Nov 13, 2013

A Light In The Night

 Is your child scared of the dark and think he has a monster under his bed?  My 5 year old is terrified of bedtime because he hears and sees everything.  This means endless trips to his bedroom and back to mine.
 From the Elf on a Shelf website, you can now buy a Light in the Night.  This little Ice Blue Creature comes with a book for moms to read  to the child about being afraid of the dark.

The Ice Blue Creature has soft hands for your child to hold when they are scared.  The creature's little tummy lights up so your child can see that their are no monsters in his room.  This creature will help your child feel so reassured about being scared in the night.  This little creature comes in mint green, ice blue and bubblegum pink.

 My son is not scared of the dark any more since he started sleeping with A Light In The Night.  This little creature is his friend and makes him feel so much safer.  Bedtime is now a simplier process with the Ice Blue Creature.  I recommend every parent with night time problems purchasing a Light in the Night creature.

*Thanks to Elf on a Shelf for allowing me to review this product.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.

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