Jan 15, 2013

MorningStar Farms review

MorningStar Farms

I recently tried MorningStar Farms Grilled Veggie Burger and it was awesome!  Bzzz Jono allowed me to try it for free and to let all my readers know what I thought about this product.
I never thought I would be a veggie burger eater.  I am such a red meat eater but, I do love vegetables.

I decided to give the Grilled Burger a try.  I cooked it on my flat grill inside.  Then I added lettuce, tomato and onions along with mustard on my bun.  I have to tell you, there was not a bit of difference between this burger and a beef one.
MorningStar foods are lower in fat and calories but they don't skip on taste.  Grilled Original burgers have 57% less fat and have only 130 calories.  You honestly cannot tell that they have less of anything, the burger is that good.
I also took the cooked pattie and broke it up into a fresh salad, added tortilla chips and salsa for topping and I had a great Mexican Salad.
I do plan on buying this and trying other MorningStar products.
I hope you will give them a try too, I don't think you will be dissapointed.

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