Dec 31, 2013

Influenster Jolly VoxBox Review

  I reviewed a awesome assortment of wonderful products by being a member of  The box I was sent was the Jolly VoxBox.  This Jolly VoxBox held 5 products:
 The Rimmel London Lip Lacquer is a super great lip  color.  The shine is perfect and it stays on for quite awhile.  It didn't seem to dry my lips out which is a great plus.  Love this product!

 SkinnyCow Chocolate w/Caramel Candies are the best!  You will never know these chocolates are low calorie. The chocolate had a smooth taste and the caramel inside is creamy.  The only thing I didn't like was the after taste.  It left a yucky taste in my mouth.  However, the candy is good and you can't tell it is low calorie.
 Puffs Tissues w/Lotion are great tissues to carry in your purse, put in your desk, or keep in the car.  These little decorated tissues come 10 to a pack and feel really smooth on your nose. The lotion helps keep your nose from drying out.  Great little tissues!

 NYC HD Eye Shadow is a great set of eye colors.  These colors look great on and they stay on for quite awhile.  The set is very compatible with most of the colors of clothing I wear.  I would recommend this group of eye colors to everyone.

 The last product I reviewed was Ducklings Mini Duck Tape.  This tape is very handy for small jobs and great for crafting.  This tape works just as great as it's bigger partner, the regular size Duck Tape.  Comes in several different colors and designs.
 I reviewed Ducklings Mini Duck Tape for and this tape is a mini version of the larger Duck tape. It definitely sticks to everything. It works great for decorating, scrap booking and forr use taping vinyl coverings. I love the designs too. I received the blue with white flowers on my tape. It is really cute.

 I love visiting  You can find out about many, many products and how others who have tried them, rate the product.  Check out today

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