Jun 2, 2012

Episencial Skin Care - Sunscreen review/giveaway

Episencial Skin Care -  Sunscreen 
Episencial Skin Care is health care.  One hundred percent of babies will experience dermatitis in the first year of their life.  Episencial combines advanced skin care technology with actively healthy ingredients to defend against skin problems from water, sun and air.
Kim Walls founded Episencial.  Looking for skin care products for her family, Kim couldn't find any that had everything she needed in them, so she created her own.
Kim wanted quality products that would also be safe for the environment.  
Episencial products are manufactured in the US using solar power and recycled products.  These products are safe for newborns, good for the planet and are sold nationwide.

I reviewed the 3 Step Skin set from Episencial. Step 1 is the "Playful Wash"- Step 2- "Soothing Cream" and Step 3- "Sunny Sunscreen" SPF 35.  
Playful Wash is a organic wash that is chosen by hospitals and recommended by doctors.  This 2-in-1 is a shampoo and body gel.  It moisturizes, is quick rinsing and is very gentle.  This tear free shampoo smells like fresh oranges.
Sunny Sunscreen is resistant to the sun for 80 min.  Face and body sun care that is lightweight and non-greasy, this sunscreen smells like fresh air.  Recommended that you apply 15 min. before sun exposure and to reapply every 2 hrs. that the child remains in the sun.
Another step of this skin system is the Soothing Cream which came in handy for me this week.  My 11 year old grandson got very sunburned on a school field trip and his shoulders were beginning to blister.  I applied the cream several times a day to his shoulders and he immediately felt relief. This is a wonderful product to have on hand for your very long, hot summers.
Soothing Cream brings fast relief to red,dry, itchy and blistered skin.  Also unscented and quick drying.
Episencial is sold all across the nation in boutiques and new-parent resource centers.                                                                        
You are encouraged to pick up samples at these locations and try them.  If you would like to add Episencial products to your store shelves then just get in touch with the Episencial site.
I really like all 3 of these great skin care products.  They can be used on anyone.  They are wonderful for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin.
If you would like to try and win Episencial's Sunscreen then please enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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