Jul 11, 2012

DiGiorno Pizza Strips review/giveaway


My family and I are definitely frozen pizza eaters.  We are usually running  home hungry after a late night ball game or needing something quick to eat before the game.  Pizza is a good food that fills up my little ones tummy's enough that they are not hungry soon after.  Some of the kiddos like pepperoni, some like hamburger while the others just want plain cheese pizza.  With DiGiorno, there will be a type of pizza topping for everyone.
DiGiorno is a frozen pizza that tastes like you actually ordered it from the local pizzeria.  I don't like a greasy crust or sweet sauce, DiGiorno has neither. Their crusts taste awesome.  They rise to be a great dish style pizza.  The sauce has just enough spices so that it doesn't taste too sweet.  I love it too.

DIGIORNO Pizza Dipping Strips are a great-tasting pizza experience. They feature the delicious combination of a DIGIORNO thick crust pizza, in twelve easy pull-apart strips, and two dipping sauces – zesty marinara and creamy garlic. DIGIORNO Pizza Dipping Strips are available in three varieties – DiGiorno Pepperoni Pizza Dipping Strips, DiGiorno Three Meat Pizza Dipping Strips, and DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips.

Another new pizza from DiGiorno's is the Italian Favorite.  
All DiGiorno pizzas come with great tasting vegetables and meats.  You can enjoy a family size pizza or check out the individual pizzas too.
Follow your taste and explore all their delicious pizza & melt varieties.

Choose from stuffed crust, Garlic Bread Pizza, thin crust, Pizza that comes with chocolate chip cookies or Wings and even Cinnamon Sticks.  There are many more types and tasty varieties for the pizza lover, or lovers, in your family.
DiGiorno Pizzas sell for around $5, and can be found at many of your local grocers and supermarkets across the nation.
I love these pizzas and I feel like you and your family will also.

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