May 11, 2012

Custard n Jelly Guardian Angel Dolls review


Custard n Jelly was created by a girl named Ally who believes in Guardian Angels.  Ally's guardian angel is her grandpa and she believes he watches over her bringing her comfort and strength.  When Ally and her family decided to make guardian angel dolls, they wanted it to be more than just another doll.  They wanted to create a way that these angels could be brought to life, so to speak.  How could they enable them to help?  After all, isn’t that what we think of when we hear “guardian angel”?  Isn’t an angel meant to bring comfort, make us feel that someone has our back?  How could these angels help kids?

Ally decided to draw pictures of angels and let them represent a different type of guardian angel. The next thing to do was make these drawings into dolls.  As soon as Ally's company was going they began to send them to sick children in hospitals everywhere.

Ally's Angels are also for sale to everyone. There are 7 angels, all with different special skills and wing status.  Ally, Ruby, Roxy, Lexi, Katie, Laney and Cami all come with an ability to teach their owners good things in life and how to be a great person.

I reviewed Ally for my grandaughter Nicole, who has been going through a really rough time in her life.  She is 8 years old and her mom and dad just divorced.  When I gave Ally to her, I told her that Ally would protect her and give her the confidence to be anything she wanted to be.  I can't believe how proud she is of this doll.  She is so full of happiness since receiving her.  The angels come with a clip so that you can attach them to your backpack, purses and even belt loops.  Nicole takes Ally wherever she goes, school and all.  This doll has been a true blessing for Nicole, I can really see a big change in her attitude.

Ally's Angels sell for $14.99 and you can check here to see if they are sold near you, if not, you can purchase them from the online webstore.

I love Custard n Jelly and these adorable Guardian Angels!  The meaning behind these dolls are absolutely wonderful.  
If you are looking for something for a sick child, a gift for birthdays or Christmas, or just "because " , then please check out these angels.  I really believe you and the reciprocate will love these angels.

*I received the doll for review purposes only.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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