Apr 7, 2011

Cutting Down on My Baggage Fees at the Airport

Cutting Down On My Baggage Fees At The Airport
The past couple of times I've gone on flights for trips, I've packed so much stuff that I didn't even wear and I need to stop that because I think I'm costing myself more money in bag check fees than I need to. But I've always been an over packer so this might not be too easy.

I went online with my Hughesnet broadband speed to see if there were some ways that I could streamline my luggage so I wouldn't have to pay that extra 25 bucks to check a bag. Most of the suggestions I found addressed toiletries. I'm bad about taking the normal size containers of my toiletries, which obviously take up a lot more r! oom. So I'm going to buy some travel sized toiletry bottles to use instead.
Another thing that I'm going to work on doing is wearing my bulkiest items when I'm traveling instead of them taking up more room than necessary in my luggage. That includes coats and shoes especially. I also just need to pack less shoes period. That's a really big problem of mine.
written by Lindsay Pettigrew

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