Jul 2, 2013

HealthKeep Social Network review


HealthKeep is an online social networking platform where you can post a health issue and find out all the information you can from others. It may be an illness you are experiencing or an illness that someone you know is going through. The list of diseases range from asthma to ear infection to headaches and more. Other people have experienced these kind of health problems and they can definitely relate to you.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia, so finding this site has been a real help to me. I entered my problem on the website and I quickly began to get comments from others who suffer from this horrible health problem. Knowing others are dealing with Fibro really helps me feel not so alone. Some people have given me good advice and tips that I never knew would help.

HealthKeep is completely anonymous so noone will know who you are and what you have wrong.
Just build your profile on HealthKeep and begin posting. You can also post about the medications you take, upcoming surgeries and any other problems that you may have with your health.
I am so excited about the HealthKeep site and all the information others have to offer me about my illness.
HealthKeep is helpful and best of all free. Visit their webpage today and signup - I feel you will really like what you find.

*The opinions of this product are based strictly on my own opinions.

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