Jun 4, 2012

Newman's Own Organics review/giveaway


 Paul Newman is not only a wonderful actor, he is also the owner of 2 great food companies: 1) Newman Organics and 2) Newman's Own Organics.  Certified organic by Oregon Tilth. Ingredients have been grown on farms that have not used artificial fertilizers or pesticides for three years or more.
 The front of each product features an American Gothic "Pa" Newman and daughter Nell in appropriate costume with an accompanying legend on the package; each variety has a color band or colored packaging for easy identification.

 "We want to offer organic food products with wide consumer appeal," says Nell. "We feel that people want to know more about the food they eat, not just how much fat or cholesterol a product contains. How ingredients are grown and processed on the way to their grocers' shelf is becoming more important to today's consumer. Once people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged `health' foods, we hope they'll try other organic food products."
"We focus on the kinds of products we loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients. Our first product, organic pretzels, fast became the top seller in the natural food industry, and each addition to the line has been successful."
 When people see how much organic foods have improved since the early days of packaged 'health' foods, they hope you will try other organic food products.
But 'organic' may be the last thing you think of when you try their tasty Pretzels, Chocolate Bars, Fig Newmans™, Family Recipe Cookies, Chocolate Cups, Newman-O's, Pop's Corn, Alphabet Cookies , Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, Dried Fruit , Hermits, Mints, Licorice, Coffee and Royal Tea. They're just so good!

 Newman's Own Organics graciously sent me a box full of their wonderful snacks to try and they want me to pass own to you my opinion of these foods.  I have to say everything I tried was great! 
I tried cookies, pretzels, licorice, mints and more.  Newman's asked me to choose 4 of the foods that I liked best and to share with my readers a giveaway for these 4 as well.  This was hard to do because I liked them all.
 The first product I chose to have a lucky reader win is Newman's Own Organic Pretzel Rods.  These Rods are fat, short pretzel sticks.  They are bigger around than the typical thin pretzel sticks.  I like these because they are great for dipping in a cheese dip or to coat in chocolate.   The salty goodness of the pretzel Rods are excellent!
 I also loved the Hermits Original cookies.  These soft and chewy cookies are filled with delicious organic raisins and sweetened with organic molasses.  I believe you will really like these cookies---they are yummy!

 What child of years ago didn't love the great taste of licorice candy sticks?  I sure did!  I wasn't really fond of the black licorice but I did love the fruity kind.  Newman's has some awesome tasting Sour Licorice Twists that are made with organic sugar and sour crystals.  I tried the Sour Apple Licorice and loved it!  It is sure to please your taste buds.
 The last item that I am going to recommend to you is Newman's Own Organic mints.  These mints come in a handy little tin box that you can easily carry in your purse or keep in your desk at work. The eye-catching tins these mints come in are a little different from the other Newman's packaged items.  The tins don't have the usual Pa Newman and daughter design on the front. The reason for this is so the tins can be used for other reasons once the mints are gone.  
 My favorite of these mints,was the peppermint.  I love the cool, fresh taste that peppermint leaves in my mouth.  Super cute tins and super great tasting mints!
 Well there they are - my 4 favorite Newman's Own Organic picks.  I am so excited for my readers to have a chance to win these 4 wonderful products. If you want to know where you can purchase Newman's foods, visit the website here and find a store near you.
  If you would like to enter to win the 4 Newman's Own Organic foods I mentioned above, then please enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!
*Thanks to Newman's Own Organics for allowing me to review for them.

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