves in mindfulness techniques of Yoga Nidra, an ancient form of meditation, which will help children have a direct experience of peace and relaxation. Yoga Nidra is done laying down, so this is perfect for bedtime or naptime! Written for children ages 4-8 who enjoy story time. Parents and teachers who read the story and do the techniques will also experience relaxation while reading the story.
  You can buy this book, "The Dolphin's Secret", on Amazon.com
  “Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose, and pretend you are blowing bubbles under the water, just like a dolphin. Keep taking slow, deep breaths in through your nose, and blow out through your mouth very, very slowly. With each breath in, fill yourself with joy. Each time you breathe out, relax just a little more. Imagine bubbles of all sizes floating around you.”
Through listening to The Dolphin’s Secret story, following the instructions for each mindfulness activity, and being encouraged to notice how they feel, children will learn to become more aware of what peace and ease feel like—in an entertaining way. Colorful illustrations transport kids on an underwater adventure with Meri, as she teaches children to pretend to blow bubbles like dolphins, using slow, deep breaths in from their nose and out through their mouths. Once the children are in a relaxed state, Meri incorporates mantras like, “I have all that I need inside me to be peaceful and happy.” If encouraged by their parents or teacher, our little ones can begin using these on their own. Readers will also benefit and feel the positive effects on their own minds and bodies.

Apr 10, 2019

Arm and Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash Review


  My family loves fruits and vegetables! Apples, blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. I have always worried about the pesticides these food products are sprayed with before they enter the stores. Now, thankfully, Arm and Hammer has came out with a wash that removes all the wax and pesticides used on fruits and vegetables  and it works great.
 Just think about the dirt  that could be on tomatoes, squash, strawberries and other produce.  It doesn't come off by just washing them off with water. This is why I love the Arm and Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash---it removes all dirt, wax, pesticides and handling from strangers to your shopping cart. Plus, this product is super safe to use.
  All you need to do to remove the nasty stuff from your fruit or veggies is to #1. Spray the food.  #2 Gently rub it into your food and then #3 Wash your food product and the eat!