Mar 6, 2014

"Let God" - DVD Review

 "Let God" is a wonderful movie about the survival and determination of Amelia, played by Jasmin Jandreau, as she struggles to survive alone on the Oregon Trail in the 1800's.  Amelia's husband, Levi, convinces her to go West with him so they can build a better life.  Along the way they are attacked by Indians and Levi is killed.  Amelia has to then figure out how she will make it without food and the help of anyone.

 Amelia questions God about why she has to go through it all but in the end she realizes he was there for her, she just needed to have faith.
 Watch a clip from "Let God" below:

 This is a great family film with no bad language or nudity.  The scenery is gorgeous and you will not want to miss a minute of this movie.  The Dove Foundation gives "Let God" the family seal of approval.
 I loved this movie.  The storyline has you wondering if Amelia will make it through alive.  This movie teaches us that God is everywhere, not just in church or in the Bible.  It also teaches us to trust in God's word through faith.  I recommend this movie to all families.  I believe you will like it as much as I did.

*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
* I received this movie for review purposes only.
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