Jun 21, 2012

Happy Future USA Baby Skin Care review/giveaway


With the concerns today about the harmful chemicals and ingredients in baby skin products, it made me really want to research the good companies out there.
I contacted Happy Future USA to see what skin care products they had and what they were made from.
Happy Future USA is a French based company and proven throughout Europe, all Happy Future products are created to a 'higher standard' and here is what you get:

-Safety & Purity (100% hypoallergenic)
-Ease & Convenience
-USDA certification with French/EU approval by ECOCERT
-Pleasant smelling & Good tasting
Good tasting??!!!!  Well, this made me really interested.  My 3 year old grandson is always trying to drink his bath water.  Since using Happy Future USA I am not as worried if he does consume some of the water.  Not that I want him drinking his dirty bathwater but at least if he does he is safe.
I reviewed a bottle of Liniment Lotion, Cleaning lotion non-rinse, Delicate Cleaning Bath and Shower Gel and a tube of Moisturizing Cream for Face and Body.
The Liniment lotion  (MSRP $17.00) is made up of 46% olive oil and bee wax it’s perfectly safe to use if you are a cloth and disposable  diapering family.  This product is great for diaper rash, use on dry areas, other rashes, stings, psoriasis, or even eczema.

Another great product I reviewed from Happy Future is the Delicate Cleaning Bath and Shower Gel (MSRP $19.00). It’s very gentle and a dime size goes a long way.
I really like this product because you can shampoo their hair and use it to make a good sudsy bath for the kiddos.
One of my favorite products from Happy Future is the Moisturizing Face and Body.  I love the smell of this lotion, it smells like play dough to me.  It really moisturizes the skin and leaves it so soft.
This is some of the best  baby skin care available to parents today.  
Shipping is available to Canada, Mexico,Alaska,Puerto Rico and Hawaii.
You need to check out all of Happy Future USA 's Baby Skin Care for your child.
You will not be disappointed.
If you want to win the complete line of Happy Future USA skin care set then enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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