May 2, 2012

Peter Rabbit Organics Food Pouches review/giveaway

  Peter Rabbit Organics is a really great company that makes healthy foods for you and your baby. With no added salt, sugar or artificial ingredients their  food pouches are 100% organic, 100% healthy and always taste 100% delicious.
They are also high in vitamin C, have between 70 and 85 calories, 0 fat and 1.5-2 grams of fiber.
These great tasting fruit  and veggie blends come in a squeezable pouch that can be easily gulped down by any age.  The no-choke cap is super important to me and the pouches are BPA free.  Peter Rabbit Organics are so easy for your little one to hold on to and if they were to drop it, no worries about anything breaking. 

  I was given the opportunity to review 3 of these awesome food pouches by Peter Rabbit Organics.  The ones I tried were: Peach and Apple, Pea-Spinach- and Apple, and Carrot-Squash and Apple.  The  Peach and Apple was my favorite. I fed my 7mth old grandson these and he ate every drop.  There was enough in each pouch for 2 feedings for him.  These pouches are so much easier to store in the fridge, cabinet, diaper bag and lunch bags than jars are. 
  Peter Rabbit Organics fruit pouches come in several tasty varieties.  They put all their ingredients on the back of the pack, so there's no risk of finding any hidden nasties. Inside is fruit and only fruit!
Their veggie blends are loaded with 
100% organic vegetables and fruit, their blends make a nutritious meal for both babies and toddlers.

   No more sticky hands. No more fighting to get your child to eat his vegetables.  These pouches from Peter Rabbit Organics are super great food products!  I just know you and your child will want to try all of them.
  You can purchase Peter Rabbit Organics at StarBucks nationwide and in many stores all across the U.S such as Target, Babies-R-Us and Albertsons.  You can also buy them from on the web.
  Thanks to Peter Rabbit Organics for allowing me to review these wonderful tasting food pouches.  I will definitely be purchasing more of them.
 If you would like to win 12 of Peter Rabbit Organic's assorted pouches then please enter my giveaway below and Good Luck!

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