Mar 4, 2012

Saline Soothers Nose Wipes review/giveaway Closed!

Do regular tissues dry out your nose and make it rough and raw?  A runny nose can become sore after wiping it constantly.  From the makers of Boogie Wipes for children, are Saline Soothers for adults.  Like Boogie Wipes, Saline Soothers come in three refreshing scents: Cool Menthol, Fragrance Free, and Light Lavender.  Saline (Sodium Chloride) is a mineral found naturally in the earth that excels at dissolving mucus when used in the right concentration. Pre-moistened with natural saline, vitamin E, and aloe, Saline Soothers are designed to do just that – soothe.

Saline Soothers come in a convenient pack that reseals to keep your wipes moist and fresh for the next time you need them.  These soothers are sturdier than a regular tissue and the saline solution soothes as you wipe leaving your nose a little more healed each time you use one.
There are 15 wipes in each bag and they usually sell for around $1.79 a pack.  You can buy Saline Soothers online or at Brookshires, Walgreens, Price Right and coming soon to WalMart.  There are several more stores that sell Saline Soothers, just check their website for the complete list.

I really  like these soothers for my  nose.  I seem to be constantly wiping my nose so I know these wipes will definitly come in handy.  I recommend  Saline Soothers for you to use on your nose. We all  know the nose needs extra attention due to allergies and sniffles.
If you would like to win a box of samples of these wonderful Saline Soothers then please enter  my rafflecopter giveaway below.
Thanks for entering and Good Luck!!!

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