Jul 24, 2013

riffsy.com review


 Bloggers there is now a new website called, "riffsy", where we can all upload our product review pictures and videos for our post.  This new, fun site is not just for bloggers.  I went and made 3 riffs about Elvis, my favorite celebrity of all times. 
 riffsy is so easy to use.  Just visit the riffsy site and create a username and password.  Then you can check out other people's riffs and like them and add them to your own collection.  You can even make your own riff.  Choose a video from YouTube and upload the htts address into your Profile - on the grey bar.  Then move the blue bar to where you want the riff to start and then save.  Wham!  it's done!  So easy and fun.

 The reason I believe bloggers will really like this site is because it will help the review post by showing a video of the product and with riffsy it is so simple.
  Ask for an invite on Riffsy today here: http://bit.ly/198J and begin making your collection of cool riffs today!

*The opinions of this site are strictly my own.

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