Jul 13, 2013

Teespring Design A Tee Fundraising Site review

Design A Tee Fundraising Site

I just found the most fantastic website and I have to share it with you! Teespring is the coolest t-shirt designing website.  I love the way this company works - you just create your own tee with Teespring's online designer, enter a quota of how many you want to sell - set your price and then launch a campaign page. It is so easy!
I designed a baseball shirt for my grandson's fall baseball team, they are called "Harmony Rippers''.  Our ball team needs to raise money to keep the team going to competitions, paying umpires ect...  So, with Teespring I designed the tee using their clip art of a baseball and then chose the Font for the words plus the color of the tee and the color of the letters.  I expect to sell at least 50 shirts so this is my quota.  I will collect the sizes and money from everyone who wants to buy a shirt and then let Teespring know the date for them to be sent.  
If you are wondering how this company is different from your average sports store well, let me explain.  You keep the profit with Teespring.  If the shirt can be made and be shipped for $8.80 then I will sell the shirt for $20 - a clear profit of $11.20= our team just made $590 off of shirts that most parents, grandparents, sisters & brothers will want one of anyway.  Most of us are always ordering team shirts to wear to the games from some sports shop and we are hardly ever satisfied.
Here is my design:

This is a great amount of money that our baseball team can really use.  And we all get the teams t-shirt with the deal.  Teespring lets you have the shirts shipped straight to me so the others don't have to pay s/h.
People have designed their own shirts to help raise money for the Arizona Firefighters, Boston City Marathon Fund -with 100% of these profits going to help support Boston.  One couple even designed a shirt out their need to adopt a child and when they sent the designed shirt pic all over the world they raised triple what they quoted.  People are generous and loving and like to help others so this is why I find Teespring to be the place to work with.  Everyone comes out with a shirt and the one(s) in need receive the money.
Great for All-Star ball players playing in Florida, Cheer Competitions, Maybe some family lost a home due to the tornadoes in Oklahoma.  Whatever the reason, Teespring is there to help you from the design to the publicizing.  You can send out the pic to all your facebook and twitter friends and they may just want to order one as well.  There is no limit to the amount of shirts to be sold.  

Please checkout Teespring when you are in need of helping others raise money and get awesome shirts.  You can even make up a t-design and sell it across the web making yourself the profit.  Everyone loves t-shirts and these are low priced, excellant grade material for the shirts and satisfactioned is guarenteed.

*Thanks to Teespring for allowing me to review for them.
*The reviews of these products are strictly my own.

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