Oct 24, 2011

Tell A Story Language Game review


Educational Toys Planet has learning toys. They are unique, hand-picked and fun to play with!  Safety is a very important part of their choice of games to sell.  Their manufacturers guarantee that all their products comply with all applicable safety standards and laws. Educational Toys Planet is confident that their toy store is selling the best educational toys for kids.
I was asked by ETP to review the game " Tell A Story Language Game."  This game is  really fun and it teaches early vocabulary skills.  Each player of this learning game uses his or her own memory skills to collect all five story cards about a particular character. After that, the story you discover is up to your own imagination! With the Tell a Story Language Game you can arrange your five colorful and durable cards in any order you want to tell your own story. Did the ringmaster wake up the lion at the circus? Or maybe he actually lulled the excited lion to sleep! The sequence of the story is entirely up to the player. Your child will love playing this quality game from Educational Toys Planet produced by the famed Ravensburger, German toy company. An enjoyable way to make learning language arts and early vocabulary fun! The playing time for Tell a Story Language Game is about 15 minutes.

I would recommend this game for all families. It would also be wonderful to use in a classroom or homeschool. Children will learn while having fun playing a game.

*I was not monetarily compensated for doing this review.
*The opinions of this game are strictly my own.
*I received this product for review purposes only.
Game provided by Educational Toys Planet.

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  1. The holiday season is fast approaching and you do not want to be stuck doing your shopping last minute. Educational toys are a great gift to give to any child because they can have fun while learning at the same time!


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