Nov 28, 2011

Cooper and Me Winter Adventure review


Explore life along with Cooper, a fun-loving black Labrador Retriever, whose entertaining adventures help kids navigate the emotions and challenges of everyday living. Created by mother-daughter team Monique and Alexa Peters and inspired by their real-life family dog, Cooper and Me provides adults and children with opportunities for meaningful conversation and tools for constructive problem-solving. Kids will laugh at Cooper’s antics, and adults will appreciate the resilience nurtured in their children.
This Winter Adventure is the second addition to the Cooper and Me series. In this story Cooper and Bella decide to go snow sledding. Before they know it they have wandered to far from home and there is a snowstorm coming.
The story of being lost allows the dogs to help teach the young readers about how every child needs a plan if they should become lost themselves.
Also, this story confronts the issues of children being careful in the decisions they have to make.
The ending is great and children should love Cooper and Bella's winter adventure very much. This book is really great for ages 7-9 to read. The words are just right for this age group and the story is easy to understand.
I love the adventures of Cooper and his friends. I also look forward to the next book which I hope is soon to come.

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