Oct 21, 2011

The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher DVD review


 Just released on Oct.18, 2011, on BLU- RAY / DVD Imagery, "The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher" . This is a 3 part story of Margaret Thatcher's life as she led the United Kingdom for more than ten years.
 The first part of Margaret's story is told in the film The Long Walk to Finchley". Here young Margaret Roberts meets her husband-to-be Denis. The film tells of  Margaret Thatcher's steely determination to get selected to a 'winnable' Tory seat in the fifties. Margaret is an ambitious twenty-something research chemist on the first rungs of the ladder to Parliament. Margaret is outspoken and works hard to gain a seat in Parliament.
 In "The Long Walk to Finchley" Margaret is played by Andrea Riseborough who " gives Thatcher humor, drive, and sex appeal..." stated by the London Evening Standard.

  The next movie in this set is "The Falkland's Play"It is the backroom story of Margaret's war.  The leaders on 10 Downing Street face some hard decisions on one of the biggest crisis in foreign affairs.  Watch this video below and you can see the strong determination of Margaret as she holds steady to her reasons on the war and you can see she will not be deterred.
In this second drama, Margaret is played by actress Patricia Hodge.

 The 3rd and final part of Margaret Thatcher's journey as Prime Minister, is titled simply, "Margaret".  In this film you will see  the downward fall that takes place after her  third term.  A woman such as Margaret, with strong convictions and character, became the person she worked so hard to become.  But, these aspects are the very manners to what eventionally caused her decline.  At the end of one of the most remarkable and revolutionary premierships in British political history, the truth about how it was not the people, but her own party, that finally ended Margaret Thatcher.

The final actress to play Margaret is Lindsay Duncan.  Her portrayal is outstanding and a tribute to this immensley determined woman who became one of the most formidable figures in British politics.
Please check out the official site to learn more about where to purchase this 2 Disc set and own it on Blu-Ray today.
 "Iron Lady" is portrayed by three distinguished actresses in these BBC productions never before seen in the US. 
  "The Rise and Fall of Margaret Thatcher" is a must-own DVD set for all history buffs and Anglophiles alike. This DVD is a 2 Disc set that runs around 2 1/4 hours. I  recommend this wonderfully true and event filled movie to everyone. 
*The opinions of this review are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received the DVD's for review purposes only.

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