Feb 24, 2011

Gray Matter Book Review

Gray Matter
Book Review

  Dr. David Levy MD practices neurosurgery in San Diego, California. Not only does Dr. Levy execute one of the most important surgeries that can be performed on the human body, he also touches his patients spirit.
Dr. Levy began practicing medicine after first being a mechanic. One day while working underneath a car, David liked what he saw. He felt if he could work with the main wires that it took to make a car run then he could probably work on the main part of the body that makes it function, the brain.

 The brain is a very sensitive and complex part of the human body. It holds the keys to some very crucial parts such as our senses, thoughts, memory, and knowledge. Dr. Levy inserts a needle into the main artery of the leg and from there he gently, and carefully, guides the wire through sometimes damaged and often plagued veins. Seeking out the aneurysm that is causing his patients to have bad headaches and unseen problems is Dr. Levy's job. A job he loves and is dedicated to heart and soul.

  Doctors are schooled to believe that Science is what keeps every doctor in the healing seat. New machines, procedures and tools make up this belief. The Dr. himself must be trained to do his, or her, job to the best of their ability without as much emotional connection as they can. Dr. Levy once felt this way and then God spoke to him and showed him who really is in control.

  Asking to pray with his patients was very hard on Dr. Levy at first. He felt he would offend the patient or even cause them to doubt his skilled abilities. Some patients welcomed his prayer, some were very skeptical, and some refused to except the prayers completely. Praying around nurses and other Dr.'s was scary at first because Dr. Levy knew this was something that had always been out of the question in the medical field.  Always Dr. Levy was led to continue on, led by God's words. The outcome of the surgeries were not always successful but Dr. Levy knew God was in control and all he could do as a doctor was lean on God's words. God not only guided Dr. Levy's hands through the many tiny vessels in the patients body, he also guided him in the steps it took to make sure every patient somehow could feel safe and secure about their surgery.
 Dr. David Levy has articles published in neurosurgical journals. David speaks on his feelings of praying before surgery with his patients to many interested groups. When Dr. Levy has time off he helps the less fortunate in his area and around the world.

  I loved this book. I loved the courage it took for Dr. Levy to trudge forward through all the obstacles that tried to stop him from praying. I also loved learning all that is involved in working in the brain area. Technology has changed so much with the way procedures are carried out by a neurosurgeon today from the old way of cutting into the skull itself. Throughout this book Dr. Levy explains how he works and about why it is done that way. All of this amazed me.
  I would recommend anyone who loves reading about life,God,and faith to read this book. It truly will touch your spirit and make you smile.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.
The opinions of this book are strictly my own.


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