Apr 9, 2014

Rainbow Braid Bands and Loom Review

 I recently reviewed some of the best braid bands and loom on the market today.  Rainbow Bands sent me their 2400 Creativity Loom Refill Kit and their Loom and I had my 10 year old grandson try them out.  Brice, my grandson, loved the colors of these bands because they are so bright and some are neon colored.

Here you see Brice making some multi colored bracelets in his school colors.  He is making these without the use of the loom by using his fingers.  We didn't have the loom when he began making them but when it came in he really liked using it better.
This set contains 12 different colored sets of 200 bands, ex: 200 Red, 200 green, 200 white and so on up to 12 different sets.  And their are 150 clips to hook the bands together.

I love that these bands and the loom is compatible with all other rubber band looms.

With these Rainbow Braid Bands and the loom, you can make so many different types of fun things.  Brice made bracelets, rings and necklaces.  They are really super easy to work with and the instructions are there to help teach you how to work with the bands.

                                                           Rainbow Bands are very safe for your children to handle.  They are packaged by individual colors to keep the colors from bleeding and the smell is very light so this will not bother your child.  
 If you are not 100% satisfied with these bands then just return them within 1 year and your money will be refunded - no questions asked.

 I love these bands from Rainbow.  The colors are so bright and they are easy to work with.  My grandson loves making bracelets and necklaces for his friends and he said this kit is the best he has ever used.  Brice is constantly wanting to buy more colors for his set of bands, but with this set of re-fill bands from Rainbow, your child will have plenty of each color to work with for quite a while.

 The Rainbow Braid Bands 2400 Refill Kit sells on Amazon for the very low price of only $13.90.  This is a wonderful price because other bands we have previously bought sell their refills for $2.00 for only 50 bands.  This price is a lot better and the bands are better.  

 With summer coming on and the kids being bored everyday, the Rainbow Braid Bands and Loom will be great for the kids.  These sets work great for VBS, camp, slumber parties and the lists goes on.      
  Rainbow Braid Bands are great and I know your child will love the countless hours of fun they will have using them.  Check out this set on Amazon.com today.

 * Thanks to Rainbow Bands for allowing me to work with them.
*The opinions of this product is strictly my own.
*I was not monetarily compensated for this product review.

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