Dec 31, 2012

Kickboard Scooters review/giveaway


Christmas was super exciting for the 4 year old in my home this year because he received a Mini Micro Scooter from Kickboard Scooters.  This is one really cool scooter.  The low-to-the-ground deck and the 3 wheels make this super quite riding scooter so much fun.  The award winning Swiss design really caught the eye of Julie Hawksworth and she knew she wanted one for her own daughter. Julie was amazed by the complete package of the scooter : the design, the ease of turn, the quietness , and easy to ride scooter. Soon Julie and her husband, Geoff became USA distributors for Kickboard.
Kickboard has scooters for all ages. There are: Mini 3-in-1 (1-5 yrs.), Mini Micro (3-5 yrs.), Maxi Kick (6-11), Kickboards (Teen and up), and the 2 wheeled scooters for Teen and up.

Here is my grandson, Brinner, riding his first Mini Micro Scooter.

I have no problem with Brinner riding the scooter in the house because it is so quite and small. Another great factor about these scooters are that they don't leave black marks on the floor because  they have Polyurethane wheels.  As you can see he is riding a blue scooter with an orange brake. There are several different colors you can choose from.
Kickboard Scooters help teach young children balance and coordination.  As the rider learns to steer the scooter, by leaning from side to side, they will be "surfing" the sidewalks with ease. 
Kickboard also sells accessories for your scooter.  From Scooter Buddies to Knee Protectors, there are many different things you can buy to add to your scooter.
If you need parts for the scooter they sell those also.  Every part is replaceable.  So, basically your scooter will last forever.
Kickboard Scooters are sold online and at stores all across the U S.  Shipping anywhere in the Continental U S is free. You can find the store closest to you by using their store locator on the website
I love these scooters and I can't express how much fun your child will have with one.  I recommend you checking out Kickboard Scooters before buying any other scooter.  I don't believe you will be disappointed with any scooter from Kickboard.
Would you like to win a  Mini Micro Scooter from Kickboard USA?  If so then please enter my Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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  4. im loving the Mini Micro 3in1 in Pink scooter

  5. My son would love this, pick me...

  6. My favorite is the Mini Micro in aqua.


  7. Another cool giveaway for my grandson Kickboard Scooters.

    Thank you... Single Dad Danny
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  8. carol lewis1/24/13, 7:05 PM

    Mini Micro is great!~

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