Nov 6, 2012

Skintrium Skin Soho Tapioca D Light Spot Creme review/giveaway


  Skintrium is a wonderful skin company that produces skin lightening cremes and more.  I recently reviewed one of their products for lightening age spots, acne scars and freckles. 
This product is called Skin Soho Tapioca D Light Spot Creme.  It came in a beautiful purple bottle with a darling diamond gem on top.

   I am 51 years old and the age spots are definitely appearing on areas such as my hands and arms.  I began applying this creme to the dark spots and within 2 weeks they were tremendously lighter.  
  This creme has 3 lightening agents to fight uneven tones on the skin.  It also includes a host of rich, soothing moisturizers to keep your skin feeling soft and velvety. 
This creme is a great spot remover and it works wonderful.  I recommend anyone with skin imperfections to try it.  I believe you will be completely satisfied as I was. 
  Skintrium would like you to try a bottle of this creme just as I did.  Just enter my giveaway on the rafflecopter below and Best of Luck!

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