Mar 11, 2011

Costume Discounters review


Are you one of those people who think costumes are only for Halloween?   Costumes are for any occasion.   You can choose to be a clown on birthdays, Abe Lincoln for President's Day, a bunny for Easter, a leprechaun for Saint Patrick's Day, Uncle Sam for the Fourth of July, or even a pilgrim (or Turkey) for Thanksgiving. Theme parties and private occasions open up even more possibilities.  Becoming whatever character you want to be has never been easier if you buy costumes from Costume Discounters.
When Costume Discounters asked me to review for them I was very excited!  One reason was because we live in a small town and when Halloween rolls around there are never enough costumes and not a large selection of choices   Another reason is, unless it is Halloween, there are no places to get costumes for parties.  We would have to drive to a major city such as Dallas, which is 2 hrs. away to purchase one.
Well, thanks to a great online costume store, Costume Discounters, you can order one any time.  And what a selection they have!  They sell costumes for adults, teens, and children.  There are scary costumes, funny ones, and  costumes for special occasions and holidays. 
I reviewed a costume for my 14 year old granddaughter to wear next Halloween to an annual Fall Festival.  Like I said before, good costumes are hard to find around here and when you do get a good one they are outrageously priced.  $75. 00 and up is just too much to spend for a one night party.  That is another great thing about Costume Discounters-they are very reasonably priced!  I reviewed the Miss Riding Hood Teen Costume and it is adorable!  This costume sells for $29.97 and it comes with everything but the tights and shoes.  (basket not included ) 
I love this costume and so does Hailey, my granddaughter.  There were so many to choose from and we had a hard time deciding which one.  We knew we wanted something from the fairytale costumes but which one?  Finally we narrowed it down to this one.  One of the biggest movies out this year is title "Red Riding Hood" so now Hailey will not only look darling but will be in style.  You can purchase the basket, tights and a wig separately because they sell these also.

There are so many costumes to choose from at Costume Discounters.  You may want to be a member of the Addams Family, a cowboy, a bee, a fireman, Elvis, or  Mario and the list goes on and on. 

I also like that Costume Discounters sell the costumes in the right sizes.  A child doesn't have to wear an adults size, their costume are made just their size.  This is the only company that I have ever seen that sells teen costumes.

Saint Patricks Day is just around the corner and so is Easter.  Check out all the great Irish suits and bunny costumes that Costume Discounters has to offer.  I am sure you will be amazed at the selections and the great prices.

This review is based on my personal opinion.
I was not compensated for holding this review.
I received the costume for review purposes.
Thank you Costume Discounters for allowing me to work with you on this review!


  1. my 3 yr. old likes to where his spider man costume everyday...I know it's just a phase but it looks aweful..

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