Nov 24, 2012

Shoulder Buddies review/giveaway

Shoulder Buddies

Shoulder Buddies "Smarts" are the coolest collectibles for your children.  These little guys are from a Wishing Star and inside that wishing star is  star from The Land of Understand.  Shoulder Buddies go to the  "School of Smarts" where they can earn their fluffles on top of their heads to fly.  Once they learn to fly they can fly down and and find their special Buddy to journey with and share their smarts.

Each Shoulder Buddie attaches to your child's coat, hat, clothes or any where you want them to be.  They are able to do this through the Magic Coin that helps the Buddies to teach life lessons to others.
Here is how you attach the Shoulder Buddie:

Attaching to Your Shoulder...

Attaching Shoulder BuddyAttaching Shoulder Buddy

Place the Magical Coin smooth side up underneath your shirt and position on your shoulder.

Attaching Shoulder Buddy

Place the Shoulder Buddy on the outside of your shirt where the coin is positioned and the magnet inside the Shoulder Buddy will connect with the coin underneath your shirt.

Attaching Shoulder Buddy

Make sure the Shoulder Buddies are sitting straight up on your shoulder and not hanging down. They like to see what's going on :) 

Children love to wear and collect these Shoulder Buddies.  It is a really "popular" gift for Christmas this year.
I reviewed Breezee.  Breezee is my Shoulder Buddie and he teaches us how to handle sadness and frustrations.  
Each Buddie is about 4 inches tall.  The Magic coin attracts to the magnet.
There are many different kinds of Shoulder Buddies.  Right now you can buy these Buddies for around $6.00  You can find them at Toys'R'Us, Build A Bear, WalMart and more. You can purchase them online also.
I love these little Shoulder Buddies!  My grandaughter wants one really bad for Christmas and she says her friends love them as well.
If you would like to win a Shoulder Buddie for your child then enter my rafflecopter below.  Good Luck!
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