Mar 9, 2013

Band.Tees Woodstock T-Shirt review

Band Tees

Woodstock T-Shirt

Have you ever wanted a shirt with one of your favorite 70's bands on the front?  These can almost be impossible to find. Well, there is a company online who has all the hard to find one's to the current one's.  Band Tee's has just about every Rock Group you can imagine to be displayed on a T-Shirt, Hoodie, Cap, I-Pod cover and much more.  
I am a huge fan of Elvis, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin and Woodstock. The 60's and 70's rock!  Call me a "Flower Child" and it will fit.
I found the cutest Woodstock T-Shirt, for my 4 year old grandson, on Band Tees site and they gladly let me review it.  I was so excited when I received it in the mail.

This soft, cotton t-shirt is so cool looking and it will have all the others kids wanting one.
Band Tees has just about every rock band they can find and if you are looking for something different that they dont carry, then they will try their hardest to find it for you.

Band Tees are great clothes that are made with high quality material.  They are priced very well too.
From Adults , Juniors, Toddlers and Infants, their clothes are very fun!
I was so surprised to see a tee shirt company carry items such as diaper bags, onesies and other products for infants and toddlers.
Band Tees Rock!  So please check them out today!

* The opinions of these products are strictly mine.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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