Sep 22, 2014

Tony Ties for Hair Review

  Tony Ties are sporting the new houndstooth look with their new black/white hair ties from Mia Beauty.  Tony Ties do not pull the hair, crease the hair and are easy to wear all day.  You can even wear the ties as bracelets and have them on your wrists for easy access.

 The new Tony Ties, in black and white, are available in houndstooth, skulls and studs.  The look is perfect for any Fall and Winter wear.
 You can purchase these Tony Ties and all the awesome looking hair accessories from Mia Beauty online, Bed, Bath& Beyond, Ulta, and Harmon for $7.00 - (a 6pc. set)

*I was not monetarily compensated for this review.
*I was given this product free of charge from Mia Beauty in exchange for a honest, wriiten review.
*The opinion of this product is strictly my own.
*Thanks to MiaBeauty and The Woods & Co. for allowing me to review this product.

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