Jul 28, 2011

My Grandson's Crazy Sense of Clothing Style

My Grandson's Crazy Sense of Clothing Style

Shopping for school clothes is always fun but finding the kind of clothes my 7 year old grandson will wear can sometimes be a problem.
Brice, my grandson, lives with me and he is going into the 2nd grade.  Some children will wear any type of clothes to school, but not Brice, he is very picky. 
The only shirts he will wear are the silky stretchy shirts.  You know the kind that are made from nylon.  Usually they are one solid color or they may even have a sports name or logo on the front.  We always buy around 7-10 different colors so they can match with most shorts.  I see many really nice looking collared and polo type shirts but Brice doesn't have that sense of style.  His type is uniquely his own and he will not waver or change.   
There are only 2 types of shorts he will wear and those are the nylon shorts or the plaid cotton shorts.  They also must go below the knees.  He will not wear the mesh reversible shorts or the blue-jean type shorts.
The style of shorts he wears are really cute and are in style this year.

When looking to buy Brice's jeans I have to buy the boot cut only.  He will not wear the skinny jeans or the baggy type. Also, he will not wear them if they are colored.  For instance, no black ones or no other colors other than the plain blue jean.  Absolutley no wind pants!  He will not even consider them.

When it comes to clothes, Brice does have a very different sense of style but I guess that is what makes his style his very own.

J.C. Penney is a great place to find all Brices clothes.  Everything is in one section.  They also carry a size 7 in the shorts and jeans which is really important because the "every other" size such as a 6 or an 8 will not work.  The prices are excellant and they always have great sales.
I also love their easy return policy.  With my receipt there will never be a hassle.

Evey child is different and they all have their own sense of style.  After all just because they are small they still know what they want to wear just as we adults do.  J.C. Penny makes it easy to back - to - school shop because they have all Brice's crazy style of clothing.  Finding everything in one store is awesome too.  We even buy his shoes there.  Those also are his very own style. 

So, crazy style or not, Brice knows what he wants to wear and thank goodness for J.C. Penney because I am able to buy everything he wants in just one store.

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