Dec 1, 2011

Smelly Dishwasher review Closed!


I hope all my readers have read my other 2 reviews about the great products, Smelly Washer and Smelly Towels. This company has just recently came out with Smelly Dishwasher.  It works just as well as the other 2 products. 
 I have always wondered about the build up of food and the mildew that could grow in my dishwasher.  I am so glad to know that once a month all I need to do is run some of this wonderful product through my empty dishwasher and all the excess yuck will be removed.

Fungus and yeasts can grow deep inside the dishwasher pump and motor assembly and be hard to remove. See: Could a Dangerous Fungus be lurking In Your Dishwasher

If you have food stains (especially from tomato based foods) on plastic bowls or dishes - this product may remove those stains if you wash them in the unit with a tbsp of Smelly Dishwasher Cleaner.

I was really impressed at the new,great smell the dishwasher gave off.  I felt like we were eating on a lot more cleaner dishes and that the dishes were fungus free. This was a huge relief.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I received this product for review purpases only.

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