Nov 18, 2011

Snuggletime review

  SnuggleTimeTM is a San Diego-based, woman-owned business offering the newest accessories designed specifically for plush pillow toys and other stuffed animals. The company’s marquee products, PetjamasTM and SnugglebagsTM combine fun, ingenuity and practicality into today’s must-have accessories for stuffed toys. SnuggleTime’s creative and affordable products allow children to carry their favorite plush companions wherever the day takes them while giving parents the extra added benefit of knowing their little ones will enjoy a sound, comfortable and safe night’s sleep.
Snuggletime also lets kids (and their parents) color-coordinate their accessories with whatever plush toy they may have. For example, Snuggletime created the below colors to coordinate well with some of the most popular Pillow PetsTM:

•Color: Strawberry Shortcake coordinates well with Lady Bug.
•Color: Black Licorice Twist goes perfect with Panda and Penguin.
•Color: Banana Cream Squeeze – pairs with Bumble Bee.
•Color: Chocolate Cuddle Cake – recommended for Puppy and Monkey.
•Color: Pink Princess Plush – the pretty partner for Unicorn and Hippo.

I reviewed the Pink Princess Plush Snugglebag. 
Snugglebags are perfect fits for Pillow Pets.  This two-in-one mini sleeping bag will keep your favorite stuffed toys warm and snuggly. Cushy and convertible, these durable sleeping bags serve as a perfect slipcover to keep plush toys ultra cozy and ultra clean. Snugglebags make the ideal gift for children who want to share their dreams with their favorite plush companions wherever their travels may take them.
These are really great little bags for the pillow pets. Not only can you place the pets inside the bags for fun, you can also use the bags as pillows for yourself.
These would make great gifts for Christmas!

The other product I reviewed from Snuggletime is Petjamas.  Designed to fit standardshaped, 18-inch Pillow PetsTM as well as other stuffed toys, Petjamas are interchangeable, durable and easy to clean. These soft covers function as pillowcases, fun clothing or helpful carrying cases with grab-and-go handles and pockets for storing important belongings. Available in three different fabrics—Fluffy, Knobby and Quilty—Petjamas come in a variety of fun colors.
 Outfit your favorite stuffed toys in the trendy, yet snuggly, quilted fabrics from the Quilty Collection. A combination slipcover, outfit and carrier, Petjamas are today’s must-have accessories for your favorite plush toys. This super soft, super cute and super cleanable cover acts as clothes or a carrying case for plush companions and a pillow case for children. Petjamas make the ideal gift for the child who is inseparably connected to their beloved stuffed friends.

Snuggletime is a new company that is definitely going to be around for a long time. I have 9 grandchildren and I know how much some of them love their stuffed pets. These accessories will become a must have for many children on their Santa's list. If you want to give your child one of the newest, and soon to become, fad for stuffed animals, then please check out Snuggletime's website and grab one for your child.
* I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I received the product for review purposes only.
*The opinions of this review are strictly my own.

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