Apr 3, 2013

Break Away DVD review/giveaway


"With God all things are possible", keeping this inspirational verse in his heart, Francois is able to make some huge changes in his life, career and faith in God.
Word Films will release their newest film, "Break Away" on April 23 on DVD. In this film you will see a man, Francois, face some of the hardest struggles in his life.  It is the recession and his job is gone and he doesn't know how he is going to support his family.
Using the things that Francois has, and by asking God to multiply it, he fixes up an old bicycle, with the help of his brother. Together they both discover the plan God has for them.

I reviewed this movie and what inspired me the most about it was the actual making of the film.  This film is fictional but  in reality the filmakers were struggling with the costs of the production.  With the help of volunteers, and 3 of the filmakers taking on roles in the movie, and even the crew members bringing their on lunches from home instead of hiring caterers, they made the movie.  
"Break Away" is a wonderly inspiring movie that teaches us all to never give up.  Hope was in the making of the film just as hope was in Francois' life.  With their faith in God the movie was made and the movie itself is great.  
I would recommend this movie to all families.  It is 113 minutes long and produced by wordfilms.com
Watch a short clip from "Break Away" below:

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*Thanks to Wordfilms for allowing me to review this movie.
*The views of this movie are based strictly on my own opinions.
*I was monetarily compensated for reviewing this film.

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