Feb 19, 2013

GROW! Shampoo and Conditioner review/giveaway


 Have you had trouble with your hair not seeming to grow very fast?  Do you want to have longer hair for those summer "do's" everyone is wearing?  If so then you need to start using GROW! Hair Formula 37 Shampoo and Conditioner.  You will definitely see a growth in your hair after several weeks of use.

I was so happy to review for this company and to try out their shampoo and conditioner.  I began using these products several weeks ago and I can honestly say I can see at least 1 inch of hair growth in length.
GROW! Shampoo and Conditioner by Hair Formula 37 is enriched with nutrients and amino acids that help transform dry, damaged hair to long, healthy hair. GROW! Shampoo and Conditioner are pH-balanced to work for all hair types, and are gentle enough to be used everyday.
GROW! Hair Formula 37 recommends you using their hair grow vitamins along with the shampoo and conditioner to get extra hair growth results.
Although I did not take the vitamins I do feel like the 3 together would be best by reading all of the reviews from previous users. 
 You , however, can most likely will see the results just like I did from just the shampoo and conditioner.  I also noticed that my hair feels healthier and very shiny. 

Purchase these 2 hair products online for $17.99 each or $35.98 for 2.
This is a really great price for what you will get in the end.  Longer, more healthier hair!  It is worth every cent.
Would you like to receive a bottle of GROW! Shampoo and Conditioner? Just enter my rafflecopter below for a chance and Good Luck!

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