Jul 23, 2012

Take a Walk in My Shoes by Cynthia Diane Wiseman review

by Cynthia Diane Wiseman

 I love to read and I really love to read true life stories.  When Dorrance Books allowed me  to review books for them, I couldn't wait to start finding good books and begin reading.
I found a book in the non-fiction section and this book is titled "Take A Walk In My Shoes" by Cynthia Diane Wiseman.  I read this book in 3 days, hardly ever stopping to put it down. Now, let me tell you about this fabulous, life - struggling book.
 Job in the Biblical days was sure put through many,many trials to test his faith in God.  Losing all of life's material things and enduring heartache after heartache.  Cynthia Wiseman also endured heartache after heartache in her life.
  When Cindy's story begins, her life is wonderful and blessed beyond measures. Cindy has 3 amazing children, Michael her oldest, Julie the middle child and Robert her baby.  Robert is 17 and Cindy is very over-protective of his every move.
  One day Robert gets in a car with some guys that no one in his family knows and never returns.  He is found days later, shot and left to die in a wooded area.  Robert's death is all to much for Cindy to handle.  She imagines Robert in Hell, believes God will raise him from the dead, and pushes all her family as far away from her as possible. Cindy begins to hate God and blame him for taking her son away from her.  Soon Cindy relies on drugs to cope with her pain.
  Michael soon becomes the father to a son that they named , Michael Anthony and Julie becomes pregnant also.  Michael and Julie become addicted to drugs also.  Shooting Heroin and using every drug they can find.  Cindy stays numb to life with the help of pain killers and other meds.
  As Michael's drug use increases, Cindy realizes she must choose the tough love road and kicks Michael from her home until he changes.  A week later Michael is found dead in an empty apartment from an overdose.  Now Cindy feels she definitely has no reason to keep living.
With Julie still needing her mother, pregnant, and living with a drug dealer, Cindy refuses to listen to Julie's pleas.
  Cindy conspires her own suicide with the help of her sisters, mom and daughter.  Cindy takes 2 bottles of Tylenol and still doesn't die.  She goes in a coma and soon her body begins to shut down.  While in the coma Cindy sees herself in heaven with Michael and Robert.  She is so happy to once again to be with her sons.  Cindy doesn't want to go back to Earth but the boys convince her that it is the best thing to do for Julie and her unborn baby and for Michael's son, Michael Anthony.  
  With God's plan, Cindy goes back home and beats the odds of medical science.  Soon after going home Cindy realizes she has so much to live for.  She helps Julie get off drugs begins to live her life all over again with a whole new outlook.
  "Take A Walk In My Shoes" is one of the best books I have ever read. I love the amazing love that Cindy has for her children and the tremendous love that God has for us all.
I recommend this book to adults only because of some of the language and the emotional content of the story.  This is a true story told in Cynthia Wiseman's own words.  Cindy happily resides in Florida enjoying her life and those of her grandson's and her daughter.
*I received a complimentary copy of "Take A Walk In My Shoes" as a member of the
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*I was not monetarily compensated to review this book.
*The opinions of this book re strictly my own.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I love true life books, I'll be borrowing this from the library.


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