Oct 15, 2011

Kaskey Kids review


Kaskey Kids is a really great store for sports loving kids. In 2002 Christy Kaskey wanted to develop toys for her sports loving children and to bring back the older type of toys her brothers used to play with. Those toys being cowboys and indians and army men. Together Kaskey toys came together and developed  fun and imaginary play.
Kids have been playing with action figures for years. Sports have been a part of children's lives forever. Kaskey Kids combine both of these interests to inspire countless hours of creative entertainment that your kids will absolutely love.
My grandaughter loves gymnastics and she takes classes to perfect this awesome sport.
I reviewed one of the GoGo Girl  Sport dolls.  Maya is a darling gymnastic doll.  Maya is aapproximately 14" in height, and made from high quality cloth which is safe and durable. She is soft, comfortable and light to carry, easy for a child to take with her to play or sleep.
There are  eleven dolls and each has an inspiring message embroidered on their tummy and comes with a backpack and appropriate equipment. Maya's message says,""Dream Big Score Goals".
Maya loves to tumble! Her favorite move is a back handspring. She likes the balance beam, too. Before practice or a meet, Maya always stretches, listens to music, drinks water and eats a healthy snack, like blueberries. When she’s not at the gym, Maya likes dancing and playing violin.

Kaskey Kids have a great list of playful toys for all children. The baseball, football, hockey, and soccor action figures have gained many awards.  Top toy sellers, top rated, toy of the year, and other outstanding awards have been given to Kaskey Kids action figures.
I think Kaskey Kids have some of the best toys available for kids today.  These awesome toys are sold at stores all across the nation. Just visit the store locator on the website and find one closest to you.
Your children will love these toys.

* I was not monetarily rewarded for holding this review.
*I received the doll for review purposes only.
*The opinion of these toys are strictly my own.

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