Nov 5, 2013

Chevy Silverado and Nascar

 Recently Chevy Silverado sent me an email asking me to share their 2 Chevy Video's with my readers.  Of course I was excited to share these videos because I absolutely love both of them.  The first video is about Nicole Rose and "Her Horse".
*Give this video a watch - you will love it.  Click here.
The other Chevy Video is of Will Hoge and his "Strong" song and video.
*Give this video a watch - you will be singing "Strong" before you know it.  Click here.
  I drive a Chevy Silverado and I know first hand what great trucks they make.  My family would never drive anything else.  I love the commercials that Chevy puts out.  They are great and they make you feel so comfortable and at ease.

 SocialChorus  and Chevy Silverado made my husband and I very happy this past Sunday.  They graciously offered us 2 tickets to the Nascar Race at Texas MotorSpeedway in Denton, Texas.  I was so excited!  We have been Nascar fans for years so this was just perfect for us.

 So, bright and early Sunday morning we left East Texas for North Texas.  The race would start at 2:00p.m and we wanted to get there in plenty of time to enjoy all the extra stuff that Nascar does for their fans before the race. 
 We arrived at the race track around 11:00 and we decided to check out the booths.  We wanted to buy some mementos for the grandchildren.  I am a fan of #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. and my husband is a fan of #48 Jimmie Johnson so we had to visit these booths first.  I even found the Chevy booth and got to look at the new 2014 Chevy Silverado.  It is gorgeous!  I told the people at the booth that Chevy had supplied the tickets for my husband and I to the race today.

Here is a picture of the outside of the track.
 We had great seats, they were right in front of the Start/Finish line.

 The race was awesome!  My driver came in 2nd and my husband's came in 1st!  
 This whole Nascar experience was wonderful and I can't thank Chevy Silverado enough for sending me to the race.  I love Nascar and I love Chevy!

*Thanks to SocialChorus and Chevy Silverado for the tickets to the Nascar race.
*The opinions of all the products listed above are strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.

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