Aug 16, 2012

Cruel Harvest Book Review

Book Review

I read this book, Cruel Harvest by Francis Grubb, and I cannot say enough about the greatness of this book.  Cruel Harvest is a true story written as remembered through the eyes of a little girl named Francis.  Francis re-lives the horrible childhood she and her family endured at the hands of her horribly abusive father.
Moving from one shack to the next, the children all had to work in cotton fields and apple orchards, or whatever laboring work their alcoholic father found to make a few dollars.  Broadus, the father, abused all of his children, mentally and sexually.  Some of the older girls eventually find a way to escape leaving behind the younger children to bare their fathers meanness even more.

One day the father gets put in jail and the children are taken off to live with an cruel and vicious aunt who try to starves them to death.  Living there Francis mom abandons them
After months of the aunt's cruelty the mother returns to pick the children up.  They leave and finally move into a large home which seems like a dream finally comes true.  Francis finally gets to go to school which she has longed for all her life.  There she knows she is different and made fun of but she doesn't care she soaks in all the education she can.  This life is short lived because soon Francis and her sister, Tessi , are taken to live in an orphanage.  Francis' little brother is given up for adoption.  The orphanage soon becomes a wonderful place for Francis and her sister.
Again this life is uprooted as the horrible dad comes back and kidnaps his daughters.  Soon the life with daddy is on the run and hard working the children  again.  The dad finds another woman who he takes with him on the next escape.  This woman has a little girl who Francis loves and trys to protect from her father.  Soon a baby boy is born, Francis has another sibling.
As this book continues you will feel your heart break for Francis and her family.  I won't tell you how it ends because that's cheating :)  Please buy this book today and add it to your shelf of favorites, I know I did!

I loved this book!  I highly recommend everyone reading it.  It will defineitly make you appreciate the life you had as a child.  This books is to hard to put down.  Loved it!!!

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