Jun 29, 2013

Ever Bamboo Charcoal Products review


Ever Bamboo products come from the rapidly growing Moso Bamboo. This bamboo grows 2 ft. or more in a single day. It reaches 60 ft. in 2 to 3 months. The porous structure of bamboo charcoal provides countless tiny holes that effectively absorb odors.

Place a room deodorizer size bag in rooms that have hard to remove odors such as : mildew, ammonia, smoke and more. The bamboo is 100% natural so it is not harmful to animals. The bamboo will deodorize a room naturally so there will not be a need for extra room sprays.
If you need something to remove that stinky odor from your shoes, then you need to try the bamboo charcoal deodorizers. These deodorizers fit great in sport shoes, boots, dress shoes, skates and more.
Try using bamboo charcoal in its raw form as a home decoration. The granules, sticks and slices look great in floral accents. Works as a decoration and odor absorber.

I reviewed some great products from Ever Bamboo. The room deodorizer took the odors completely out of my guest bathroom. This bathroom is hard to get odors out of because there is no window to let in fresh air. The bamboo charcoal room deodorizer worked great.
The Ever Bamboo HEI bar soaps smell absolutely wonderful! It also cleans and moisturizes your skin perfectly.

Ever Bamboo charcoal products can be found in some stores or bought online. Just visit their website to search for a seller near you.
Ever Bamboo works great and has been around for 5 centuries in Asia. With proper care, bamboo products can last up to a year. Bamboo can also be recycled back into the ecosystem.
I really like these Ever Bamboo products, they work great.

*Thanks to Ever Bamboo for working with me.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of these products are strictly my own.
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