Mar 19, 2013

Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids review/giveaway


Are you tired of wasting money on cheap headphones for your children?  Does it seem you pay a good price for these products only to get them home and 2 days later they break?  The people at Kidz Gear were asking themselves the very same questions after they were buying their own children headphones, binoculars and flashlights and having the same problems as your were.  Plus, some of these products even had dangerous components in their making.  Not good for kids and aggravating for parents.
Children model our behaviors and they usually want the cool things we parents have, but if you are like I am, I can't afford to spend $400 on a set of headphones for my 4 and 9 year old's.  That's where Kidz Gear can help you out!  They make wonderful wireless, and wired, headphones for children.  These awesome headphones come in bold, vibrant colors that kids love.

I was so excited to review a pair of these headphones for my grandson.  He has been wanting a set for his IPod.  I chose the orange colored ones.  They come in pink, green, orange, blue and purple.

Kidz Gear also wants to protect your children's hearing. 1 out of 10 children suffer from some sort of hearing problems and it is no wonder considering all the products they are being exposed to today. At Kidz Gear this is not a problem because their headphones are built with hearing the number one concern.  Kidz Gear headphones have a built in volume control so your children's ears stay protected.
Kidz Gear headphones give your child the same great sound that an adult system would get and these are the safest on the market for your child.
Why spend $100's when you can spend $19.99 and get the best set of headphones out there?  I love these headphones.  They work great, are super cute in color and they even come with their own carrying bag and accessories.  You really need to check out Kidz Gear online today.  You will not be disappointed.
How would you like to win a set of Kidz Gear Headphones for your child?  If you would then enter my rafflecopter below and Good Luck!

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