Nov 16, 2010

Warmly Yours Rug Warmers Review


Warmly Yours Rug Warmers has graciously allowed me to do a review on their awesome product.  This rug warmer has to be the best invention since sliced toast!  Truly, I have never seen anything like Warmly Yours Rug Warmers.  I really wish these had been around when I was a young girl at my grandmothers house in the winter.  Getting out of bed and putting my feet on that cold floor was hideous.  If  Warmly Yours had been around then I would  have loved getting out of bed and putting my feet onto a really warm rug. 
Warmly Yours Rug Warmers is a wonderful product that fits discreetly beneath area rugs throughout the home to add warmth without unsightly vents or portable heaters. Radiant warmth gently rises from floor-to-ceiling across the full surface area of the Rug Warmer.

 These area warmers revolutionize the way you keep warm in a chilly or drafty room. WarmlyYours offers convenient plug-in solutions for your work or living space so you can add soothing radiant heat anywhere you want the comfort and luxury of a heated floor. Their radiant rug heaters add extra warmth in any room where you have an area rug. This simple to operate, plug-in application provides radiant heat anywhere you need it.
For just the right amount of warmth in a small space, their area warmer is the perfect addition. Transform a bedroom, office, or study into a warm, inviting space with our under area rug heater or personal desk heater.

Radiant rug heaters are meticulously designed and engineered. Measuring less than ¼” thick, they can be easily concealed beneath even your most delicate rug.  These area warmers come with a non-slip pad that adheres to the bottom of the heating system, serving as both a safety feature and extra pad.
Warmly Yours also carries towel warmers, mirror defoggers, snow melting products for sidewalk and steps, stair warmers, under desk warmers and more.  All you have to do is contact their customer support- 24/7 phone line and someone will help you with your question.
WarmlyYours’ free quote & design service has been featured on HGTV and in the NY Times. Both highlighted their excellent radiant heating products and the quick turnaround time of their custom installation plans. Find out for yourself – get your free radiant floor heating quote & custom design today.

Or, receive a quick estimate with their easy-to-use pricing tool! Simply plug in the square footage of the area you’d like to warm and get instant results online in just a few seconds.

Whether you are building a new home and would like to have Warmly Yours install room warmers, or if you just need a rug warmer for a small area rug, Warmly Yours has many types of products that will really make your room, or rooms a lot more comfortable.

I would really recommend you to check out Warmly Yours before you buy anything else because this really is one great product!

Thanks to Warmly Yours Rug Warmers for letting me review the area rug warmer--I love it!


  1. This is so cool, or I should say, My feet whle I am at my computer. I checked it out. Cyber Monday Sale – November 29, 2010!
    Fits Perfectly Under the Desk & Under the Tree!
    Small Under Desk Heater Just $49.99 with FREE Shipping*
    I read this and b/c I have not had my coffee yet (that is my excuse anyway) I was wondering now why would anyone want a rug under their tree? LOL (ok, I'm a bit slow this morning. I found you via a hop, Stop on by if you want.
    Oh and thanks for the review. I had never heard of this before. :-)

  2. I meant to say...or should I say...HOT. I told you I'm not very awake yet. Oh geesh.

  3. I think this company looks awesome! I would love to have one of their products for the winter! Thanks for the review!


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