Oct 12, 2012

The First Christmas review/giveaway

The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow DVD

Yes!  Christmas time is just about here.  What better time of the year for families to spend together.  Christmas is not just for gift exchanging, it means letting those around you understand what Christmas truly means.  
Warner Bros. Entertainment has just released an exceptionally heart touching movie that will show others what unconditional love truly means.
The story of The First Christmas: The First Christmas Snow begins when Sister Theresa, (voiced by Angela Lansbury), finds a small, shepherd boy,Lucas, in a snow storm. The boy has been injured in the storm and is left blind. Sister Theresa nurses Lucas  back to health and another nun, sister Catherine explains what snow is to Lucas, who has never seen it.  
Lucas is later asked to play a part in the school's Christmas program.  It is during the program that they discover unconditional love can overcome anything.

Watch this video which explains the true meaning of Christmas:

This is a wonderful Christmas story to share with your children.  The meaning of Christmas is definetly shown through the eyes of a child and those who help others. I recommend you buying this DVD and read it to your family before Christmas.  Hopefully the meaning of Christmas will be felt in your home and may you all be blessed.
If you would  like to receive this DVD then enter my giveaway below and Best of Luck!

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