Feb 20, 2014

Talking Anya - Dressing and Pet Puppies Apps. Review

  Does your child like to play games on their iPad and iPhones?  I know my grandchildren love to!  These apps today are so realistic looking and the games are so much fun.  If you are like me, I love it when a good, safe game is available for children to play and Talking Anya is just that!
 Right now you can download this app that your child will love - for free.  Anya is an adorable little girl who loves her puppies and she is always playing with them and teaching them new tricks.  Your child can interact with Anya and dress her up for playdates.  They will love to sing along and dance with Anya too. Toss balls, play hula hoop, pick flowers, pop bubbles and many other fun interactive games are to had with this darling game.

 Anya loves for you to invite your friends to play along with you too.  Just get 2 devices and with both of them close together, you can all play with Anya and those cute puppies.  Tap her toes and she dances, tap her nose and she will make a  funny face, talk to her and she will repeat what you say, feed her cupcakes and strawberries - but not to many cupcakes :)  The fun times with Anya goes on and on.
 Play with Anya and her 5 little puppies for more fun.  Feed them, hug and pet them and they will love you back.  No mess for you or your friends to clean up with these darling puppies either - just have fun!

 Anya loves to dress up as a fairy, lady bug, bee and a Princess.  Touch her hair and watch her reaction!  Anya will even tell you she loves you but, be careful not to break her heart because she will cry.
 I know your child, as well as yourself, will love playing with Anya.  The game is free but, you can also purchase all the extra top-in apps for low prices if you want to.  
Talking Anya is so much fun to play with!  I bet you will find this game to be one of your child's very favorites.  So head on over and get this app for your iPhone or iPad right now - your child will love you for it!
 Please like her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TalkingAnya Regards and Nikita http://www.spritelabs.com

*Thanks to SpriteKids for allowing me to review for them.
* The opinions of this product is strictly my own.

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