Nov 27, 2012

"What Daddy Did Today" Children's Book review

"What Daddy Did Today"
Children's Book

When you were a child did you ever wonder where your Dad went when he said he was going to work everyday?  Most children have a large imagination and when Daddy says he is going to work...well, they can only wonder what his "work" really is.
Walter Wally is the author of this adorable book about a fathers love for his child.
In this book Dad goes out to work and on his way he encounters a kitten stuck in a  tree so Dad climbs up and saves him and ends up wrestling a Tiger.  Dad is sent up to space in an air balloon and finds a sad planet needing a smile.  Dad tickles the little planet until he is no longer sad.  Off Dad goes again and faces the wrath of a mean old Dragon.  Daddy  conquers the Dragon and saves a little cub.
Daddy goes through many things in his work day but in the end he comes back home to his child just in time for the bedtime story.

Daddy reads his tale of adventures to his loving child and the work day is complete.

What a delightful story of a fathers love for his child.  Mr. Wally writes with funny tales and clever rhymes.  This book would make any child happy to receive as a gift under the Christmas tree or just for any reason at all.  Family is so important in a young child's life and this book shows us all about love.  

I want to thank Mr. Wally for allowing me to read and review this wonderful book.  It will be added to my shelf of great bedtime stories.  
If you would like to purchase this book for your special one then visit this website :   This book sells for $15.99 but if you hurry you can save $5 by entering this code at checkout : 5WDDT
I know you will love this book as much as my family and I did!

*Thanks to Mr. Walter Wally for allowing me to spread the word about this awesome book!
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this book are strictly my own.

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