Oct 3, 2013

V-8 Fusion Refreshers review


 V8 V-Fusion Refreshers is a wonderful tasting  juice that gives you a full serving of fruit and vegetables in every 8 oz. glass.  This nutritional packed beverage is 100% juice and tastes great!  
 I received these 2 bottles from the blogger2blogger program to review.  V8 V-Fusion has antioxidants A, C, & E plus no added sugar.  These juices are also an excellent source of Vitamin C.

 I put this juice in my grandson's sippy cup and he loved it.  V8 Fusion is a great way for him to get his vitamins while enjoying his daily cup of juice.

 V8 Fusion Refreshers has a sweet, light taste that comes in a Peach/Strawberry, Dark Cherry Berry, Strawberry/Banana, Mango/Peach, and several more delicious flavors.
   Your family will love you for buying them this great tasting juice.  V8 Fusion Refreshers are excellent juices that can become a very beneficial part of your family's diet.
* The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
* I received these products for review purposes only.
* Thanks to V8 Fusion Refreshers for allowing me to review for them.

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