Jan 19, 2012

Eden Fantasys Gives Back

Eden Fantasys Gives Back

So often there are companies that just sell their goods with no concern to helping others.  When companies can make so much money and then turn around and give back to communities in need it makes me want buy from those companies more.  Eden Fantasys is definitely one of those remarkable companies.
Eden Gives Back is designed to give Eden Fantasys community members a chance to give back to the communities they live in.

Each month they get together to discuss what charities and other community based things they can sponsor, and the best way to donate to each of those. This is a community outreach program and, while Eden is sponsoring it, the charitable act is being done under the representative’s name. This isn’t about selling Eden Fantasys toys and other products or about their corporate sponsorship, it’s about giving back to the communities you and others live in. Reaching out to the needy is what this program is about.
In 2010, Eden Fantasys came together with others and helped raise money for needy families during the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays.  As you can see in the picture below this great company helped out when Joplin,Missouri was devasted by horrible tornados.  Breast cancer awareness is also a needy cause that Eden Fantasys has joined in on raising money for.  These are just some of the tremendous help in communities all over the U.S that Eden Fantasys has helped. 

Eden Gives Back is able to help communities through donations, fund raising and awareness efforts.

I love the products that Eden Fantasys sells and knowing that they are helping others in need makes buying from them all the better.
Thanks to Eden Fantasys for all the help they given to others!

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