Oct 29, 2012

Fifty-Two Shades of Blue-ish Book Review

My Story: "What I Always Wanted To Do ...But Didn't"

  Everyone by now has heard of, and possibly read, the book titled, "Fifty Shades of Gray".  Well, that book now has a sister, a book with a similar story line but really a total opposite.  You are thinking I am not making any sense, aren't you?  Karen Exkorn had heard so many woman making comments about Christian doing this and doing that to the lady in the other book, that she decided to write her own version but, with a little more....uh spice.
Karen Exkorn had written a book before, one based on Autism.  Having a son with this disability had shown Karen the life of  what living with this disease, and conquering it meant.  One day, at a book signing, a fan asked Karen if she ever intended on writing any funny books.  Hence the book,"Fifty-Two Shades of Blue- ish."

  This book mixes a good, virgin Jewish girl up with a big, hunky Jewish man.  Through the eyes and mind of Karen her book becomes alive.  Alive with love and lust.  This book is funny and heartwarming all in one. Karen shows us all that woman, no matter how old or what religion we are, we all need and want to be loved.  I loved reading about this book and about the author.  What the book also tells us is that we need to live out our dreams.  Be who you want to be and do what you want to do.  Don't let life end with you and an incomplete Bucket List.   
  Here is an excerpt from the book ---enjoy!

  I am married to the only man I've ever loved and have been for 34 years.  Together we have raised 3 children and they in return have given us 9 wonderful grandchildren.  My life has been surrounded by babies, dishes and dust.  The life of a homemaker is not very exciting.  When I had the chance to go to college and become a writer I didn't. Instead I chose to be a stay at home mom, a job that I love above anything else.  But, I must admit that deep down inside me, underneath all my wrinkles and time lines, lies a want to be writer.  Oh, how I wish I could one day see the dreams I dream and the stories I feel, come to life on a paperback book for all the world to see.  
  I feel the need to tell the story of a little girl growing up in a very abusive home and how she made it out and showed the world that we all are who we choose to be, not how we have been done.  That little girl was me and I have always felt that there is someone out there waiting to hear that they are not alone in this cruel old world, that there are others who have lived the same life as they are.
  As I dream the writers dream I hear a grand baby cry, "Mimi can you help me?", and that dream gets pushed farther back into my mind, never leaving, still hoping, that one day I will write that book and maybe change a life.

Thanks so much for Karen Exkorn and her wonderful book.  I feel like you will not be disappointed when you read this awesome book.  You can purchase, "Fifty - Two Shades of Blue-ish" on Amazon, for the very low price of $12.00.  Check it out on Amazon today.

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*The opinions of this book are my own.

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